Getting wife to do me. (Chapter 1)

Started with prostate, convinced wife to do me.

I am a 50 year old male that about 10 years or so ago "discovered" my prostate. Although happily married and with a healthy sexual content at home, after 15 or so years something was missing. Maybe it was our very frequent sex. We resembled rabbits . . .  I think. But after some time we began to get a bit "been there done that". We were looking for some changes to make our love making...Read On


Wife continues the onslaught (Chapter 8)

Gaby knew that I was always willing and able to give in to her assault on my ass . . . .

Gaby (my wife) knew that I was always willing and able to give in to her assault on my ass. I was having immense pleasure and I wanted it as much as Gaby wanted to give it to me. This time Gaby prepared the way with a love letter. I got the letter at work. Immediately, of course, I recognized Gaby´s handwriting.  My first reaction was to wait until I got home to read it together with Gaby, but...Read On


Wife does her husband (Chapter 3)

Hubby arrives home from work, wife fucks him forcebly, hubby is in sex heaven.

It was Friday evening and I was at the office trying to finish my market analysis report for Monday. I was running late and wanted to finish it so that I did not have to come on Saturday to finish it. And my cell began buzzing . . . . , - Hello - What is my bitch doing there??? was the reply to my hello. I knew it was my wife and she was calling for Cleopatra, you know, my asshole. I...Read On


Wife doing me . . . .(Chapter 2)

I continued to enjoy wife's dildos and complete anal satisfaction.

This is a follow up after the first time that I got my wife to fuck me with her strap on dildo. My wife and I continued our growing sexual satisfaction through the use of many toys. Both, her and myself, had been exploring sexual situations quite a bit and had developed many fuck fest at home. Sometimes we would begin on saturday evening and continue through out  all night. We both got...Read On



After the first time (Chapter 5)

I have no idea how long she was out. I think I dozed off for a while...

I have no idea how long she was out. I think I dozed off for a while but I heard the door and was praying for it to be her. I know I needed the pee bag emptied. I had a need to pee and everything went well. No mess and I relieved my bladder. She came into our room and she said - I brought you another gift. But I see that I have to empty the bag. And I will also take off the condom with the...Read On


First BDSM, (Chapter 4)

We need to go to the mall to do some purchases . . . . . .

-          Wake up, you lazy bum – came the voice of my wife. I retorted, whaaaat, it is Saturday, let me be . . . . -          No, we need to go places, we have things to do and you are coming with me. -          Can’t we do it later???? Was my poor pleading for mercy . . . . -          No, wake, wake, and with that she slapped my ass . . . .   We had a bit of a breakfast...Read On

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Contracts . . . . (chapter 18)

Yanni and I were being contracted out and we were liking it.

The relationship with Yanni was going great. We have accustomed to each other in a very short time and we are very happy together. We are constantly enjoying our sex and we try to find our likes and dislikes. So far as long as Yanni fucks me slow and leaves his cock inside me for some time I am happy. Of course his semen inside my boi – pussy is a fantastic experience. Many times I ask him...Read On


First Time - A Virgin With A Virgin

After math classes, a summer of gay sex

My dad had found a new job and the whole family, of course, had to move to a new location, a new house, a new State and, in my case, a new school. Next school year I would be a junior; I had fair grades coming out of my old school and, according to my father, could be accepted to good colleges. I had started running cross country in my old school and had done well in competitions. At...Read On


It had to happen . . . . (Chapter 14)

It was bound to happen . . . .

It was bound to happen. Too long a time playing with “fire” and one day I was going to get burned . . .   er, fucked by a man. The basement was doing great and we were getting a lot of people coming in. It had remained as I designed for a long time. Some of the bois were bitching and moaning that from time to time they wanted a male cock up their asses. I, understanding that I could not...Read On


Remembering old times (chapter 21)

We used to do these orgies in our basement . . .

Gaby finally did it. She went out and rented some porn. Allow me to bring you back to the begining since I have not been around for a while. Gaby and I had a very healthy, and loving, heterosexual marriage until one day that I asked Gaby to put on a strapon and fuck my ass. I had been masturbating myself, involving my prostate, for my sexual satisfaction. For a while now Gaby has been...Read On


Remembering old times (part II) (Chapter 22)

We went over to Carmen and Mandy's home

When I heard Gaby walking down with another girl my brain went on a spin at the speed of light. Gaby says "Hey hun, we have an idea that I know you will like". Remember, I was on the pummel horse, impaled to the dildo on the wall. And since I was also still gagged, I really could not answer or ask – "What you talking about Gaby?." So I waited patiently for Gaby to disconnect me from the...Read On


The adventures of Hubby and Hubby (chapter 20)

Yanni and Ray, being subcontracted out . . . .

The adventures of hubby and hubby. . . . . (chapter 20) On several occasions I have said that, our mistresses, in order to make a bit more money would contract Yanni and I out. The different ideas of our contracts would be in accordance with our mistresses imagination. They had a couple of girls that they contracted out also. My impression is that since the contracting out business was small...Read On


The night of the surprise (Chapter 17)

Hi Baby, it was my two mistresses . . . . .

SOLO . . . . . (are you sure??) "Hi baby", it was my two mistresses that were arriving from work. "Hi Ladies" was my reply. Then I asked, "at what time my mistresses want dinner tonight"???   Nancy responded that they were not going to eat dinner tonight. They had a party, to which I was not going, and that they were going to change, shower and dress. "Sorry baby, - Gabby said, -...Read On


Yanni's decision . . . . .(chapter 19)

Yanni wants a conversion to be a woman

I woke up and looked for Yanni but he was not in the bedroom. I was the only one in bed and I was horny. I went to pee and to look for Yanni. The house was empty. Neither Yanni nor Mistress Gaby nor Mistress Nancy were in the house. I was all by myself. I have been in this situation before, and when I am horny I just take some of my toys and begin giving me the fuck I was craving. First...Read On

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And then we were three (Chapter 6)

Finally two women for me . . . .

And then we were three . . . My wife and I continued developing our love making to make it more interesting. That kept our desire for each other very much alive and wanting very many performances.   Of interest I would say that when I fuck my wife, after my cum and her orgasm, I put on a strap on and fuck her harder and longer duration, bringing her many orgasms and getting from her...Read On


Guests (Chapter 9)

When my two lovers bring guests

I have not been here for a while and I needed to bring my readers up to date. The continuing saga of my anal sex happenings. I don't want to confuse my readers by the use of the word saga. It is not bad from my point of view. It is actually very, very pleasurable. Sexually pleasurable. My wife Gabby, and our lover Nancy, have been having quite a ball with my ass. I really love it and...Read On


Guests, part 2 (Chapter 10)

More guests, more sexual pleasure

We continued with the idea of Monday through Thursday I would fuck the girls and Friday 5 PM the girls would  tie me down, ankles/wrists,  put the gag on my mouth and blindfold my eyes. Once again I was at their mercy. Although their mercy was my sexual pleasure. This Friday, as it was with so many other Fridays, the girls put a vibrating butt plug and I would go into this sexual pleasure...Read On


It had to happen II (Chapter 15)

Sure, i'll go with you two to your house . . . . .

Next phase . . . . (Before I start my next phase I want to cover one important point. My pussy has been active now for about 10 years. And it has received many penetrations. Up to now they were girls with strap ons. Now the penetration is done by bois. And bois have different sizes of cocks. I was not, exactly,   preparing my pussy for huge cocks, I was using bigger dildos because...Read On


Sex Show (Chapter 11)

My mistresses use me as their sex slave.

I have not been around for quite some time now, however, the story of my life has continued to evolve. I use the word evolve to bring two concepts together. On the one hand, change, on the other hand, improvement. My sexual life has evolved and I am happy where I am. I am comfortable with myself and my lovers, Gaby (my wife) and Nancy, our lover. The change and improvement of our life...Read On


Still three (Chapter 7)

I was ready for more strap on treatment and my wife was looking forward to a DP

Still three . . . . Our sex continued to be innovative and exciting. My ass continued to expand and was asking for bigger and wider dildo. And we needed to oblige. My wife continued fucking me and now with Nancy our sex got into a new dimension. I was always asking my wife if she felt that she was losing her love for me and giving it to Nancy .   My wife was very adamant that...Read On


The Basement, Part I (Chapter 12)

It all started like 7 years ago . . . . .

It all started like 7 years ago when I discovered the sexual pleasure that a finger rubbing my sphincter produced. I eventually inserted a brush handle that got to my prostate and produced a huge explosion. I had arrived at masturbating me through my ass. As time went by I became more adventurous and began inserting all kinds of objects and veggies into my ass. Eventually I bought...Read On


The Basement, part II (Chapter 13)

The first part of the plan . . . .

The first part of the plan was some specific definitions. Since I was the lead designer, I said that MY basement was going to be for human sexual pleasure sans pain. It was going to be for women to fuck men. Yes, I wanted men to learn and   enjoy the same pleasures I was enjoying. I wanted men to know the pleasure of their sphincter and their Prostate. I wanted men to understand what they...Read On


The house around the tree

The house around the tree can be a palace for a fuck fest . . . . .

Next Monday morning I called up to the resort, as I told Ellen I would do, and talked with one of the twins. Jim, I think it was. “I wanted to know if you guys were going to be at the resort on (Can not remember the exact date)” he said that yes, they were going to be there. I told Jim that I would be bringing another girl with me so we needed a double bed cabin. By the lake if possible. I...Read On



Dinner with Ellen

I was going to make Ellen mine . . . .

Ellen’s Saturday   Saturday morning came up and I began to clean and prepare the apt. for Ellen’s visit and dinner. I planned the food, even changed bed linen just in case Ellen and I decided to sleep together tonight . . . . I prepared my clothing. I had one of those dresses that had a size smaller than my real size. It had a combination of cotton and spandex that made it cling to...Read On


First time . . .

Lesbian, developing more than friendship, sex, sex

Mike’s bomb . . . . .     A month had passed after the “twins” adventure. I had not said anything yet. I was so afraid at Mike’s reaction that I did not have enough courage yet to tell him. I was feeling pretty sad and guilty of betrayal. When Mike exploded a bomb of himself.   Mike asked me for a divorce!. Of course it was a huge surprise. He said that...Read On

Love Stories(1)



Was I sleeping??

I have become my wife’s slut. I crave cock in my ass and filling me up all day.   I daydream about what my wife will do to me when I get home. I am desperate for the time to come when I leave the office for home and my wife’s coke buried deep in my ass. I have become her whore. I just love her cock inside of my ass. I have been feeling a new sensation lately. Maybe I had it from...Read On



A big boi up my behind (Chapter 16)

My sphincter was stretched out and the big boi was filling me up very nicely.

I have had quite a loooong life of anal sex. I started like 10 years ago when one day out of curiosity I found my prostate. I had stuck a finger up my ass and it landed on my "G" spot (prostate). At about the same time I discovered the nerve endings in my sphincter (boipussy). In these ten years I have had quite an activity in my back door and today I enjoy both DP, from two women with...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Wife fulfills a fantasy - sans husband

Anne's fantasy of having two men insifde her is a reality

SATURDAY MORNING   It was Saturday morning. One of those Saturdays in middle spring that was sunny and delightful with summer pushing spring away. The temperature was in the low 80s and the week end promised to be great.   Mike, my husband of 10 years, and I, were traveling to one of those resorts with golf, tennis, swimming pool and other amenities. Mike’s...Read On