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"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." - Emily Bronte

29 Dec 2013 20:24

My brother and I had a wonderful Christmas together! He made me cum with his tongue! I love you Dylan.

25 Dec 2013 20:11

Dylan is here for Christmas. Yay!

He makes me so happy. I'm going to make him happy on Christmas Eve. With my mouth all over his delicious sensuous body.

I love my brother so much.

22 Dec 2013 19:04

It's been a long time. I saw my brother Dylan today. He could barely wait to get his dick out. I love how excited he gets when he sees me.

24 Aug 2013 11:05

I had my little brother over last night. It was a friday night and we stayed up late talked like we used to. We made beautiful wonderful love together. It's been a long time since we slept together. I was so happy to have him in my bed again and inside of me. I love him so.

06 Jul 2013 08:43

Truth is I don't think I've ever had a real orgasm except with my brother. We do have fun together. The sex is great.

20 Dec 2011 14:15

My confession pt 4

Just wanted to get that off my chest.

There has been plenty of forgiveness since then. It took a long time for us to find our peace but now we have it.

I love my brother. I don't ever want to hurt him again.

18 Dec 2011 14:34

My confession pt 3

He drew me with pencil and paper. We drank wine. I showed some skin. He sketched me again.

"Do you want me nude?"

He actually looked scared in the moment. He didn't answer me. I took my blouse off and watched him. He was excited. He didn't stop me.

"I have scars" I warned. I took off my jeans and showed him the parallel lines on my thighs. "I'm not okay" I told him.

Naked with my brother, I seduced him. My infected thoughts led me here. I wanted to see what he would do, what it would be like with my brother.

He touched my scars, my thighs. We kissed. I was naked. It was electric. I was happy. I got what I wanted.

We made love together.

But, I did it. I corrupted him. I seduced him into my sickness.

18 Dec 2011 14:30

My confession continued

So, my brother was a bit estranged from his adoptive family. He wanted to move somewhere nearby and maybe go to school. Well, since I had a room and my roommate had moved out, it seemed the right thing to do to invite him to move in, just temporarily until he got on his feet.

It was great. We got to know each other quickly. We had a lot to catch up on. We spent a lot of time together. He seemed to really like me.

I still had these horrible nagging thoughts. I was still obsessed with the idea of incest. I was excited but could barely admit it to myself.

It was so easy to leave the door ajar when I was in the shower. We drank wine together. I shared secrets with him. He talked about his.

I saw excitement in his eyes. I know I did. Did I do that somehow? Or was it just what he felt?

I cried on his shoulder. He comforted me.

He showed me his art. I offered to pose for him. He accepted and I could barely believe it.

18 Dec 2011 14:23

My confession

My obsession with incest started in college when I started studying incest. People talk a lot about trauma now that is caused by abuse. But what really shocked me is when I read case studies of consensual adult incest.

It is like a big secret in psychology. Some adults actually like to do this. Some even have long term relationships. Wow. That was such a shock when I found out.

My obsession began there. I kept thinking about it. I wanted to read anything I could find on the topic. I thought about it all the time.

I felt like I was infected with this obsession. I was already poisoned when I was reunited with my biological brother. We had been separated for a decade. When he was 19 he looked me up.

I love my brother as a brother. But what he didn't know at the time is that I had these thoughts that would occur to me. They weren't anything really. Just thoughts, like curiosity. What would it be like if . . .

I was infected.

18 Dec 2011 14:13

I've been on literotica for a few years. Just found Lushstories and thought I would give it a try.

11 Dec 2011 11:42