The mechanic

Are you having fun yet?

It was Friday afternoon, I was in the back workshop finalising the worksheet for the completed jobs on the digger they had refurbished. The check sheet needed to be signed and the work inspected. I was given overtime to double check the work carried out and to countersign the paperwork when Lynn was the yank woman who owned the burger trailer on the industrial estate. “Working late, Vin?”...Read On


The Mechanic, reds revenge.

How can you touch if your hands are tied?

I approach the burger van where Lynn works at lunchtime “I have something to show you if you’re interested Lynn” I ask her. “What is it” she asks looking puzzled. “Be at the same place as last time at 2.30pm and you will find out won’t you “I say with a grin. I meet her 2.30 pm outside the back workshop, over her shoulder was a brown bag, she looked around to make sure no one see’s...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


The leather chair

Never has he met a girl like her

The leather chair She sits there with her legs open, her pussy is bare and hairless, her lips are slightly parted and he can see strands of thick sticky love juice stretch over her hole as her legs open. Her breasts are loose with her nipples erect as she suggestively lounges in his scruffy leather armchair in front of him. He has 2 drinks in his hands. He eyes her up, from the tip of...Read On

Straight Sex(9)


35 minutes

intense passion

I looked at my watch it said 10.18 pm and 43 seconds. I’ve been meeting a girl for a while and we seemed to be getting on quite well, one night we ended back at my flat having sex. Ashley was on top of me gently rocking and swaying, breathing deeply and sighing as she ran her hands over my chest. I on the other hand was lying there watching her, although I was erect and merely...Read On


bad day at work

he has had a bad, she will hear all about it

He comes home from another shit day at work. " I’m upstairs, I’ll be down in a minute" she calls down He drops his bag and heads for the bedroom, his girl is there tidying up in her faded scruffy t-shirt and her un sexy white cotton knickers, her hair is up in a pony tail, as he takes off his belt she asks how his day was. "Dreadful" he replies. She has her back to him and doesn’t see...Read On


Dirty Washing

One good turn deserves another...

I helped a single parent mother, Jill, yesterday. A courier company delivered a washing machine but the driver was refusing to take it up the lift to her flat so I offered to do it for her. Jill lives on my floor so it was no bother. We put it in the lift and wheeled it to her flat. I disconnected the old machine whilst Jill took the wrapping off the new one. We got talking about her son...Read On


Friday night fun

Chocolate spread and sex, yummy true

I was down the pub on Friday night, playing pool with the boys, when my mobile phone bleeped into life. I'm having a girl’s night in. When they've gone I'd like you to come round. I laughed at my phone. I'm with the boys having a laugh, why should I leave them for you? A few minutes later I got a reply. I've had a drink. We've talked about men and sex, now I want you to have sex...Read On


Making plans

I love it when a good plan comes together

I received a letter through my door from Jill. She wanted to know if I was still interested in helping her get her new Tumble dryer; she left her phone number and told me to call her with my answer. I replied that I was still very interested and she should pop around the next morning to sort out when she wanted to pick it up. Next morning I was woken up by someone knocking on my door....Read On


New tricks

there's life in the old boy yet.

It all started at a party. Jim was invited by the host whom he had known for some 19 years. While he was in the kitchen, talking to one of the parents, he bumped into a friend of the family; she’d been invited by one of the host’s cousins. Somehow the chat got onto age and education. “You’re over the hill,” the young girl told Jim. “Partying is a young person’s activity.” “Really”...Read On


To the bed

Does he want his pleasure or pain first?

To the bed. As she looks up at him she bites and sucks him on his right thigh giving him a love bite. " That fucking hurts, you will pay for that ”. He grabs her savagely by her hair and drags her to his nearby bed, he throws her onto her back. He forces her legs open and holds her knee’s in his hands. They stare into each others eyes. As his dick gets closer to her waiting pussy he can...Read On


To the shower

Lets get dirty as we get cleaned

To the shower. He wakes up feeling disorientated. The beautiful blonde bob is still lying on his chest. He stretches his legs. Blondie stirs and wakes. Her head twists and she looks at him. "Hello. Remember me? We fucked a while ago; we were good, too.” She smiles at him. "Of course I remember. You bit me on my chest so I wouldn’t forget you. I can see it. ” He runs a hand over her hair...Read On


What a party

A boring party just got exciting

He was at a celebration party, and he was bored; all his playmates were there but they were with their partners and behaving themselves. He looked around for someone interesting to talk to, but unfortunately no one could be found. At the bar he waited patiently for his drink like a good boy. An elegant and expensive looking lady walked over and stood near him. He caught the smell of her...Read On