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The Overlook

I woke clammy again my heart racing in my chest My dream though a bit foggy was also so painfully real. It was that fateful day again replaying itself like a broken record. The day I made the biggest mistake of my life, and only now am I aware of that. It was the day Karin got on the plane. If only I could remember what she said. "I'll be ... if you change your mind about things," she said...

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The Nightmare Inside Chapter 7

Lori had been sitting at her desk for over an hour. She was supposed to be doing research, but instead, she sat there staring at her screen and thinking of her options. On the one hand, she could just allow herself to become the succubus and continue doing this for the rest of her life, or on the other hand, she could go take one last soul and be done with it. Did she really want to do...

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The Nightmare Inside Chapter 6

Lori had been home from Harriet’s for a few hours. She felt energized and slightly electric, but what had actually happened was a little blurry. Her body could remember quite clearly just how good it felt. ‘Who knew that Harriet could make me cum like that,’ she thought and her hand slid down between her legs. She cupped herself and gave it a gentle squeeze. Her cunny throbbed as she...

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The Nightmare Inside Chapter 5

Over the last few days, the only thing Lori could think of was whether or not to take those last two lives. The song, Cruel To Be Kind kept playing in her mind. She tried to reason her conflicting emotions. On one hand, it was two more people and it would all be over. On the other hand, if she didn’t take them, she would be taking lives for the rest of her life. Deep down inside, Lori knew...

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The Nightmare Inside chapter: 4

Lori awoke with the taste of blood in her mouth like she did most mornings. It seemed like such an odd thing to get used to, but it was now her new norm. It had happened nine more times since the incident in the park and each time she felt the demon inside her growing stronger. Not only could she feel it growing stronger, she felt it growing more comfortable inside Lori’s skin. This...

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The Nightmare inside: Chapter 3

Over the last week, Lori had taken two more lives. The first one after Jason had been a complete surprise. She had gone to the movies to distract herself and met a boy that had flirted with her many times. The pain and hunger in her stomach had been too much to deny and she went home with him. The next morning his death was on the news. The other one she didn’t even remember. She...

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The Nightmare Inside: Chapter 2

The rain was coming down harder than ever so Lori was soaking wet by the time she made it through her front door. Her hair was matted to her head and her eyes were large and alert. She looked slightly mad when she burst in screaming, “Mom!” Her heart was thumping wildly with anticipation. She needed to know if Madame V was right, if what she had seen was real or if she was just some...

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The Nightmare Inside: Chapter 1

A raindrop fell onto Lori’s cheek and she paused to look up. The darkening sky was threatening to pour down. She smiled for the first time in weeks. Lori loved days like this and they almost made her feel complete. Almost. She had been going to her local county fair her entire life. Though when she was younger she didn't get to enjoy it as much because her mom had signed her up for every...

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Karla strolled into the bar. It was dirty, just like she liked it. She had been working the lot, comin' up dry. She looked around. 'He looks like he could use a good time,' she thought. "Hey cowboy, my dance cards free, got twelve bucks?" she asked walking over. The bartender overheard, "Hey you! What did I tell you about coming in here? Prostitution is illegal!" Karla smiled, she was...

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The Crimson Void

I still remember the first time I felt her warm breath against my skin; it's soft bait sent shivers cascading down my spine. Since that very first time I have been trying to find that feeling again, longing for it, starved for it. Never finding it. I often found myself deep in thought in my thinking space. To most, it was simply an old dingy warehouse deep in the damages of age, but...

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Stories Coauthored By vanessa26

Mist Of Green And Lanterns Hung

With a mist of green and lanterns hung confessing of the old monk's soul, genuflecting to a specter's trove. As her cunt's sable bed me warm with my love in chains wrought of lust, burning embers for touch. Wishing only for her sweet kiss sleeping endlessly evermore, in fields of infinity's twilight. O holy night of the monk's chore as her thighs plied my loins, with a mist of green...

Added 25 Nov 2018 | Category Love Poems | Views 736 | 12 Comments

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