vanitybaby's Blog Entries

Happy Birthday to me!

26 Jul 2016 23:05

Happy Monday!

08 Feb 2016 14:40

I have hopes of writing that follow up story next week; wish me luck.

17 Jun 2011 15:59

Some people wanted to know what happened next on my last story; its a possibility that make take precedence over my fairy tale but its all up to my muse Thanks for reading.

27 May 2011 18:24

Working on another story, this time a fairy tale OR something like it. I hope it turns out okay.

24 May 2011 15:40

I am thinking I have so many things I should be doing LOL Thanks to those that read my story !!

10 May 2011 19:34

I am thinking that I should visit here more often LOL I likey

01 May 2011 18:52

Okay I wanted to post something new but if anyone likes my submission then please comment.

15 Apr 2011 14:18

I'm thinking, hummm, I hadn't posting anything yet?

12 Apr 2011 13:36