vaughan69's Blog Entries

21 Jul 2013 14:54

hmmm so hot

23 Apr 2013 22:02

cleaning out my friends again to many fakes lol tell or show me why you shouldn't be on the delete list

Allso if your considering adding me don't if your a fantasy girl

05 Mar 2013 18:15

lush is getting a to be a bit of a joke to many prudes and people that use the power of moderator wrongly. This site use to be a good site when I first joined how ever it is mods like you and quiet a few of the prudish women mods that are going to ruin this site. It is a erotic sex chat site not a mothers talk forum. I assume the site is to include all walks of life not just gentleman and lesbians.

25 Feb 2013 12:28

hmmmm some of these room mods are so pethetic and on a power trip, you woud think this is a pre school chat site


19 Dec 2012 00:42

looking for new sub if you think you have what it takes hit me up