Picture Perfect

A picture is worth a thousand words or at least an orgasm

“Do that to me please." I grin and look back at Ben, there is a picture on the computer screen, I turned it towards him so he could see. “I want this.” I crouched on his lap like a kitten, in my black thong and lacy bra. The computer is on the couch and I am leaning forward my chin resting on my hands as I peruse the images. My round peach of a bottom is in the air, I am sucking on my...Read On



B has a Bad Day

How a good Pet turns a bad day around

Ben came home in a lousy mood; things hadn’t gone the way he had planned today at work. These are the days, which may surprise you, I enjoy the most. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I adore the days when he comes home hard and ready, having thought about me his entire ride home. I love that he calls and gives me a chance to “prepare” for him. The running around the house thinking of new and...Read On

Love Poems(4)


Cold Night

Cold night, Warm bed, crisp sheets and wooly socks, Knees curled meeting my knees in perfect bends, Rubbing feet together, My arm flung over your waist, pulling you into my belly, Your bottom and my pelvis meet, I smell your neck, kiss your shoulder and ear, whispering and breathing softness, My hand makes its way and finds your pleasure, Stroking slowly, I feel your back tense, ...Read On


I am Yours

I am Your Dream I am Your Fantasy I am Your Slut I am Your Pet I am Your ultimate Fuck Slave My lips are Yours to shove your fingers and Your cock in My mouth is Yours to kiss and deposit Your cum in My wrists are Yours to tie and bind My throat is Yours to feed My cunt is Yours to stretch and fill My pink flesh is Yours to thrash and use My asshole, oh my asshole is...Read On



“You are such a good slut. ” These words burn through my head and make my cunt leak more proof. I am silent I am obedient I serve your beautiful cock I serve your giving lips and tongue I serve your fingers and your hands I serve your mind and words I serve you I surrender… I am your good slut. And I will surrender to you Not because your force me But because I want to...Read On


Your Perfect Slut

I am...

Every single thought is a gift, a present for me. I unwrap and find a bright, hot feeling inside. I feel everything you want from me. I feel how much you want me. I feel how much you want to use me. How high you have placed me, your perfect Slut. I want to give myself to you completely. I want to be tied and used as a receptacle for cum. I want to be whored out for...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Caught in the rain

I am sopping wet from the rain when you knock on my door. You let me in without a word. You feel a few cool drops splash on you as I pass tantalizingly close, only shooting you a precise, knowing look, for the briefest of seconds. I walk down your hallway, my hips swaying just so, as I unbutton my drenched blouse, without even a glance back. I drop the shirt on the floor and continue walking,...Read On


You've Got Mail

On Monday around 2pm I was working and my email went off, new message, it read, "Just thinking about you, fuck toy. How wet was your weekend?" I smiled to myself and hit the reply button, " hmmmm, you were? Not very, I was lacking about you? Any conquests, did you fuck a sweet girl and think of me? " Almost immediately he reponded, "Alas, not. This weekend was...Read On