Latino Threesome

A Fictional Story About A First threesome

It was something about the way he gazed at me over his glasses. Kind of teacher like, but not really. I got a slight kick out of it anyhow, I knew he wasn’t interested and that fuelled me a little to try and tease him. The flight had just landed at Mexico City Airport. Beautiful Latin America awaited my arrival. The flight from Florida had been a bit hair-raising due to turbulence and I...Read On



The I.T. Girl

The feeling was mutual

Felicity Paige was sitting at her desk gazing enquiringly at the computer screen. The last ten minutes had been spent trying to gain access to her email account. She could still have been in bed, making sweet music with her other half. This was the last thing she wanted on a Monday morning. The browser kept graying out, then going static. The error message just read unresponsive script....Read On

Group Sex(2)


The Dark Room

An event takes place causing their world to spin

It was just your typical Saturday, Levi and his lovely wife Starr were heading into the city for the afternoon. The traffic on the motorway was flowing nicely. The radio was tuned into their favourite channel - East Central. Levi turned to gaze at his wife, even after fifteen years together, she still rocked his world. Her ample 36C bosom and lithe frame caught his eye, he smiled wickedly...Read On


A Private Affair

Links to the past map their future

Octavia made her way along the narrow walkway which led to the crannog roundhouse. The equinox gathering would feature a re-enactment of an ancient pagan festival going back in time to the year AD 500. As Octavia drew closer, it was obvious that she was one of the last to arrive. The rest of the party were already in jovial spirits and drinking wine from pewter goblets and singing heartily....Read On



The Window of Life

Leah learns a valuable lesson

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow coasted up the driveway towards Castle Stuart Country House Hotel. At 8:00pm exactly, the driver drew up at the impressive double pillared entrance. This was it then. Our chance to shine. The doorman who had been guarding the entrance approached and opened the car door. The company had paired everyone off for the evening, and I’d only just met Andy Sinclair...Read On


girls weekend

Jane and I rode the elevator to the third floor, with a dull clunk the shiny doors opened onto a sumptuously decorated hallway. Very nice indeed, the hotel was living up to it’s five star status. It was the first time in a few years that I had been given the chance to get away for a girls weekend. My friend Jane had arranged everything, it was my fortieth birthday and she wanted to give me...Read On


Girls Weekend ... Part III

A Story of Romance and Dominance

We sat enjoying breakfast the next morning and I watched her gorgeous intelligent eyes, trying to work our what she was thinking. Maybe it was the same thing as me. I was a little confused right now and trying to work some stuff out in my head. As I watched her spread the toast, she glanced up momentarily and smiled. The images of the night before kept filling my mind, along with my...Read On


Girls Weekend ... Continued

Girls Weekend … Continued I laughed along with Jane at the amazing scene that was rapidly unfolding that night. Jane propped herself up and lent across to retrieve her G&T from the bedside table. She took a hearty gulp and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. We held each others gaze as I continued to stroke her well toned thighs. She groaned and looked at me seductively. “Kate...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Lost in Paradise

I received your email reply and was thrilled about our forth coming meeting. It was roughly about a year since our holiday romance and I couldn’t wait to see you again. Our Greek Islands Odyssey had now faded to a distance memory for me and I wondered if I would still feel the same after all this time. I would find out pretty soon. I had arranged a weekend break for us in a beautiful part...Read On



The Halloween Date

Kate Meets Her Hot Date

It was the usual story for a Friday afternoon, still too much work left undone. The humdrum noise of the open plan office echoed slightly against the high ceilings and wooden flooring. A photocopier purred away in the corner, cascading a perfect pile of documents against the collection point. I looked down at my cluttered desk and decided to check a few more things before I called it a...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


The Reading Room

Kaitlin finds herself in a compromising position

In about an hour I'd be sipping a fruity merlot and watching a glorious sunset slip below the horizon. I'd been promising myself some time away for god knows how long. Sun, sea and secluded sandy beaches; exactly what I needed. I gazed out the car window, counting down the miles at each passing road sign. The chalet was only a few miles from the nearest village, but pretty secluded apparently....Read On


Fantasy Man

A fictional story about a Corporate Lawyer and her Fantasy Roughneck...

The clock had just hit 5.30pm and as usual on a Friday I was struggling to finish up the days paperwork. I packed a few files into my case and let out a sigh of frustration … the McDonough case was really stretching my nerves. And I didn’t have time to mess around tonight; my friend Lizzie was expecting me at 7.30pm sharp. Lizzie was having a few people round and I couldn’t tell her...Read On


Office Frolics

A Fictional Story About An Office Affair

The drive into work this morning was nail-biting. Big day a head for me. I was busy changing channels on the radio, eating gum and trying to navigate my through the heavy morning traffic. I was going through the whole scenario in my head. Would Jack try and catch me out with a few things or would he be as sweet as honey? I then turned my attention back to my driving. I liked to have a bit...Read On


A Camp With A Difference

A Cheeky Drama

Man eater Kate strikes again, her confidence and gutsy panache know no bounds as she sets upon her prey. She is ten times more confident and daring than I have ever been and always gets her man …                                              ~~~~~~~~~~ I packed my rucksack with a few essentials and threw it into the passenger seat of the pick-up. I fired up the gutsy engine and...Read On


Penthouse Surprise

I doused myself with an ample spray of a heady cologne and checked my appearance in the mirror. Yep, pretty good, I would do. I was looking stunning in a printed scoop neck dress as I left the hotel room to meet my date. The elevator was on the ground floor and I pressed the button to kick it into action. Seconds later the big steel doors opened onto level two, whisking me on my ascent...Read On



Film The Next Scene

Holly goes way beyond her first intentions

Holly stood on the fringe of the film set eagerly awaiting the next scene, her favourite erotic screen actors were due to arrive on location at any minute. Excitement fizzled deep inside her. Just about everyone at the studio had been raving on about Venus and The Volcano for weeks now. This was the last day of filming, after which the reel would go into full production. On set, the...Read On