Love Stories(1)


Louise and Alan

This was inspired by a fantasy that became a reality.

Louise’s Story It’s the beginning of the weekend, the chores are done, the house empty, everyone has departed to their regular weekday activities, of college and work. Now I can sit down and think. It’s all I ever do in my spare time these days. My daydreams are so real. I sit relaxed and absorbed in my own thoughts. I can be on a sundrenched beach, being kissed and caressed, while the...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Sophie makes amends

Sophie decides that she needs to do something drastic to improve her life

Sophie got tarted up. She had no other word for it; after showering she had put on her red basque, which went well with the new red stilettos she had bought that afternoon. Matching that with a vibrant red lipstick and nail varnish she now looked the part. Finishing it off with panties and white stockings, she looked at herself in the full length mirror in her room. She gasped, looking back...Read On



A Table For Two - With A View

This is to satisfy my fantasies, and the people who want to know what happened to Mark and Sophie

Part One Mark closed the computer down quickly. The noise of his wife’s key in the lock had jerked him back to reality. Today was really close. He was usually more careful, but today he had been finalising details. Details that would mean he would meet his friend, the friend he had been talking for nearly a year. Her name was Rhiannon, and as far as he could tell, she was a really nice...Read On