The Company Trip

The Company Trip Chapter One First story I have posted in some time, but inspired to write one from reading my favorite authors here at Lush. Hope you enjoy. I would like to thank everyone that helped in editing. Shelby had been looking forward to this trip since the day her boss had told her that the company had decided the inside sales desk people were allowed to go for the...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Adventure Night

dinner and night out

Adventure Night I pick you up at 8 and have only told you to wear a skirt and button up shirt, you know enough to not wear panties. We get into the car and after a couple kisses head out to a local roadhouse for dinner. I ask for us to be seated in a booth across from the bar and we slide in across from each other. After a couple drinks our food arrives and as we are eating you ask...Read On


The Company trip Chapter Two

The Company Trip Chapter Two You may want to read chapter one first. Any comments would be very welcome April woke about an hour later to find Shelby still sleeping cuddled against her. She felt the warmth of Shelby’s body and took a deep breath, thinking how she could just lay there all night holding this beautiful creature. “Shelby baby, time to wake up.” she whispered...Read On




Sherri pulls into the drive. It’s been a long day at work and she is thinking of how the weekend will be so lonely with Rob on a business trip that came up at the last minute. She gets out of the car and grabs the bags of groceries she picked up on the way and walks to the door. Once inside, Sherri puts the items she bought away and then heads out to feed the animals, thinking once that is...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Dinner Invite

Dinner Invite It’s a hot sunny afternoon and you’re driving over to my place for what I have promised to be a great dinner and evening together. You pull into the driveway and walk up to the door. With your finger ready to push the bell you hesitate just a second to wonder what I have in mind that will make this dinner special compared to the other wonderful days we have spent together. ...Read On



The Bet

The Bet This story is written by Vic and runnergirl Dave slowly walked to the back of the court to pick up the tennis ball. The hot sun beat down on him as he felt the sweat dripping from his forehead into his eyes. His shirt was soaked and he swore he could smell the booze from last night as it came out of his pores with the sweat. As he bent to pick up the ball he wondered why he...Read On



Our Vacation

Our Vacation Story   It’s a cold windy day and Sherri and I are at the airport ready to leave for a warm vacation at a beautiful all inclusive resort in Aruba .   While sitting in the waiting area for loading onto the plane you start talking to the woman next to you to find they are also going to the same resort and like us so happy to get away from our miserable winter.   ...Read On