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Doing rewrites of the El Paso story - then the time commitment of University hit like a brick. Darn.

21 Sep 2016 18:03

Writing a new story - it has a western theme - should be good. First part is submitted for posting!

22 Jul 2016 13:07

Just paid the $10 to continue on this site for another year - let's hope it's worth it

12 Jul 2016 07:14

Do yourselves a favor and read the "Goodbye, Miss Granger" stories from Blin18 - easily one of the best long-build "first time" stories I've ever read, with remarkably witty/original dialogue. The story extends beyond just being "first time" in the later parts but it's all still remarkably good. If you enjoy a story that is more than just "Two characters meet. They fuck. The end" this is a story for you.

12 Jun 2016 19:40