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31 Dec 2014 20:17

GF and I are getting a vibrator(s) soon, any suggestions?

14 Dec 2014 13:57

Finals finals finals finals finals finals...blerg... on the plus side, I've slept over at the girlfriend's place for seven out of the past nine days. On a rocket ship that's only going up!

26 Nov 2014 15:00

Am proud to announce that I will be working for Helmer Scientific as an intern starting this January. I am very happy for this, an internship/co-op has been my goal since I started at Purdue and Helmer seems like a terrific place to work.

25 Nov 2014 22:26

Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! Personally, I plan to spend the Saturday of the break with the Purdue band (hopefully) watching the Boilermakers give the old on-two to the IU Hoosiers (what's a Hoosier you ask?,35069/ or better yet

19 Nov 2014 07:02

People on Lush who aren't interested in any type of erotic/sexually styled communication but are interested in some form of contact confuse me. It's an erotic adult social site....if you're here for some communication, but not erotic communication, why are you here?

16 Nov 2014 11:15

Saw Interstellar, there were alot of good things about the movie....and alot of not so good things...I would probably still recommend you see it if you are any level of interested in space/science

06 Nov 2014 08:57

Seeing Brian Greene live tonight!

26 Oct 2014 15:20

Anyone else absolutely frightened at the prospect that they'll graduate from college with no job and no future and have to face the possibility that they'll have to choose between flipping burgers and graduate school to stave off the eventual burger flipping? No, just me, okay

07 Oct 2014 20:36

Lunar eclipse 8-8-2014 at 7:00AM Eastern!

05 Oct 2014 14:34

So reverse cowgirl is definitely out, not doing it for either of her or me. Any ideas on what other positions to try?

05 Oct 2014 14:34

So reverse cowgirl is definitely out, not doing it for either of her or me. Any ideas on what other positions to try?

28 Sep 2014 09:55

Well, the sex is getting better. We tried doggy style last night, to a pretty good effect. Still trying to figure out how to do it standing up a good way to use the edge of the bed.

22 Sep 2014 08:49

Just had sex for the first time. Not really seeing what the big whoop is; I mean it was great, sure, but it wasn't mind blowing. Also, not at all what porn portrays it as, and I now see why there is such an industry in ensuring male erection.

29 Jul 2014 10:16

This song!

07 Feb 2014 15:28

Recently read this article, interesting topic.

07 Feb 2014 15:27

Just saw the trailer to 'The Fault in Our Stars'... having read the book I'm not so sure on the movie, at least as far as the trailer revealed.