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***if you are not who you appear to be/are using the avatar that is not yours please tell me. Cause I am 100% who and what I appear to be on here, and cause of that, it hurts, like really fucking hurts, loosing you over something trivial such as that, cause, at the end of the day, if I open up to you (and you will know when I have) I wont care no matter what, as long as you just let me know. Cheers***

So, I see you've found yourself in my little corner of lush. The fact you're reading this makes you very welcome here. So, now for a little bit about me. Well, first of my names Violet (yes that's my name haha) and I'm a proud true blue Australian xD. I'm also a hopeless romantic and nothing can get me more turned on than a passionate intimate moment shared with a significant other. Male or female, it doesn't matter..... though, from my experiences, us gals do it better. Though, mind you, I've been broken by both in the past. So I guess that leads me to my sexuality, which, I hope you can tell by now, I play for both teams haha. The one thing I won't tolerate is not being given respect. I'll repeat that. Please respect me, and no, telling me, "how hard your dick is right now"...or "the fact you came over my pictures" or asking me "how wet are you rn" or m"whats my cup size" in your first message is not respectfull. Now as to my pictures, you may have noticed already, or, may have not gotten there yet, but no, I don't have pictures of my tits or pussy just there for all to see, nor do I have pictures of my face. This is as I'm highly insecure....I mentioned being hurt before, yes? Well, blame it on that. With that said, I do have some pictures in an album that a select trusted and loved can see and you yourself may even be privillaged enough in due time to see them too. To finish this up cause I fear its going on for ever I'd like to admit that I'm far from perfect. I'm insecure and havnt been at home since 16....I've also dipped in and out depression and as a result of that alcoholism and drug addiction. In turn I use lush as an escape and as an emotional release. So at times I may be fairly down and other times pretty out of it. Just please be careful with me and if I do open up to you, please don't fuck with me, cause it means you actually mean a lot to mean. One last thing, thanks Bianca, Lilly, Kat & finally Megan cause you've helped me through a lot whether you know it or not. I love you all and each and every one of you are dear to me.

Violet ovoxo xD

Relationship Status:
I love walks on the beach at night, waking myself up with warm water from the shower as it cascades over my body, cuddling up and watching movies when it's cold,getting drunk and getting baked.I also love my makeup and jewelry, piercings (especially my tongue ring) ,doing my nails and also my hair. I also love short skirts and tight tops, corsets and headbands...well, really anything leopard print. Finally I love pretty and colorful things, cute and cuddly things ,drawing and photography, reading and sumtimes writing, oh lets not forget the beach as well as dancing. These are just some of the things that sum up me.
Favorite Books:
Twilight series, Game of thrones, The Fault in Our Stars, If I stay,
Favorite Movies:
I like comedies like hangover, grandmas boy and Ted. I like horrors like Hostel, the possession and all of the saws. Finally I love all the old Disneys and some if there new stuff though its not the same. Maybe I have just gotten older....
Favorite Music:
The music I listen to fluctuates with my mood. Most prominatly though I will listen to Drake, Eminem, The Weekend, Tyler the Creator, Alesana, Pierce the Veil, Parkway Drive, Tech N9ne and a few more. If you listen deeper to any of these artists you will understand why and respect there stuff too.
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Topic: Is Sharia Law already in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK...should we worry...
Posted: 28 Aug 2016 09:43


Does anyone remember that was over 500 years ago and not really relevant to the reality of our current day and age as a great deal has changed over the course of those 500 years?

On the contrary it is very relevant and valid too I might add. And if not, why not? Are you suggesting it's not relevant or valid to this day an age because it is no longer how Christians act? If so, which I think is highly likely it proves the other point I made even more. This is because you said Religions (Muslim) and Societies (Islamic) can't change. Yet, oh my, did you just say Christianity/a vast part of western society did? A bit contradictory there I must say. Might want to rethink your logic there...

Topic: Is Sharia Law already in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK...should we worry...
Posted: 28 Aug 2016 09:30

I do not claim to be an expert with regard to Islam, rather I take the word of those who ARE, like the Saudi head cleric who has made it clear that ISIS is perfectly compatible with the teachings of Islam. And, others such as Salman Rushdi and those like him who are honest Muslims who have been willing to risk everything including their very lives in order to tell us the truth regarding Islam and it's goals. I've also listened to what Muslims in Muslim nations have had to say for years (as far back as 1948 with Abdul Nassir and right on up to today) and among the lessons I've learned in life that have helped me to survive to my current age is to take death threats and all who make them... SERIOUSLY! the calls for the "extermination of ALL infidel" have been strident and non stop... NOT 500 years ago... HERE, NOW and in the world we CURRENTLY live in.

As to your "cultural" argument, as I told Noll (who pointed out that a "reformation" of Islam is extremely unlikely) what needs to be realized is that we are all animals just like any other species and putting jackals in with domesticated dogs will NOT transform the jackals into domesticated animals. Islam IS their culture... and with it sharia law with all of it's intolerance, and sadistic brutality. Expecting them to leave it behind is like expecting a skunk not to stink.

I'm going to call you out again on this one, but other Religions can also be misconstrued and warped to promote Violence and many things that generally is frowned upon by humanity. Once more, I will use Christianity. Apologies Christians I'm not having a go at you, it is just the religion I am most familiar with. But look at the Old Testament, an eye for an eye and the such. If that part is pinpointed down, a counter terrorist group could just as easily be formed quoting exactly that to justify a holy war on Islam.

All in all, your "a jackal will be a jackal" comment is very flawed. As if it was, the Christian Holy wars would still be going to this day. Yet are they? Or how about the littering issue? The entire notion of recycling or even clean disposal of rubbish is not innate in humans on a basic level, yet most of us will properly dispose of our trash. People can change, and societies as a whole too. It just takes time, and patience, and discrimitive racial slandering such as your own does not help the cause.

Topic: Is Sharia Law already in France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK...should we worry...
Posted: 28 Aug 2016 08:46

The funny thing is I don't remember reading ANY stories about Christians screaming THIS IS FOR JESUS and attacking random people...

I'm not sure wether any said "THIS IS FOR JESUS" but does anyone remember the dark ages? How about the Holy Crusades? There was a lot of blood shed, pain and suffering during those times; All in the name of Christianity if I remember correctly?

I'm sorry wether that offended anyone, but I really feel that this point needs to be emphasised. "ISIS/ISIL" and Terrorism in general is not on Islam as a religion. It is just unfortunate that religion in general is a tool used for easy recruiting and indoctrination. Over the History of this planet this can be seen time and time again, to achieve underlying desires (Power, Land, Resources).

Some food for thought, that unfortunately I see very few touch on....

Topic: Liz: A quick hello from the Scarlet Seductress
Posted: 07 May 2016 09:56

I remember when you first came to lush liz. Instantly I was amazed by your writing, and have enjoyed almost every piece that has come since. Especially the poetry! And if you and sprite teamed up, it would be intrestign to see what cam of off it. Most definitely a force to be reckoned with

Topic: Hardcore/Anal (Male Perspective)
Posted: 28 Feb 2016 08:14

Oh and for those curious. The sub-genre of the "hardcore" most like will be rough sex, name calling, anal and perhaps chocking

Shamelessly plugging I'll admit, but help I need~

Topic: Hardcore/Anal (Male Perspective)
Posted: 28 Feb 2016 07:47

To whom this may concern, :p

I am currently writing (or at least attempting to write) a piece that involves a hardcore/ anal scene. But here is the thing about it. For one; I am not male haha. For two; my writing style tends to be romantic, sweet and soft, even when writing my "sex scenes" and this piece requires quite the opposite. So here's my shout out into the void. Anyone who either a) is willing to help me write such a scene, or b) is an avid reader of this genre and can comment on which words/ phrases really work, please drop me a p.m or comment below for further details etc. But of course, only if you are interested.

Much appreciated,

Violet ovoxoxoxoxo, mwah mwah mwah

Topic: Is there another story category you'd like to have on Lush?
Posted: 29 Jul 2015 22:10

I like medieval, a good idea, and perhaps seeing it would push other authors themselves to take the challenge.

Another suggestion for categories I wouldn't mind seeing is role play. I'm not sure if you guys would agree as it could just be a tag, but so could things like anal per e.g or most other categories. It does have a completely different set of characteristics, even more so than anal. To emphasise my point, you can't just decide upon role play mid sex unlike anal. (not saying anal should be a tag, I like it as a category, as I can filter it out on the most part)

A little bit away from categories, and more so to the formatting side of things, which has also been discussed within this forum. I think that love stories, being more so about love then sex (or so I would assume) should allow for no sex. We already have "love poems" and that doesn't require to have sex in it, so why should love stories? I emphasis this further if its a story of several parts. Not all parts need to have sex. Especially if you're trying to build up the connection, love between two characters. Why would you even read a love story in the first place if you only cared about the sex? Now I know that one may say, just refer it to "novels" if its going to be long winded, but theres plenty of other multi-part stories in all other categories that are not shafted off, and lets face it, novels is one of the least read categories, and thats not fair for those who care about votes etc etc.

Also, I think a tab for collaborated stories, or the ability to display a story on both peoples profile is fair. Or I'm not sure whats possible and whats not, but could it be published under both authors name? and allow both authors to get equal credit? (if both of them agree upon that being fair).

Finally, could we perhaps be able to organise the stories on our profile better, as a reader (more so than a writer) it gets annoying trying to find a next part, or the part I was up to when its categorised in a completely different genre. On top of this I'm sure others would like to be able to organise their "series" or "charactors" per e.g sprites "blondie" tales.

Not having a go or anything, I've been a member of lush for a long time, and I'd like to see it as good as it could possibly be (and those suggestions in my mind are so) for the authors, cause you all deserve it, lush has the highest quality I've ever found and little nuances in formatting or categorising shouldn't get in the way off that.

Anyways, those are just my suggestions and all I ask for confederation, and if you agree than great, and if not, could I bother you all, to get an answer as to why?

Thanks in advanced.

Topic: Name a theme song for the avatar above yours.
Posted: 19 Jul 2015 10:17

a thousand years-christina peri (twilight saga theme song)

Topic: What is your favourite item of clothing to wear? Any type of attire, but only one thing.
Posted: 13 Jul 2015 06:07

Corsets probably are my favorite favorite to wear... though I love my accessaries.... ughhh... way too had.... but I'll settle with Corsets

Topic: Post a random fact
Posted: 20 Jun 2015 10:11

One person (J. Craig Venter ) beat essentially the "entire world" (band of the worlds best molecular biologists (broad term) ) at mapping the human genome. He essentially is the Henry Ford of Genome Mapping and has patented over tens of thousands of genomes, such as bacteria that produce octane (Fuel) and has even discovered that this idea of a "Evolutionary Tree" is wrong and there are in fact several but previously no-one (Us Humans) knew about them.

Fully credit to the guy I picked up tonight... to bad he aint as knowledgeable in the bedreem as he is a sciency frap ;p

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Arduer: Part 1: New Beginnings (II)

As Violet pushed the doors to her home open, she felt her heart drop due to the sight before her. Seven metres in front, Crystal was seated in the pouring rain. Her head was down like a beaten dog. Her phone lay next to her just as exposed to the elements, and although Crystal was staring at the phone her eyes were blank. She was obviously lost somewhere far, far away as the heavy rain...

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Sometimes a good song can change the way we look at life.

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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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Hello and thank you for the friendship! I think you must be lovely from the neck up also, especially your mind. Hope we get to talk some more.
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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