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28 Sep 2016 11:39

This girls voice, rawness, realness, musicality is amazing....

28 Sep 2016 11:39

This girls voice, rawness, realness, musicality is amazing....

28 Sep 2016 01:35

too beautiful .

04 Jan 2016 17:56

I really hate time differences and the fact that I'm stranded here on the other side of the world from everyone else........

18 Dec 2015 04:26

Actually may post a story again. If I do it will be named initiation. Its going to be raw, rough, dark, dirty, and based of off the lyrics of the weeknds initiation (which will flow through it). Hopefully it'll happen, if not apologies in advance /.\

19 Jul 2015 09:48

The video rings so true, an eptiome of pure self destruction...

09 Jan 2014 18:36

This ~heart melts~ both of their voices is sex

09 Jan 2014 13:32

Goodbye world for this weekend at least, I'm going to fly away to paradise on wings of OVOXO and hope not to come down anytime soon

09 Jan 2014 13:24

Fuck....that really hurt :'(

10 Jun 2013 07:04

I live amongst angels, but lately those Demonds have been shacking up, I'm in a tug of war with my soul its tearing me apart, why can't anyone see the blood that this pain Its caused me to cough up?

05 Mar 2013 03:28

New it is a current insight into my little space i like to call home or more specifically my room

24 Feb 2013 03:44

In tears right now, hurting sooo bad and not knowing what to do or how to cope not that anyone here cares

26 Jan 2013 09:52

So its allmost 5 am n ive juss gotten home and checked in here ro say HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY everyone hugg n kisses mwah mwah mwah

31 Dec 2012 09:26

Happy new years to all especialy those who i consiser really clove lubb chu all! mwah mwah mwah kisses & huggs

21 Dec 2012 08:53

Love This Song

20 Dec 2012 07:07

Lush please be kind and let my phone work on bere for once, sincerly violet

27 Sep 2012 00:20

New story More Than Just Friends is up, have a look if you want and comment and vote if you think it deserves it. Much love Violet

24 Sep 2012 06:58

About to post a new story( well not really just re-did the 1st one but its much more well written) and this time im going to finish all of it I promise. Hopefully it will be up later tonight or tomorrow.


16 Jul 2012 10:31

Decided to write again (:

03 Jul 2012 01:55

Alls better now (:

30 Jun 2012 08:37

drunk and im officially feeling better, got the most beautiful girl laying asleep next to me so if you want to play we will have to be quit

25 Jun 2012 05:50

sick..... needs cuddles,love and attention

21 Jun 2012 07:37

Every girl is beautiful, even if she doesn't have over one hundred likes on her display picture .

-Oli Sykes ♥

12 Jun 2012 08:38

i want her

08 Apr 2012 01:46

New pics check em out darlings

10 Feb 2012 06:00

New photos

16 Jan 2012 03:32

Sarted to write part 2 of my story , but shall post it if i get arround 10 votes,so dont hesitate to vote if u like it

14 Jan 2012 23:42

Hormy & looking for sum one to play wiff

10 Jan 2012 05:35

High as fuck & horny = chats.... I think cheeyeah

09 Jan 2012 05:17

I have just posted the 1st part of the story i have decided to write comments and rates would be nice xx violet