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hey all,i havnt been on for a while coz been busy wiff work & stuuf but im back now so hit me up for a chat

16 Oct 2011 07:37

Decided to try and write a story

14 Aug 2011 10:26

Juss got back to my house after being out it's soo late but I don't feel like sleeping!

23 Jul 2011 10:54

Updated my bio again finally,more info this time

22 Jul 2011 14:56

People please bear with me,my Internet is really sucky at the moment so if I seem to juss go ofline it's probably because my net crashed,Im so sorry guys again.

22 Jul 2011 03:37

two new pics,comment if you wiish

18 Jun 2011 00:13

new pics, comment's please, k thnxs go

29 Mar 2011 04:54

New pics,check them out and coments would be lovly

28 Feb 2011 05:05

so fucking over guys

24 Feb 2011 00:58

comment my pic

20 Feb 2011 03:56