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27 Jan 2015 18:42

Okay thanks everyone for the happy birthday wishes. Like I explained in my story my legal birth certificate from the orphanage has my January birthday. But my mom and dad....well when they took me back to the USA....once I was like four years old....they let me pick my own birthday. Isn't that sweet? Yup because the orphanage didn't really know my real birthday, they were just guessing. So anyways in my family we celebrate my "birthday" in May. Yup so that's the story.

24 Jan 2015 18:26

I had such a wonderful time last night...omg!! My new guy is wonderful and a girl can feel like she is on Cloud 9. No I won't tell you about the sex and the kissing hehe.....that's only stuff I dish to my girlfriends. We're going out AGAIN tonight so I couldn't decide what to wear??? Girl problems haha. Eventually decided to go with a body suit (black.....shows off my tiny boobs haha) and my scooter shorts/skort with heels. This girl is loving being semi-single haha. My mom said her date was awesome too? Two lucky girls.

23 Jan 2015 19:02

Going out with John and we're meeting up with Jen and Roberta and some of my gang to go dancing. It's only 66 degrees, but I'm wearing a mini skirt to impress hehe. I'll report on what happens later. Someone has brought total blushes to my cheeks, but I'm not dishing hehe.

21 Jan 2015 23:09

OMG are girls really supposed to find their "perfect" dream guy on a Wednesday night? Haha stop laughing girls. He's like a new and improved version of Steve? I'm so stoked and hyped.....a new guy a new guy!! Jen thinks I've gone bonkers haha.....but yeah she thinks he's hot too. Big date for Friday night. Hehe so much for the "single life"? Are there such things as ditzy Asian brunettes? YUP I think so.

20 Jan 2015 08:01

Okay hehe I need to "educate" myself. Emilia and John have convinced me I need to read this book. Yup....gonna pick it up soon. Patrick is gone. I'm officially single.....not lonely though. I feel pretty good. My mom thinks it's the right thing. I need to just be single for a while I think. Time to read this big book maybe hehe.

17 Jan 2015 19:18

Okay well I have NO IDEA why but I have been getting bored and irritated with Patrick lately? Anyways Jen has Antwan in the proverbial "doghouse" for something (you don't want to know what hehe) and Roberta is yup.....GIRL'S NIGHT OUT TONIGHT!! Santana Row here we come. Watch out boys/ girls who can dance really well can watch out too hehe. Weezz on the prowl haha.

13 Jan 2015 20:01

First date? Make sure you make a lasting impression. Lingerie is the key.

09 Jan 2015 20:46

My mind has been drifting lately (trying to avoid studying perhaps? hehe) Anyways I imagine I'm away on a tropical beach vacation with some girlfriends. I meet a confident older man at a club. His eyes devour me and he approaches. Somehow this man has a way to completely control and dominate me. I succumb to his wit and charm and his physical presence.....the rest of the vacation becomes a lust fueled sex-fest where I become his petite sex toy. Does anyone think I should turn that into a story?

09 Jan 2015 20:45

My mind has been drifting lately (trying to avoid studying perhaps? hehe) Anyways I imagine I'm away on a tropical beach vacation with some girlfriends. I meet a confident older man at a club. His eyes devour me and he approaches. Somehow this man has a way to completely control and dominate me. I succumb to his wit and charm and his physical presence.....the rest of the vacation becomes a lust fuel sex-fest where I become his petite sex toy. Does anyone think I should turn that into a story?

31 Dec 2014 01:03

Can't wait for new year's eve bash. BIG party planned. I need to wear the perfect outfit. I'm feeling so sexy these days. Gonna post some new photos and some oldies, but goodies. Hey everyone have an awesome new year's party K!!

28 Dec 2014 23:24

Okay wow been so busy. Yup still with Patrick and things are going great. A bit scary since he is getting very big cow-eyes and starting to act syrupy sometimes. The scary thing is me too? OMG when you fall hard for a guy it's kinda scary. I always remember how that feeling with Steve just sort of evaporated and went away? Probably that can happen again, right? Well haven't written that story I promised you guys yet. Okay after the new year's party, okay. Hey everyone have a blast and Jen says "hi" too.

23 Dec 2014 03:03

It's great to have a new BF in time for Christmas. Nice to be getting some hot (regular) sex again. OMG I was climbing the walls and burning cash on batteries hehe. I thought my vibrator would break?

18 Dec 2014 19:51

My "Patrick Plan" is working out so far. Wish me luck girls. Finished my exams so I'll see if I have time to write a story? Been a while.

11 Dec 2014 21:18

Okay got my eye on a new guy. Will see him tomorrow (Friday) so wish me luck. Still have one more exam so it's not over yet. Yup not on here as much as I should, but I'm busy. Sorry. Excited for Christmas. I saw something amazing for Jenny so might get it on Saturday.

07 Dec 2014 07:27

I support my K girl. Asian and hot and perfect. He's dumb. Plain dumb.

01 Nov 2014 20:20

Okay sort of not in a good mood. Not been on for a while. The BF is gone, history for now and hopefully the drama is at an end. Just girlfriends for now and uni. Focus on uni. Roberta has been my crutch since Jen is too busy and stuff. Should I get a cat? Stephanie has a cat and I think maybe a cat would help with my loneliness? Dog is too much work.

02 Oct 2014 20:21

One of my best-ees is still a virgin. Gosh yes guys they still do exist. She has a guy in her sights so Jen and I are totally crossing our fingers and wishing her luck. All my girlfriends on Lush need to send her positive thoughts since first time is a big-eeee!! I'm so excited. This is like Carmen, but even more exciting. Hey gotta blast. Have a very LUSH Friday. Can't wait for tomorrow.

27 Sep 2014 20:45

Well for everyone who remembers Jenny be happy for her. I think she might actually be in love with this new guy. It's hard for her to trust men because her dad's affairs, but now she seems really happy. Well even for me (I mean with my mom's divorce) it's hard. I seriously don't know if I'll ever get married? I wonder sometimes. Hey I'm way too young anyways right? So why worry. my ass off. See ya.

23 Sep 2014 20:14

OMG this made me screech and hop up and down. My mom thought maybe a guy had proposed again haha. Thanks bunches to everyone. You're all so sweet. Read my story if you have time. Gosh I tried my best.

22 Sep 2014 21:24

Thanks so much to everyone who read my last story. It was actually the first story I ever wrote. Emilia saved it haha because my old computer is gone and whatever, but she saved a copy for me. She's so sweet and such a darling friend (plus the best writer on Lush haha). Anyways if you didn't read it maybe try it okay.

20 Sep 2014 20:14

Okay gotta blast. Same guy two nights in a row. Hehe and YUP he did enjoy the lingerie show....IMMENSELY.....(girls you get what I'm implying right?) to see if he can conjure up more happiness for a young girl two nights in a row? Will he inspire me or fall flat on his face? Hmmm only the night will reveal its secrets. I'm going to dance my ass off. I've curled my hair and worn a completely different outfit to thank him for making me feel so insanely beautiful and happy yesterday.

18 Sep 2014 20:58

Friday I'm planning to give my guy the full-on lingerie "show" treatment.

17 Sep 2014 19:06

Okay I'm locked in tonight working on my bio and chem.....grrrr.....wish I was dancing? Okay listen to some Lana Del Rey to chill for a bit....check Lush (yes I'm naughty...wasting time I know hehe).....Mom wants to chat (sex stuff as usual...) but I'm like way busy.....Jen will come over later to tell me MORE about her trip and all the GUYS she met hehe. Okay what else? Miss you all. Yup that's about it. Kisses Crissy.

14 Sep 2014 23:54

OMG I have just submitted the very first story I ever wrote. It's from like three years ago when I lost my virginity. I seem so young in the story I'm almost too embarrassed to post it. But anyways I hope a few people still like it. Don't be like too harsh since it was the first story I ever tried to write.

13 Sep 2014 19:38

Now what is better than being young on a Saturday night? Duh FRIDAY night hehe!! OMG well Friday is history, but shhh don't write down what happened. Might shock my dad. OMG now that's a giggle. I bet he does worse stuff with his "young slut". I love life right now. Young, dancing my ass off, pizza, my own car, sunshine, mini skirts, wild sex, my mom is happy and well....haha well it would be nice if I was like 3 inches taller. Oh yeah Jenny will be back from China with her dad on Sunday. YIPEE. Then next weekend will be even MORE awesome. Have fun tonight everyone.

12 Sep 2014 20:08

About to leave on my Friday night date. He won't tell me WHERE we are going or WHAT we are doing?? Haha this guy is amazing. I love the mystery. I'm so fucking curious? Mom is out with a guy and seems much happier. Jen is on a trip (as girl!!). Sex is the best way to de-stress from studies so I'm hoping tonight will de-stress me TOTALLY hehe. Okay for all the guys who ask...I'm wearing a short black mini skirt....strappy black heels....the rest you can use your rather active imaginations hehe.

11 Sep 2014 20:19

Okay SO MUCH going on in my life. Caught my mom crying the other night. The divorce still gets to her sometimes. I hugged her as much as I could, but hey, it's rough. I wish I could help her more. She seems better now. She has dates lined up for tomorrow so that's good. Two guys. School work. Club tasks to finish for our fall events. Jenny is giving me shit for ignoring her. Geez haha I'm taking shit all over the place. Hey but I've started a new story. That's good, right?

01 Sep 2014 21:14

Hehe my mom always has the best advice. "Date them both" she told me. OMG it's so intoxicating to have TWO guys after you. The sex is so thrilling and intense. My body is wasted after the last two days. As a woman you feel so desired and wanted and.....well......beautiful I guess? Holy fuck all you girls need to do it.

30 Aug 2014 22:07

OMG sorry everyone! I've been so so busy and stuff. Oh and now school is starting again? WTF? So soon? Girls what do you do when TWO guys are after you? How do you choose? Why do we have to "choose" anyways? I'm back to my "young and confused" state of mind. At Jen's right now. She's giggling. She ALWAYS has several guys on the go? She's like a juggler haha. I guess I need to learn to juggle? Hmmm......Carmen and John are meeting up with us later. That girl has blossomed...I'm so proud of myself hehe.

05 Aug 2014 23:23

I'm so proud of Carmen. Seventeen and she lost her virginity. We talked about everything last night. It was wonderful and she's so happy with how it went. My "summer project" is a complete success. I'm feeling very older and "Aunt" like haha. I found her the right guy and everything. Her sister thinks I'm amazing haha. We all giggled like mad. Girl talk for hours ensued. I may write a story, it was that good.