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Topic Is there anything that turns you on and you don't know why?
Posted 31 Oct 2015 00:08

A guys hands can really make me horny, especially if he has nice nails. I don't think I ever mentioned this, but I took Steve to get his nails done with me and I got so turned on I almost jumped him when we got home. The sex was amazing and for some reason when he fingered me I had a huge, huge orgasm just thinking about his hands? WTF? Silly right? Can't explain itEmbarassed Embarassed Embarassed angel7 Shhh

Topic Whats your favourite position for being eaten out?
Posted 18 Oct 2015 05:34

Lately I'm feeling more aggressive and dominant and fed-up hehe so I like to straddle his face and keep my own pace.Embarassed Embarassed angel7

Topic Sex While Wearing Masks
Posted 18 Oct 2015 05:19

Totally HOT if you ask me.

Topic Which color bra you wear today?
Posted 18 Oct 2015 05:17

Today was an off-white lacy shelf bra with matching panties. The set worked rather well hehe....his eyes just went totally wide and bulged out like he'd won the lottery. Well I guess he sort of did hehe.Embarassed Embarassed angel7

Topic Do you like having your hair pulled during sex?
Posted 18 Oct 2015 05:15

I do! I love it when the guy is losing control and just grabs and thrusts and goes crazy. I'm so petite guys often treat me like a Chinadoll and I'm actually pretty strong and flexible. I love a guy who uses his muscles and really fucks me sometimes. I mean not all the time, but sometimes. Of course sometimes I like romantic sex with candles and stuff too.

Topic What is the most perverse fantasy you've ever had ?
Posted 18 Oct 2015 05:14

Well I'm a bit shy to say it, but I think many girls have the same's to be totally dominated and treated like a sex toy by two ripped guysEmbarassed Embarassed Shhh I'm too shy to ever do it, but I do fantasise sometimes.

Topic Your Favorite Sex Position
Posted 18 Oct 2015 05:11

Cowgirl.....reverse cowgirl....Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed and doggieangel7 angel7 Shhh Shhh

Topic Taking a Cock in your mouth
Posted 18 Oct 2015 05:11

Well as a woman it is a total rush of power. You really feel your sexual power. I mean you have total control and you can watch his face and his eyes and hear all the sounds he makes. If you go slowly and build him up he will squirm and you can feel his breathing race. I love it when it gets so sensitive and he begs me to slow down or to stop. When a guy comes his face just squirms up and his eyes roll's totally adorable. Yeah and it's very intimate too.

Topic does sex feel better without a condom?
Posted 18 Oct 2015 05:08

Well with Steve I trusted him and I was on the pill so we always went bareback. But most guys I insist on a condom just for safety. But yeah it is way better bareback.angel7 angel7

Topic Where do all you girls like to be kissed the most on your body
Posted 07 Oct 2015 00:11

Kiss my neck, my ear lobe....kiss the underside of my breasts.....always touching lightly.....murmur and whisper soft words.....little nibbles....more touching.....more whispering....giggles.....your hands trying to get everywhere....squeeze my bum......touch my nipples.....gently first.....tease my nipples.....tease my neck.....tease my inner thighs.....make me laugh.....remove my clothes slowly......kiss every part you uncover.....gently at first.....and then confident.....tease my nipples.....and then tease them more.....when they are hard and pointy you can bite down firmly with your teeth, but bite slowly.....feel my body shiver......use your finger to tease my outer pussy lips......gently at first.....yes like that....slowly.....yes lightly.....just on the outside......bite my neck......twist my nipple......feel my body arch......feel me quiver and shudder at your touch......hear me whimper...check my eyes are face looks dreamy.....yes keep going......slide your finger in now.....slip it under my panties.....kiss me hotly with passion....not soft like that....harder....smash my lips...slide your tongue in my mouth....slide your finger in deep into my tight little pussy and make me moan.....flick it side to use your finger and find my know what do do baby.......drop to your knees......use that tongue exactly where I want it....grab my ass tight....push your mouth onto my pussy......heheEmbarassed Embarassed Embarassed angel7

Topic Do you like having your hair pulled during sex?
Posted 07 Oct 2015 00:00

Well I just like it generally when a guy sort of loses control and goes a bit wild. I'm petite and guys have a tendency to think I'm a delicate China doll and that I might break if they get too roughEmbarassed angel7 . I assure you I'm pretty flexible and strong, so now I won't break hehe. I love it when a guy gets super intense just before he is about to orgasm and slams into me or starts grabbing at me wildly. That just makes me even more horny my self.

Topic Kissing after getting oral
Posted 06 Oct 2015 23:57

It's hot!

Topic Talking about sex with friends
Posted 06 Oct 2015 23:56

Well when we were dating Steve told me a lot of his guy friends would probe about our sex life. He thinks this was because I'm Asian and also because of our age difference. They'd ask things like are Asian girls really as hot as they say, or maybe is it really hot fucking a girl so much younger, stuff like that. Steve assured me he was always very discreetShhh and did not respond with any details and just told them "Crissy is a really nice girl and I care for he a lot." or, "We're really happy together," or stuff like that. I always adored Steve for being so classy. I think it is much more manly for a man to be reserved and classy than boastful and disgusting. Hehe just me? I guess I'm sort of traditional and girly.Embarassed angel7

Topic Favorite toy
Posted 24 Sep 2015 20:26

Well during exam time I couldn't even survive without my vibrator. It's pretty vanilla I guess at 8" and a nice silky high quality silicone cover. Jenny knows a girl who just got a Sybian so we both want to try it, but I'm sorta shy TBHEmbarassed Embarassed angel7 If we do try it I'll let you know what I think.

Topic What is your favourite colour of lipstick......
Posted 24 Sep 2015 20:19

Well normally during the day I can't be bothered as I'm focused on my protein research. But at night if I'm meeting friends, or hitting a club to sashay my cute ass around like a floozy then it HAS to be a shade of red, like cerise or carmine....or a nice cherry/scarlet kinda red? IDK? I'm sorta keen on how Taylor Swift does her lips right now TBH. I went through a pink phase when I was younger and Jenny says my lips look horridly perfect with a very pale shimmering pinkEmbarassed Embarassed I love MAC Ruby Woo....sometimes Covergirl.....I have a couple of Sisley.....My mom has this Persimmon shade that is to die for.....I also got Chanel because Jenny loves Chanel (haha her dad is more loaded than mine) and we both adore Rouge Coco Shine since it looks amazing on Asian skin. Yup so that's it.Embarassed Embarassed Sorry I blathered on.

Topic Do you dress to impress?
Posted 24 Sep 2015 20:06

Depends on the situation actually. I mean yeah sometimes I do. Sometimes in the summer frankly it's just shorts and a T and flip flops? I mean if we are going clubbing, yeah sure. Well different things can "impress" haha. I was at the uni coffee bar a couple of days ago and this girl went berserk over my hair clips. I mean she thought they were so adorable and started to talking to me? Like who would think? I can tell some guys really like it when I wear mini skirts. So it depends like what impresses. But sure I know what you mean, like when you wear your Prada bag and stuff other girls notice for sure.

Topic Sexual or non-sexual, what is the last thing you looked up online and where?
Posted 22 Sep 2015 21:59

Well TBH I was reading a paper on the intracellular delivery of proteins and novel approaches to endocytotic pathway use for new drug coffee dontknow

After that I was reading this really cool article on the industrial scale removal of carbon from the atmosphere. The human brain is just so fucking amazing.

Oh and now I'm on LUSH haha.....stop giggling. We all need sex right?bunny cat

Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 22 Sep 2015 21:52

Writhing with desire
Hips are bucking up and down
Cumming on your tongue

OMG this one is so good!! I did that last night. So perfect girl!Embarassed Embarassed Shhh

Topic Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted 22 Sep 2015 21:50

See my pussy wet
Legs wide I ride, cock hard
Lick your come buddy!

OMG this is so fun heheEmbarassed Embarassed angel7

Topic Filled at both ends?
Posted 22 Sep 2015 01:06

Well it is a total fantasy to be with two guys, but I don't know if it will ever happen IRL? Also if a guy is ramming me from behind I hope I don't like bite down and chomp off the other guy's poor cock? Haha don't laugh? I mean if a big hard cock is ramming me from the back how am I supposed to concentrate on sucking and making sure my jaw doesn't like jam closed all of a sudden haha. STOP giggling girls....I'm serious? Has anyone done this and can tell me if not biting the guy's cock is an issue?Embarassed Embarassed Sorry I'm obviously way too naive for Lush hahaangel7 angel7 angel7

Topic Have you ever asked directly someone to have sex ?
Posted 22 Sep 2015 01:00

Yes haha and no I've never been turned down. Sadly when a relationship is ending I think us women use sex as a substitute for intimacy? Do any of you feel like that? When I was falling out of love with Steve I would ask him to have sex. I think I just wanted to feel closer and to be held by him. I was seeking a feeling we used to have as a couple. The sex would blot out my unhappiness for a while I guess? Eventually you realise it doesn't work. That's when I wrote my story "Final Fuck". But I think a lot of girls who are looking for intimacy will ask to be fucked. Now when we are just plain horny? Hehe that's a different kind of "asking" haha.

Topic While having sex, have you ever forced a guy to cum, when he didn't want to, or wasn't ready?
Posted 22 Sep 2015 00:56

Well I think talking to Jen and some of my friends about this one it is sort of a "power thing" for women. I know sometimes I'm giving a guy a blow job and he wants me to stop (he wants to fuck my pussy hehe) and I decide to make him come. It's pretty easy with guys. I mean just push a little extra and they lose it every time. Also like the girl above said, often when you orgasm it just tips the guy over the edge. I love that moment too. I mean I love watching his face scrunch all up and his eyes roll back into his head and then to feel my pussy squeezing every last drop out of him. Sometimes the guys blush and get bashful and get all apologetic for coming so soon. That's pretty cute. Okay I know, yes I am an angelangel7 angel7

Topic Would you do this in public for $500?
Posted 22 Sep 2015 00:42

Eww......if I need $500 I just ask my dad? Gosh. I could never do thatEmbarassed Embarassed angel7

Topic do you let guys see up your skirt?
Posted 22 Sep 2015 00:41

Haha well god invented the mini skirt right?Embarassed Embarassed Hehe us girls need to have certain strategies we can rely upon for flirting. The inadvertent "oh my god did you just see up my skirt" angel7 trick is a reliable one that every mom needs to teach their teenage daughter. It's a standby like "bend over and pick up your pencil" heheEmbarassed Embarassed angel7 Or just as good....."lean forward with your loose top....oops did you just get a glimpse of my boobs?" Haha girls stop giggling. You know we all do it.Shhh Shhh Shhh don't tell the guys. They think we don't see them gawking.

Topic What is your "reset" time?
Posted 22 Sep 2015 00:35

Okay well I get SUPER sensitive right after my orgasm peaks. If I have trained the guy a little bit he will know to ease off and let me calm down a bit. If he pushes and keeps going with his tongue or cock it just becomes irritating. If the guy slows and eases off LIKE A LOT.....preferably stops moving altogether....then I can get it back together pretty quick.

Steve learned when he was licking my pussy how to bring me to a big orgasm and then deliver a second. He would let me peak. Then he would just wait with his finger inside me without even moving or licking. Somehow he would know when the right moment was and he'd start to wiggle his finger and lightly begin licking again. Ever so slowly he'd build me up again and "presto" a second and even bigger orgasm would come. Yeah well the trick with my pussy is to not try to push things. Let me calm down for a few minutes and let my pussy stop being so sensitive. Well usually that takes like 5 minutes.

After an intense session with say five or six orgasms? Well then I like to have a few hours to recover heheangel7 angel7 3some Shhh . The only exception to this is about one or two days before my periodcat . At that time I can be climbing the walls and I might jump back on a cock much sooner.Embarassed Embarassed

Topic Does looking qualify as cheating?
Posted 16 Sep 2015 06:15

Well it isn't strictly "cheating", but PLEASE guys refrain from gawking at my friend's tits and ass when I am standing right next to you. It has nothing to do with "cheating", it is just sort of good manners. I mean I don't ask much, but at least three guys have bit the dust because I mean if you are going to gawk like that it just makes me look stupid to my girlfriends. If you are a tiny bit discreet then the two or three of us might......just might.....drag you into a bedroom and give you that wild threesome you've always dreamed of. Jenny and I have done it. But not if you act like a dip-shit in front of my friends.....K? Enough said. Otherwise when I'm not around and it is some random chick, hey look all you want. I doEmbarassed Embarassed . But have manners.

Topic Bi-Curious
Posted 02 Aug 2015 20:41

Well this is just natural. Most women....well we admire other attractive women. I will notice how a girl dresses, how she carries her self, how she interacts with other women.....I mean some girls are just SO DAMN ATTRACTIVE. It's pretty much natural I think? I mean my answer would be to say yes.....she's curious, but probably too tightly strung to do anything? The fear of you will even for myself.....I'm really nervous how to make the first move with another girl? All my girlfriends....I mean the close cuddly ones....have made the first move?'s damn simple with guys.......but I think with other girls it's more complicated? Give her encouragement......perhaps go and invite the girl over to chat. Say your wife really likes her outfit and wants to know where she bought it. Women love to talk about clothes together. This will get the ball rolling. Who knows.....hehe....have fun with her. Let your wife spread her wings. I'm sure she'll love you for it. You might even get a blow job.

Topic Would you meet someone from Lush in person?
Posted 02 Aug 2015 20:29

Well there was this one guy........angel7 angel7 angel7 Shhh Shhh Shhh Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

Topic being shared
Posted 02 Aug 2015 20:28

Well I think this is a fantasy of pretty well every woman.....even if they refuse to admit it. From talking with my friends and my mom's friends....well women all all very sexual. Most of them are just too scared or insecure....or the opportunity just never comes around? It's sad actually we are all so repressed.

Topic Name something that you learned about yourself since joining Lush.
Posted 02 Aug 2015 20:25

Well I didn't really realise how important sex was to me......or even how sexual I was? WellEmbarassed Embarassed Embarassed I was a virgin......gosh it seems like forever ago? I've grown so much as a woman. My mom has been so amazing. I mean I'm so lucky. My dad moving out was incredibly hard, but I'm so proud of both of us looking back. We are both much stronger women now.