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Topic Does looking qualify as cheating?
Posted 06 Jul 2015 00:24

Well I mean it's not cheating....but gosh don't do it in front of me and ESPECIALLY don't ogle my friends. I did dump one guy for exactly this. He just couldn't stop looking? I mean c'mon? It's not like I was starving him of sex. Wait until I'm gone and then look okay. Geez. And absolutely no sexting or Skype okay? Seriously. Unless of course we do it together and have a laugh.

Topic what colour bra are u girls wearing?
Posted 06 Jul 2015 00:21

Tonight I'm in bed and braless. I mean mine don't really need a bra.

Topic Are you happy with your breast size?
Posted 06 Jul 2015 00:20

Well I'm pretty happy with them these days. Ryan has been lavishing praise on my little mounds so my ego is less fragile haha. In the past I have obsessed a bit over my petite stature and tiny boobs and ass. As I get older I find there are a ton of men who seem to obsess on girls like me.

Topic do you like cuddling after sex
Posted 06 Jul 2015 00:17

Of course I love cuddling I am a woman. The intimacy from cuddling and touching and talking is as important for most women as is intercourse. It's a shame guys don't get that.

Totally! Exactly. Plus if you cuddle who knows.....he might.....hehe.....get hard again and you can have round twoEmbarassed Embarassed I love it the second time when the guy has more control and can last longer. Cuddling and kissing is very important.Big Hugs

Topic How many guys have you had sex with?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 23:54

Seven Embarassed Embarassed Okay so I am a bit of an angel hahaangel7 angel7 angel7

Topic Total stranger and a blindfold
Posted 05 Jul 2015 23:52

Well I would like to combine bothEmbarassed Embarassed A hot ripped stranger who ties me to the bed and blindfolds me. I mean what woman doesn't want that scenario? All of us I bet. Yeah I've been blindfolded a few times. I haven't let a guy tie me to the bed yet.....but I think I will with my new BF. I'm curious to try it and see if my orgasm is even bigger.

Topic Which virginity did you lose first
Posted 05 Jul 2015 23:51

Fumbled petting/hand job (he just spurted in seconds? not much of a hand job haha)/blowjob (gosh I think I was so terrible but Steve was so sweet)/Vagina intercourse/Anal (much later hahaEmbarassed Embarassed )

Yup just like that.

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 05 Jul 2015 23:48

Haha I will be in about half an hour. Ryan is busy today and I have work to do for Monday. So yup.....vibrator time. Looking for just the right story to get me offEmbarassed Embarassed coffee

Topic how doyou like a man to eat you
Posted 05 Jul 2015 23:47

a slow tease. Take your time. Lightly touch around the area, kiss the thighs, etc before going directly for the center or the clit. Build the anticipation, whet the appetite and leave me begging.

OMG yes. Totally agree. Build me up. Tease me. Edge me. Take me almost there and then stop. Take me there AGAIN and AGAIN if you can. Only a talented man can do that. Be sensitive to my body's signals. If you are good in bed you should know when a woman is about to come. WELL don't let her.....haha......make me beg for it. Oh god I love that feeling of being so so so fucking CLOSE.Embarassed Embarassed angel7 angel7

Shhh Shhh Sshh girl secrets.

Topic What do you like more anal sex or vaginal sex
Posted 05 Jul 2015 23:45

Well Embarassed Embarassed I mean I like a combo.....I need lots of foreplay with liberal amounts of attention to my nipples and my sensitive spots. Once I'm aroused I do want clitoral stimulation.....well that's essential.....but if you add a finger or smaller vibrator for my bum AT THE RIGHT MOMENT.....well that can really make me go wild and explodeEmbarassed Embarassed angel7 angel7 so......unlike my appearance....I am no angel hehe.

Topic Would you sell yourself?
Posted 08 Jun 2015 01:24

Well I have a friend who has done some very high-end compensated dating. She's a student and part-time model. Well her family is not too well yup. OMG I have talked to her about it and the idea of doing something like that is sort of a "fantasy"??Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Haha okay so I'm not the angel angel7 you think I am.....Shhh Shhh don't tell.

Topic Have you ever caught a guy staring lustingly at your boobs or ass
Posted 08 Jun 2015 01:21

Is this post a joke? Um YEAH!!Embarassed Embarassed Gosh for most girls it's like every day.....DUH? Okay maybe this was a joke post.

Topic The worst thing a guy has done on a date with u?
Posted 08 Jun 2015 01:20

Based on all these stories I guess I'm one of the lucky ones hehe. Well this was not so terrible....sort of cute actually. This guy really wanted to date me. I kept refusing him. Eventually Jenny convinced me to say "yes". Well he took me to a nice restaurant in San Jose. During the meal he kept wiping his forehead and he seemed a bit "out of it"? Anyways after the main course he threw up??? I'm like WTF?? Anyways later he explained and it turned out he was feeling really sick.....but he was afraid to cancel the date because he thought I wouldn't give him a second chance. So even though he was sick as a dog he dragged himself on the date because he was totally smitten with me. I had to laugh and give him another chance. I will say watching someone puke is not pretty though. All in all a memorable date haha.

Topic Whats your best place to find sexy and erotic clothing?
Posted 08 Jun 2015 01:13

Well I'm very petite so I love Shibuyasj in Cupertino. My mom likes Besos sometimes in Los Gatos. For the more expensive brands and good service we go to ELA in Menlo Park. Well mom and I explore a lot. We love to find new places to buy lingerie. If we go downtown we always look around.

Topic Which part of your body do you consider most sexy?
Posted 27 May 2015 23:24

My bum for sureEmbarassed Embarassed Shhh

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 27 May 2015 23:24

Last night Embarassed Embarassed This dreamy guy Ryan flirted with me all day at work. Couldn't help myself.

Topic have you ever been part of double penetration?
Posted 27 May 2015 23:22

Just with a vibrator so far. I think this is a fantasy for a lot of girls, but not easy to pull off heheEmbarassed Embarassed angel7

Topic Erotic Photography - are you willing to pose?
Posted 27 May 2015 23:20

Well my mom had me do a photoshoot with her friend who is a photographer. It wasn't really "erotic" or anything, but she did get me to wear some lingerie. My mom says I'll appreciate having the photos when I'm older. IDK? Anyways it was fun, but I'm way too short to modelEmbarassed Embarassed . My friend Cindy models and does fashion shows, but she's much taller than me.

Topic So, you like it from behind.... why?
Posted 25 May 2015 00:58

Not my favourite position, but it allows deep and hard penetration when that's what I want. I find it a very submissive position which is also a turn on when the mood is right, and it allows my partner to hold my hair and pull my head back which is sort of classic "fuck toy".

Standing or leaning over something and taking it from behind is a great quickie position and easy to do fully dressed.

Well it's not my favourite position. That's cowgirl for sure. But yes it does give deep penetration. The guy needs to remember to reach under and play with my nipples and clit otherwise the benefits of the position are lost. I won't come for sure if he just thrusts....I get no clitoris stimulation from the back. He needs to reach under and play with my clitoris and my nipples. If he's older and knows that then yes I can have a big one. Plus yeah he can really hold onto your hips and just drive in. It makes me feel so tiny and feminine.Embarassed Embarassed

Topic How do you really like to be treated?
Posted 25 May 2015 00:55

Well yes in public treat me with respect and as a confident young woman. That doesn't mean you can't be playful and teasing and make jokes. I'm not stuck-up. You can be playful and fun.

As a sex partner, however, do remember I am a hot blooded woman with complex needs. Thrill me. Change things up. Don't be boring. Sex should not be boring. Let's try things. Let's be adventurous. Do you have fantasies? Let's find out how far you can go. Do I have fantasies? Yes I do....I told you...I'm a woman. Test my limits. Make my pussy drip. See if you can find my limits. Oh you want me to tie you to the bed? You want me in black lingerie and to put a collar on your neck....hehe.....see it's not that hard.Embarassed Embarassed angel7

Topic Tease/foreplay
Posted 25 May 2015 00:47

Kissing.....touching.....whispering.....little nibbles....more touching.....more whispering....giggles.....your hands trying to get everywhere......touch my nipples.....tease my nipples.....tease my neck.....tease my inner thighs.....make me laugh.....remove my clothes slowly......kiss every part you uncover.....gently at first.....and then confident.....tease my nipples.....and then tease them more.....when they are hard and pointy you can bite down firmly with your teeth.....feel my body shiver......use your finger to tease my pussy lips......gently at first.....yes like that....slowly.....yes lightly.....just on the outside......bite my neck......twist my nipple......feel my body arch......feel me quiver......hear me whimper.....yes keep going......slide your finger in now.....slip it under my panties.....kiss me....not soft like that....harder....smash my lips....slide your finger in deep and make me moan.....flick it side to side....find my know what do do baby.......drop to your knees......use that tongue exactly where I want it......heheEmbarassed Embarassed Embarassed

Topic on periods
Posted 25 May 2015 00:42

The week BEFORE my period I'm fucking climbing the walls.....Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Thank god for vibrators and batteries.

Topic Older men or younger men?
Posted 25 May 2015 00:41

Well up till now all my men have been older. I wrote about Steve of course. But lately I've been having this fantasy about taking a boy's virginity heheEmbarassed Embarassed . It's part of my "I'm no Angel" angel7 angel7 phase. I mean I think I should take at least one boy's virginity right? Anyways a recent little obsession of mine haha. I need to seduce one of my friend's little seventeen year old brothers haha.Embarassed Embarassed

Topic what do you girls think of "country boys"?
Posted 20 May 2015 02:08

Hehe well I haven't tried one yet.....but I will keep my eyes peeled for a hunky cowboy and then I'll jump his bones haha.

Topic Do women like to get their asses licked
Posted 20 May 2015 02:07

Well Steve got me into ass play. I was super nervous at first and really couldn't enjoy it for the longest time. When I did finally relax.....omg it adds so much......just wash your bum well......omg a finger in your bum while you ride his god the orgasm really really explodes. Adds a new dimension. Licking is nice and touching....but the best is some gel and finger.....or even a vibrator......shazzam!!!!!!!!Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

Topic Textured condoms
Posted 20 May 2015 02:03

Oh yes haha.....they do. I always have a pack of Lifestyle "ribbed" in my purse "just in case" haha.Embarassed Embarassed

Topic Have you ever [BE HONEST]...
Posted 20 May 2015 02:02 front....haha....just close your eyes.....hey girls are like guys.....we have brains....this means we have fantasies...okay? So anyways yeah I even wrote a poem about it. Guys get over it......we do think of other dicks and guys who look better than you with better yup....whatever.Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Just keeping it real girls.

Topic Are you happy with your breast size?
Posted 20 May 2015 02:00

Frankly if I tell the truth I'm a bit insecure. Guys always reassure me and stuff, but if I had some Jennie wishes I would wish for one size bigger? IDK? Most of my friends....well we are all insecure about our bodies. It's the media. Plus you look at Taylor Swift and you just die. I mean how can a girl get so many good features. Plus I would like to be taller haha. Anyways....whatever. My nipples are supper sensitive so....hey.....they WORK haha.angel7 Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Shhh

Topic Are there older women who want younger guys and where can I find one?
Posted 20 May 2015 01:58

Well there are of course. My mom is in her forties and she only dates guys in their twenties mostly. She says younger guys are more exciting. Plus she thinks the "good ones" who are older are already taken? IDK? Anyways she doesn't want to get married again, she just likes having fun. I think the younger guys find her quite attractive? Anyways she seems to have no trouble getting dates.

Topic Where do you like a man to cum on your body.
Posted 20 May 2015 01:55

I don't mind really, but not in my hair. When I first started having sex I was quite fascinated to watch Steve come. I mean watching it spurt out was quite exciting. Now it doesn't really interest me so much. I much prefer to watch the guy's face and watch him go all haywire and squint his face and roll his eyes when I take him to the very edge. Yeah so I like intense eye contact now better. I love it when the guy is inside me and I'm on top and I watch him orgasm. That's the best.