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The battle between the sexes
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Game of Thrones series
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Anne Desclos
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Anything with Daniel Craig
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The Girlfriend Experience
Belle de Jour
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Game of Thrones
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The Knick
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Warren Zevon
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Give me a singer-songwriter with biting humor and great guitar skills.


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Topic: latest movie that you saw or ones you wish to see
Posted: 20 Sep 2017 17:00

I just saw an industry screening of "Battle of the Sexes" and it was wonderful (the movie opens soon). Emma Stone does a fantastic job with Billie Jean King, and Steve Carrell brings an unexpected depth to Bobby Riggs. Moreover, the story remains shockingly relevant - as it explores what happens when a showman, in an effort to build interest and goose ratings, says some pretty unsavory things...and how the audience to those boasts/taunts can respond to brazen assertions of superiority/dominance.

Topic: What's your happy place?
Posted: 18 Sep 2017 21:39

My happy place?
Somewhere exotic, weird, challenging. I like high altitude trekking -- with lots of changes in elevation -- where every step must be intentional because there are substantial consequences for lapses in fitness and judgment.

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 18 Sep 2017 08:10

And I know all about the older men liking the vintage thing. I am currently seeing someone who is 25 years my senior, so you know. wink wink. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/angel7.gif" alt="angel7">

I have some experience with that age difference, too. It can be quite lovely! Maybe, this requires a toast to pin-ups with an Old Fashioned!

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 17 Sep 2017 19:45

seeker4 wrote:
The Emmy's are still going on and on. Anybody need a drink to help dull the pain?
<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/glasses10.gif" alt="glasses8">

The Emmy's? Not this gal. I was watching Outlander on Starz and ogling at the fine male flesh they serve up to the female gaze. Sure, Sam Heughan gets all the attention, and he definitely looks good in a kilt, but it's Tobias Menzies who intrigues me.

And in keeping with my Outlander preoccupation, I'll have a scotch, please. Actually, make it a double - one shot for each hunky actor.

Topic: Easter Eggs in your stories?
Posted: 17 Sep 2017 18:38

Not exactly Easter Eggs.....But I do include references that a knowing reader might recognize:
1) The character names in The Second Final War are a salute to Orwell's 1984....Julie/Julia, Wilson/Winston, O'Bannon/O'Brien
2) The scenario in Kompromat should ring a bell.
3) The Chairman in Public Service is intended to seem familiar.

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 17 Sep 2017 07:00

Okay, VirgoGo and V-Man; I am part of a pin-up social club, so every now and then our social club will meet up, whether it be a movie night, dances, dinner parties etc. We all get dressed up in vintage 40s/50s style dresses and skirts, so yes, you were correct when picturing seam stockings, pencil skirts and victory rolls. My hair is currently waaaaaay too long to put up into victory rolls but I try my best. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs"> <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/icon_cat.gif" alt="cat"> Some of the girls in the pin-up social club do pin-up modelling, so 40s style bikini modelling and glamour shots.

That all sounds seriously fun. Are there fellas in period garb, too (as in Bill's "zoot suits"), or is this more a girl thing? BTW - I do period/vintage hair from time to time, and when I put my long locks into rolls, I invariably attract the attention of much, MUCH older men. It's like 80yos are hardwired to admire that style.

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 16 Sep 2017 20:02

Oh, there are all types of librarians. Many of my classmates in library school were actually teachers getting an MLIS (Master of Library Information Science) so they could become teacher-librarians and make more $$$. But the stereotypical "bookish nerd" who gets into the field because they love reading and being around books definitely exists and there are lots of us (yep, that's pretty much me for starters<img src="/forum/images/emoticons/glasses10.gif" alt="glasses8"> ).

If you had to estimate the percentage of "bookish nerds" among your library school classmates, what would you put the number at?

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 16 Sep 2017 16:41

I'm off to another pin-up event this afternoon, so I hope that the weather holds out. I'm attending a spring garden party, so I'm going to get all dressed up, throw on some pearls and red lipstick and play at being a lady of leisure for a day.

"Pin up events" are new to me. Are they like Burlesque events, without the pasties and the dancing? What do you wear? Do you put your hair in victory rolls? How glam does everyone get? They sound pretty cool!!!

Topic: RUMPLATIONS: Honky Tonk and Cyber Bar
Posted: 15 Sep 2017 19:35

Well, they say you should write what you know, which is why I would rather write about hot, hunky guys with amazing hair. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/icon_rr.gif" alt="rr">

But I suppose I could try writing about a bookish nerd... you know, just to try to extend myself as a writer. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/laughing7.gif" alt="laughing6"> If I ever get around to writing anything, that is. I am slightly tempted to see if VirgoGo will really send around a woman with a large whip if I don't. :-"

Phil, anything is possible. Better get writing, or you could be needing your safeword. And for Mike's sake, include a nerd....but if you must, give him great hair and fantastic abs.

Topic: Five words or less that can turn you on
Posted: 15 Sep 2017 14:39

This is my G5
I bank in the Caymans
Limited partner, private equity
Wheels up at 5
My hedge is hedged
My second home's in Aspen
My third home's in Cannes
Do you like my triplex?
Osteria Francescana next Tuesday?
Bordelle or Carine Gilson?

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The Second Final War

The Final War was over, but the threat of a second Final War loomed large. We turned to the work of Our Founder for comfort. His writing offered guidance and hope, and instruction on how to be the kind of citizen He needed. Our Founder wrote many books, and all were essential. There were passages required to advance at school. There were passages required to obtain a work permit. There...

Added 07 Sep 2017 | Category First Time

Recommended Read The Knockout Bid

“Knockout” – an extremely attractive woman. “Knockout bid” – a strong first bid designed to intimidate and eliminate potential competitors. Traders like the negotiation; it’s practically a game. Figuring out their opponent gets them off. Making the offer, the counteroffer, or even pulling the bid, is all part of the fun. It’s how they measure themselves, and how they keep score. It...

Added 11 Jul 2017 | Category Reluctance | Votes 68 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 12,265 | 61 Comments

Editor's Pick Haunted by Proxy

There was that slight shimmer you see when the asphalt gets hot in the sun, and then there she was. It was a perfect summer day. The road and the skies were clear, and yet somehow I didn’t spot her until I was only a few yards away. I don’t normally stop for hitchhikers, but how could I fail to stop for her? The pedal shuddered beneath my foot as I slammed on the brakes. I prayed my...

Added 25 Feb 2017 | Category Supernatural | Votes 43 | Avg Score 5 | Views 6,457 | 48 Comments

Editor's Pick Getting into Character

Casting is a mysterious art. There are auditions where I’ve felt sure I was tuned to the part and to the director; where I landed every action and inhabited every line. And then there have been other auditions where I’ve left scratching my head, wondering why they even called me. That’s showbiz, right? Being a working actor involves tons of rejection and only smatterings of acceptance. It’s...

Added 25 Oct 2016 | Category Spanking | Votes 60 | Avg Score 5 | Views 16,399 | 46 Comments

Editor's Pick Taking One For the Team

If you eliminate the sequins and the ribbons, clean off the foundation and the blue eye shadow, ignore the sprained ankles and the rictus smiles, what’s left isn’t much. Rhythmic gymnastics is a nasty whore of a sport where the judges are little more than johns. I don’t like saying this, because I started as a competitor twenty years ago and now I’m coaching the Canadian team. My girls...

Added 16 Aug 2016 | Category Reluctance | Votes 67 | Avg Score 5 | Views 53,794 | 49 Comments

Series Award Plane Whore

There are things I’d do to get on a G5 that I’d never consider for a Lear. Anal, for instance, and maybe a threesome. Okay, not maybe a threesome, definitely a threesome. Does that make me shallow and calculating? Probably. But this level of discernment has been hard won. I wasn’t always like this. I used to fly commercial to Aspen. It’s a four hour flight between New York and Denver,...

Added 07 Jun 2016 | Category Reluctance | Votes 62 | Avg Score 5 | Views 44,676 | 47 Comments

Recommended Read Dopamine

I tie off my left arm with a rubber tourniquet and wait for the vein to pop to the surface. As always, it emerges, blue and ready. My vein is conditioned, like one of Pavlov’s dogs. A stinging swipe of alcohol and the sharp snap of rubber against my skin prompts an immediate reaction. I give the needle a final glance. The extract is clear, with no signs of contamination. There’s not even...

Added 17 May 2016 | Category BDSM | Votes 40 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 5,660 | 32 Comments

Audio Story The Plumber

At the dungeon, the other dommes called her The Plumber. Not because she knew how to snake a pipe, but because she was unafraid of those dark, tight, nasty places where the scariest fantasies accumulated. If a guy called in wanting to be crushed like a bug, management would book her. She had contacts at a pet store. She’d procure live crickets to be crushed in sympathy with the man. She...

Added 28 Mar 2016 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 34 | Avg Score 5 | Views 16,728 | 34 Comments

Recommended Read The Substitute Domme

"It was either you or me. And I chose you." With that brief conversation, my boss and mentor of ten years fired me. I was staggered. Jonathan Brenner had interviewed me at Harvard and we had been tight ever since. Our offices were adjacent. We had lunch twice a week. Jon even got me golf lessons one Christmas because he wanted me in his foursomes. I thought we were closer than this....

Added 14 Mar 2016 | Category BDSM | Votes 47 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 6,195 | 41 Comments

Editor's Pick How to Drown Out Contact Passions

My gift baffles me. There are times when it arouses and enlightens. More often, it alarms and exhausts. I didn't ask for it. Why would I? It just arrived one morning, disguised as a splitting headache. I remember the day clearly. I was studying for a physics exam with my crush, Dominic. Dominic was basketball tall and chess club smart. Where most of the guys in our class seemed eighteen...

Added 04 Jan 2016 | Category Fantasy & Sci-Fi | Votes 39 | Avg Score 5 | Views 9,894 | 29 Comments

Stories Coauthored By VirgoGo

Recommended Read I Dominus: Power

“Please, Gil? Pretty please? Say yes. She’s one of the most respected Dominatrices in the scene. It’ll be fun. ” Ophelia begged as she slid off the couch and placed her head on my naked lap. I had just emerged from the shower and wore only a towel wrapped around my waist. Ophelia had asked if I would accompany her to a Fetish Night event. Mistress Nikita, a respected practitioner and...

Added 14 Jun 2016 | Category BDSM | Votes 22 | Avg Score 4.95 | Views 4,510 | 16 Comments

Audio Story Recommended Read Extra Virgin

Tie me up , I’d asked him. It’ll spice things up, I’d told him. A no-risk offer, I’d thought, to my buttoned-down, straight-laced boyfriend. I was the wild one, after all. I have a safeword. Henry had insisted. Me need a safeword -- for him? And is it time to use it? I’d fantasized about being with a hard man, one who knew how to take. I was tired of giving, or even giving...

Added 07 Apr 2016 | Category BDSM | Votes 53 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 35,051 | 40 Comments

Recommended Read The Hello Blowjob

Dare me, and I'll do it. I'm predictable that way. That's how I wound up on AshleyMadison, flirting with married guys. A girlfriend had dared me to make a profile. Once on AM, I found Mike. It didn't take long for him to find that lever and use it against me too; it wasn’t rocket science. My profile teaser announced, “Just here on a dare.” He dared me to blow him before I kissed him or...

Added 12 Apr 2017 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 70 | Avg Score 5 | Views 13,680 | 60 Comments

Audio Story The Price of Admission

My husband has a guy. The kind all men want to have, the kind who gets them the things they can’t get themselves. Coke and weed, hard-to-get tickets, and most importantly, access. “Courtside for the Knicks? No problem, let me call my guy.” “Backstage with the Stones after the show? I can get us in -- I know someone.” “Front-row-center for Hamilton , and then a meet-and-greet...

Added 15 Jun 2016 | Category Cheating | Votes 74 | Avg Score 5 | Views 38,050 | 46 Comments

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