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I am here to chat with preferably single ladies ,about the topics within or out of the context of the site ,read interesting stories and keep in touch with my friends .
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Topic: i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted: 06 Mar 2017 01:04

The current climate of hatred in America is cultivated by the right wing - Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Jones, and their ilk to divide and conquer mainstream America, so they blame each other for their plight, deflecting their anger from the real perpetrators of their misery, the 1%, whom these instigators work for. The out of work factory worker in the rust belt is told to blame the immigrants, the Muslims, the environmentalists, the liberals... when it is the 1% that has closed their factory and shipped their job overseas to cheaper labor markets. The middle class home owner who lost his home in the housing bubble crash is told to blame the blacks for obtaining mortgages they weren't qualified for, instead of blaming the big banks that took on too much risk leveraging their reserves beyond the breaking point, knowing the politicians they had in their pockets would bail them out, instead of bailing out the dispossessed home-owners. The crumbling infrastructure, the world's worst healthcare system, the crippled public education system, the private prison system that disproportionately targets blacks to fill the for-profit prisons... all these economic and social disasters are visited upon us by the 1%, who have rigged the system so they can avoid paying their fair share while shoving the burden onto the middle class and poor in the form of regressive taxes and fees. Americans are the victims of the most egregious levels of income inequality of any industrialized nation in the world, and the rich know they can control the masses by propagandizing them and dividing them against each other. The rich have always used this ploy to protect their interests.

So yes, there is hatred in America... by careful design. But it is aimed in all the wrong directions by a victimized population that is lied to on a daily basis about whom to blame for their suffering. Of course your meme mentions the sins of class hatred, because it's okay for the rich to wage war on the middle-class and poor, but when they get angry about it, they don't dare blame the rich. They must blame each other!

Very interesting outlook <img src="/images/emoticons/thumbsup.gif" alt="thumbup"> .

Topic: Your thoughts about AI
Posted: 05 Mar 2017 22:21

The singularity is imminent. We will produce an intelligence the exceeds our own which will proceed to take over control of our world. In fact, it may already have happened...

... I said too much...


Yes ,what we are looking at right now are probably just complicated algorithms that leave an impression of an intelligent behavior.We seem to have a technology developed to do it right there “ of the shelf“ .But I think it sets the scenery and some sort of infrastructure ,also creating a “demand“ and opportunity to go beyond ...as a natural next step.

By the way I see the talk about basic income in msm as a sign more people might be put out of work because of automation too as is mentioned here .
And to create an intelligent machine.first we would have to be able to understand intelligence itself as a phenomenon. At least that is what I think.Don't know if that is possible for us.

Seems like a really huge task to accomplish .
Somehow I think it will be tried to shortcut that problem firstly by symbiosis of man with a machine . Talking about some scary possibilities there.
Wonder how much of it might already be going on somewhere in restricted research facilities.

Topic: Your thoughts about AI
Posted: 02 Mar 2017 08:19

Self driving cars,Siri ,new advances in robotics and automation ,intention of more and more job posts held by humans to be replaced by intelligent? machines ...Can not be done without some form of AI .
How do you think will this develop in the future to come?

Topic: i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted: 01 Mar 2017 09:30

“So why in 2008 did your President Obama not sort out the banks? Why, after the crash did you not hold them accountable? Of the twelve most likely bankers to be jailed for fraud... your lot put two of them in charge of the enquiry and the subsequent 'clean up'!!! Then your Hillary Clinton tells the Hill that it wasn't the banks' fault. “

Good point Hayley .
I don't know...is it possible pres. Obama and his administration thought banks were not only “too big to fall“ but also too mighty to take them on ?
<img src="/images/emoticons/boxing.gif" alt="boxing"> <img src="/images/emoticons/swordfight.gif" alt="Sword Fight"> <img src="/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow">

Topic: JFK!!! 50 years and still no truth!!
Posted: 24 Feb 2017 22:36

”Hell, I could make that kind of shot, given only the speed of the motorcade, the ambient temperature, the ambient humidity, and the known fps of the bullet upon leaving the rifle. “

Could you place three shots( two in Kennedy,one in Connaly ) with a bolt action rifle which is (although with a scope ) very poorly adjusted in six seconds ?In real life conditions?With a moving target ?
Can a copper jacketed led bullet that caused a back entrance wound,exiting through the throat only to hit another human target through all the tissue and the fabric be found in a pristine condition ?

”If so, this bullet traversed 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, and approximately 15 inches of tissue, struck a necktie knot, removed 4 inches of rib, and shattered a radius bone. The bullet was found on a gurney in the corridor at the Parkland Memorial Hospital, in Dallas ... ” -Wikipedia- Single bullet theory

”Even at his best, Oswald had never been as good a shot as the experts from the army and the FBI. Oswald’s most recent test score in the Marines was barely above the minimum qualifying level. He was officially “a rather poor shot” (Warren Commission Hearings, vol.19, p.18) in 1959, and was hardly likely to have improved over the next four years.”

Topic: JFK!!! 50 years and still no truth!!
Posted: 22 Feb 2017 23:35

Bullets can take crazy trajectories upon leaving the chamber of any given rifle and then again upon first impact, all dependent upon literally thousands of variables. There is no conspiracy. No "magic bullet". Just basic physics. Sorry to disappoint.

And I completely agree with you on bullet trajectories .
But this one looks like it had quite amount of energy of it's own.Almost unbelievable agile and vigorous ...

Topic: JFK!!! 50 years and still no truth!!
Posted: 22 Feb 2017 23:26

Bullets can take crazy trajectories upon leaving the chamber of any given rifle and then again upon first impact, all dependent upon literally thousands of variables. There is no conspiracy. No "magic bullet". Just basic physics. Sorry to disappoint.

I don't have a very detail insight of the assassination ,have to admit that!My knowledge about it is mostly based on Oliver Stone's JFK .And when you see the movie, or take some time to examine some of the general facts personally, it becomes pretty difficult for me to believe it was a deed done solely by L.H. Oswald.

How could Oswald see Kennedy so well through the tree branches which seem to have been covered in green at that point ?
And why did the victim's head moved backward after the headshot if car was moving away from the alleged shooter ?
And wasn't Oswald already murdered when Robert Kennedy met the same fate ?
I still think Oswald was there just to be the one who takes the fall .

Topic: JFK!!! 50 years and still no truth!!
Posted: 21 Feb 2017 23:24

The moon landing was faked, too, you know.

I won't go there, but ,if I may :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WITReEpDGE

Topic: JFK!!! 50 years and still no truth!!
Posted: 19 Feb 2017 05:07

Call me crazy, but I think people would prefer it to be a mystery. It could be just something simple, and that's it. Only we have no idea. Would it be satisfying to find out what really happened all these years?

That is an interesting thought actually .What really puzzles me is the fact that even after all these years passed by ,nothing much seems to be really revealed .Mostly lot of speculation ,good or bad leads and theories .Officially ,all there seems to be is highly questionable conclusion of the Warren commission <img src="/images/emoticons/dontknow.gif" alt="dontknow"> <img src="/images/emoticons/isjda.gif" alt="isjda"> about the assassination of the most prominent,charismatic and powerful politician of his time .And his brother followed shortly after?
Can't believe U.S. police force and intelligence agencies couldn't or can't do any better ...<img src="/images/emoticons/bs.gif" alt="bs">

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