A fantasy for You

To all the girls I've seen and worshipped

A Sexual Fantasy Can you sense my spirit behind you? I am here breathing so softly that you can only feel me when you read this. I am standing nude behind you, with a hard erect shaved cock straining to be inside you. My body although not young is still in fairly good condition with hardened nipples caused by me looking at you sitting in front of me. The day has been warm and the room is...Read On


Encounter at the Restaurant

Sometimes you find holemates in ordinary places

Encounter at the Restaurant. Damian and Sasha are travelling together from the west to the east of Australia. Damian is driving and Sasha is a young girl of twenty or so he picked up as a hitchhiker. They have been travelling together for the whole day and have pulled into a Road House for dinner and a stay overnight. They booked into the Road House in separate rooms for the night. “I'll...Read On




I wish I was there

A Singular Encounter Sasha was a singer, and was telling her friend Trish some of her experiences in her job and the people she had met. “I know I seem to be in an exploitive industry but I like being looked at; it sends a charge right through me from my brain down to my toes. It charges my body like an electric shock from my ankles to my groin and then keeps going until it reaches my...Read On



Just Looking and Writing

This is what I see when I go out and I am nearly seventy!!

Early February 2007 The Dancing Dress Wow! Batman another one!! I was driving back from filling up the Batcar with BatGas, when I pulled up at the intersection to see a dream; skipping across the road. About five foot six and on the bright side of thirty, Her hair was short and black, not dyed; but natural. She was very well dressed; in a one piece dress made of a silken material, ...Read On


The Ultimate Participation

This story is written especial;ly for you my sexy, sensual upskirt girl

It was a rainy Saturday and we had both been working in the morning and came home for the rest of the weekend. We were glad to see each other again although it had been only a few hours since we parted and went our separate ways. I went to the kitchen to prepare something special for the evening meal while you went to the computer to write some more of your erotic stories. We both loved...Read On