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Topic Apple Cider Vinegar, Have you tried it?
Posted 29 Jan 2015 15:51

Didn't know you could drink it and by the sounds of it you wouldn't want to.

I do use it though as it is supposed to be a good tonic when added to my chickens water.

So there must be some truth in there -somewhere. .. still I won't be hurrying to try it myself.

Topic Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted 13 Jan 2015 13:50

Would they walk the talk in real life though? Or are they just fantasizing about licking a pussy in their dearest dreams?

Funny thing, I had one of the lowest scores in the thread How kinky are you? TEST , where you have 20 pages of people all expressing how insanely kinky they are. But then, when I created a thread about basic kinky toys (ticklers, crops and floggers), only one person offered a reply. It makes me wonder if the crowd on Lush really is all that kinky, or if they're just expressing random fantasies.

Anyway, that place really is a strange reality. confused1

I'm not sure what is happening here, as loads of blokes ;) are saying that they love it but some women are saying they don't really believe it.

If you lady's aren't getting it or your man doesn't like it then I think it is time for a new man , strange indeed. .......

Topic teen or milf
Posted 11 Jan 2015 08:58

I'd give my answer but it has been said too many times already.

Teen only for bravado
Milf for what you need.

Topic Boobs vs Ass Which in your opinion is better?
Posted 11 Jan 2015 08:53

Cant I have both, although if forced for an answer it would be ass ass ass.....

Topic Do you think women look good with nipple piercings and their clit pierced?
Posted 11 Jan 2015 08:51

My good lady doesn't have them, but if I were single and came across a set - my brain would say "Fuck me anything goes here"

Just me?

Topic Have you ever had your wife or girl fuck you with a strap on?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 12:22

Either the angle is wrong or the shape is wrong. If you are in a doggy position she should be thrusting downwards. She has to brush the prostate.
Of course a gay guy that knows what they are doing is much better, lol.

Good to know, just need to have the chat now.

Topic Have you ever had your wife or girl fuck you with a strap on?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 12:19

Only in role play with my virtual lover, but the thought is deliciously arousing. I often masturbate with a large butt plug inserted, and sometimes riding a realistic dildo.

It's not just me then, Phew.

Topic Does it bother you when a woman does this during sex?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 12:12

I encourage it most sessions, I like her to get off as many times as possible and it drives me crazy so why not.

If all enjoy don't stop.

Topic How often do guys masturbate? (really)
Posted 09 Jan 2015 12:05

Once or twice a day. More if I am out of town and away from my wife.


Topic Peach pussy
Posted 09 Jan 2015 11:59

Here you go

*Removed by Admin: sorry, hardcore/close-up images are only allowed in the hardcore section.*


Topic Peach pussy
Posted 09 Jan 2015 11:57

Yes, they are very sexy.

Thats ferkin huge.

Topic What would you do if you came home and found your girlfriend masturbating?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 11:44

I'd ask her to get in Doggy and lick her while she continued to play.

Topic Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 11:38

I might yet again come across as the party pooper, but this is very likely to become one of those hollow multi-page threads where you'll have plenty of guys all answering: "Hell yes, I love it!"

Funny thing is, I was chatting with a girl just yesterday and she admitted to me that guys aren't usually too eager to go down on her. I don't want to reveal too many details about that girl not to make her identifiable, but I can assure you that she is 1) Young, 2) Attractive, 3) Undoubtedly very clean. In other words, she's seemingly the perfect candidate for oral sex, and yet a lot of guys deny her of that pleasure. And I've heard similar testimonies from different women through my life, either here or in real life.

I can't really comment about why some men aren't too enthusiastic about cunnilingus, but I'm fairly certain that many of them are that way. Either if it's because they find it repulsive or they simply are egocentric while having sex still remains a mystery to me.

In all honesty, this is one of those topics where women could certainly provide a much more thorough and truthful perspective. They might not understand the reasons of men, but at least they'll provide replies that are going to be quite a bit more representative of reality.

I don't really see a lot of guys jumping on this thread and openly offering all the reasons why they dislike oral sex. If you want a whole lot of empty politically correct answers though, I'm sure you'll be served, no worries.

Maybe it is just that on Lush most of us are perves and really do Love it, I for one do and the missis Loves it too - too much sometimes.

Nearly forgot she likes my tongue in her ass as well drunken

Topic Would you lick her pussy after you came in?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 11:35

No issues there, love to lick pussy after a good session - although the good lady does pretend to protest at first....

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 11:26

The thing you're not getting though is that price for fast-moving consumer goods is set at what consumers are willing to pay not at how much the items cost to produce.

There are many other factors as well like economies of scale. The most popular women's size in M&S is 14. If they order 1000 units at size 14 and 500 at size 8, the unit price for the 14s will be cheaper than the smaller size 8s.

It's a question of value perception. The size 8 shopper is getting the same value as the size 14 because both have something that performs the same function for them. It's not like charging the same for a cheeseburger as a Big Mac

Brilliant logic there, so why are size 30's for example the same price as a 14 and 8 - as following the above now doesn't make much sense.

Cheers for the input though.

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 10:08

What I was trying to illustrate with my example that companies only pay about 75 cents per piece of clothing to make and what OMNK is trying to say with his example with the shoes is that clothing prices aren't based on the cost of the materials to make them. They are based on the people's demand for them, name brand, quality etc.

If I go to a high end store a button up shirt can cost me upwards of 300 dollars. At this price range the smalls DO cost the same as the XLs because I am not paying for just the material. If I go to Walmart for a button up shirt that costs 6 dollars then yeah, Walmart will charge a couple bucks more for a larger size because you're not paying for style or a name brand. You're literally paying for the cost of material, buttons, thread and Walmart's overhead.

Are you that broke that you want retailers to charge a couple bucks more for a large size so your clothes can be a few cents cheaper? LOL

I am not rich or well off but not broke and earn the average for the UK, but in reality yes I do think and stick to this - I want to pay for what I get I don't to pay pay towards somebody else's clothes/ shoes and if someone is smaller than me then yes they should pay lees than me also.

Picking at detail or hurling rubbish insults to try and prove a point doesn't really add to this thread.

Thanks for the non flaming though.

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 08:15

Show no.1

Cant find a link for the other but will try.

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 07:52

There may be some bits of sense in wankaddict's posts, but the title is pretty fucking rude.

Point taken, but it was a reference to the individuals in the shows, if you have seen them you would understand.

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 07:49

Do you also imagine the price of this shoe is based on the amount of leather used to make it?

You are getting silly now, but maybe bigger shoes should have a higher pricetag, it would be fairer.

Buy designer pay designer.

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 07:47

I'm a UK size 14 but because I'm only 5ft 2 it puts me into the fat category, I can see where you are coming from to a point as there people out there who abuse their bodies and it's the NHS that pick's up the tab. If I didn't control my right my weight then my pcos would end up running into diabetes and heart disease , and its up to me to try and control (as much as I can anyway) my weight to prevent this from happening. As it happens I'm pushing myself to try and get to a size 10 ( still fat for my height in reality but not as offensive as being a lardy size 14) but it's going to be a long and very hard slog to get there.

My wife is 5'2" and 12 on the bottom 14 on the top, I wouldn't say she is fat but but some people would say fat or skinny - according to their own preference.

The program I was watching had Fat people on not size 14's

Topic My wife skillful right arm
Posted 09 Jan 2015 06:13

Recently my wife started again working out in the gym after a few year of stop. She’s doing weight lifting and the improvements on her body are quite evident. Last evening, to be quick, she started masturbating me and I got very excited watching her bulging veins on the right arm while working hard. However due to the gym soreness, her arm became tired very quickly and she switched to her left hand, that never used for this before. Well, I know in everyday life she’s totally right-handed and never use her left arm for anything, and in fact she couldn’t coordinate at all in the movement and had to swap back to the good side. In this I clearly noticed that her left arm muscles (bicep, tricep, delt, forearm…), were much smaller and with just a few veins if compared to the right.
Don’t know why but I found this asymmetry very exciting, so I merged some recent pics to compare the arms (see link I think it’s clear the right is really much defined than the left.
Now…start sharing your comments and fantasy on this!!

Not fair it has been removed.

Topic masturbation !! ur opinion and suggestions
Posted 09 Jan 2015 06:10

Keep going,I'm still good after 30+ year s at it.

Only stop when it really starts aching (5 hours or so) give it a rest until next day - sorted.

A lube massage wank works well for me, try it if you have lube but don't try other stuff you think might work - like shampoo or shaving gel, this doesn't usually end well.

ps. Don't pull on your balls too much, it can be pleasant but can take a week to stop aching if overdone.


Topic Over the counter testosterone supplements?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 06:02

The only knowledge I have of testosterone supplements were from from a body builder guy I knew, really nice guy until he was buzzing with it.

Reminded me of the baddy in Judge Dread (Stallone) where the guy had the dial of crazy levels on his head!

Angel family if I recall.

Topic Is there another story category you'd like to have on Lush?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 05:57

*removed by moderator*

I hate how politically correct Lush has become in the last couple of years. If the story has consenting adults, I don't see the issue. If you don't like it, don't read it. It's that simple. coffee

Not my cup of tea, but I agree (for a change), don't give in to PC.

Topic Is there another story category you'd like to have on Lush?
Posted 09 Jan 2015 05:55

You could have sub categories, so select/hover on your desired cat. and then further selection from there which could then include collaborations.

So -


etc. etc.

Wouldn't be hard to do really.

Topic masturbation leads to impotence in men??
Posted 09 Jan 2015 05:45

I tried this and almost got stuck cross eyed .... plus she is still dressed... am I missing something or should I drink more?



Was just looking at the pic and admiring but cross eyed is much better, tried some 3D glasses at first but to no avail.

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 05:37

You're about the same height and weight as me. If I dropped down to 13 stone I'd still have to buy XL tops. Shops don't want to disadvantage people just because they are naturally different shapes. Shops that specifically cater for sizes outside the "normal" range - charge significantly more than high street chains

People who are small can get their clothes cheaper anyway - in the sales they're the only size available on the racks!

Next time you are in a Supermarket or a clothes shop check out say the dresses and see what is the smallest compared to the largest size for the same design, you will find they are generally the same price.

Is this fair to the size 10 purchaser?

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 05:33

Not everyone who who is fat eats loads and doesn't exercise. I eat sensibly and I exercise but the pcos makes my weight fluctuate. Do I want to be thin and therefore attractive? Yes, I would, but to achieve that I will have to cut my calorie intake further and exercise every hour god sends. I don't choose to look the way I do but all I can do is work hard to keep my weight stabilised and avoid eating junk. People assume that its laziness or stupidity that makes people fat and that really angers me.

It wasn't my assumption that everyone who is fat is stupid, my first post before I was ripped by most of the replies states that the Produces showed these people. Don't get me wrong I am not changing tack.

As to wanting to be thin, I personally think the average from the 1960/70's is better, not Skinny or Fat. (size 12-14 UK) my preference

I understand that some people have slower metabolic rates and some gain weight through illness (proper illness), the problem I have is when people eat too much through gluttony and then blame it on Genes etc. My metabolic rate when I was a teen was very fast and I could literally eat like a horse (one for you there MF) but not now or I would be huge.

I like food and call myself a foody and would like to eat more tasty/fatty foods as they do it for me, but I don't because I value my health - or at least what I call healthy.

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 09 Jan 2015 04:56

Attack me day I see, not that I mind but I will bite back.

What I say is not just an observation but fact eat more than you should and you will put on weight eat less than you need and you will lose weight. If anyone thinks that any logic disproves this then yes I am an idiot.

It wasn't started as a mean thread but if you took offense then this probably means that you are one of these people or flaming me to stick up for your fat buddies.

@overmykneenow - try reading again what I typed.

@sarahnella - " Hey wankka, people like you make me sick. You have no idea what you are talking about. This was posted just to have a go at people with problems.

Ideal solutions welcome..... Because its that easy.

I hope you fall ill and need some of these things on the nhs. Making people pay for.something they need isn't fair to any extreme. Would you make someone pay for a leg cast because they chose to go base jumping and fall? It was their choice, like you say overweight people choose to eat so it must he the same right!?"

You wanna go base jumping get some insurance,

Good excuse to follow - I need a Stomach band because I slipped and ate too much crap for years and nobody stopped me, in fact they helped me to get fatter by feeding/fetching me too much food. But honest I only ate one too many bar of chocolate so it's just not my fault the weight just appeared as if by magic!


@mrd82 pretty good but never say never.

@Magical_felix - I'm going to take "as stated in the UK" that it must be some kind of law or rule in the UK that they must be the same price No law, but is unfair trading from most retailers . You said it was not fair to society as a whole. You do realize that the clothing company that outsources the production of these clothes to Asia and invests about 75 cents into each item then turns around and sells them to you for 30 dollars, right? Errr. yeah unfair trading from large retailers again *fair trade* which some countries don't agree with Are you saying that if they didn't have to make up the money for the extra material used for the large sizes your clothes would be cheaper? LOL - Pay for what you get, not for other people

Despite the lack of humor I realized it was a joke. I take it you missed the sarcasm. Another sign of stupidity on display by you. - Cheers

A grilled thin cut chicken breast with steamed vegetables 5 times a day would definitely not make you gain weight the same as eating 5 cheeseburgers. - your making your point reallly well.

Make fun of the US if you want but it's you guys that watch our movies and sports and copy our culture - Yeah Turkey at Christmas is annoying but tasty, Goose is far too expensive and too Fatty in my opinion . An American couldn't name a single rugby team but I'm sure you can name several pretend rugby American football teams - I know you have the Superbowl but couldn't name any teams - sorry . I'm sure you can get a cheeseburger fairly easily in the UK but I wouldn't know where the hell to get a meat pie around here - I'm surprised that you can't get a meat pie i.e. meat/meat and veg wrapped in pastry . Plus we charge more for large clothes. - Cool

Finally this wasn't slag off the US it was a UK programme with one clip in the US.

@elizabethblack - I don't think that avatar is appropriate, but just to please you I will remove my pretend one.

ps. Just so you don't think I am a skinny runt, I am 14St 4Lb and 6' 1", and have a 3Month target to get to 13St. And wear XL/XXL tops, more expense on larger clothes would give me more incentive not less as seems to be most peoples logic on here.

Topic Fat People -Thick or what!
Posted 08 Jan 2015 15:17

Oh dear-where are you from? - for felix

Clothing as stated in the UK doesn't change in price regardless of size "for same design" just thought I would point that out.

In case you missed the joke people don't really explode.

Are you of a larger statue?

Finally if you eat one cheese burger per week along with a regular diet I wouldn't foresee a problem, eat say 21 and you would put on weight and start to feel and look crap.
same again if you ate a chicken dinner with veg each day probably not an issue but eat 5 per day and again you would look and feel crap.

Unless of course you were a Rugby player "or a pretend one - US call it football I think" then they would probably work it off

Eat too much and dont move = fat - fact.