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The Usual Suspects, Primer, Se7en, Arlington Road, 15 Minutes, Memento, A Scanner Darkly, Inception, Ghostbusters, Shaun of the Dead, Ronin, Children of Men, V for Vendetta, The Matrix, Fight Club, Sin City, Sophie Scholl, The Lives of Others, Dead Man's Shoes, Run Lola Run, Head On, Weekend at Bernie's.
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Topic: Sour Grapes?--or Bitter readers
Posted: 13 Jul 2019 13:30

Although I'm sure there are filters to remove the counters of search engine bots/scrapers and spiders from "viewed" stats I doubt any algorithm could eradicate them all, especially if the referer/user agent was spoofed or the engine didn't play nice. So that might also account for some of the views without comments.

But yes, if the counters are to be broadly believed, I agree that the vast majority of people:

a) don't vote or comment
b) aren't members
c) don't reach the end because they realise early on it's not their thing and abandon ship.

That, to me, is why every comment is precious :)

Topic: Ways to Avoid Repetition of “I” in First-Person Writing
Posted: 10 Jul 2019 16:15

Nice! I often find myself applying this technique (though not eradicating 'I' entirely: it has its place) at the expense of having to find inventive ways to avoid using the passive voice too much.

My standard trick is to comb through the story after I've hammered it down and look for any occurrences of words like:

1) felt / feel
2) heard / hear
3) saw / see

And remove them by rewording that sentence in a more direct manner:

I heard her soft moans and felt myself hardening.

becomes something like:

Her soft moans thrilled me, hardening my cock.

Topic: Grammarly: Basic (free) vs Premium
Posted: 08 Jul 2019 15:53

I have the free version as a backup check when moderating stories here, as it sometimes spots things I might miss if I'm tired. But like most software, it does make some really stupid suggestions at times and I'm not convinced the algorithm will be any sharper or less stupid if I upgraded to premium.

I suspect it'll simply underline more stuff that I have to ignore, just like the crappy grammar checker in Word that says I'm using the passive voice or sentence 'fragments' when I damn well know I'm using them for stylistic reasons.

<img src="/images/emoticons/my2cents.gif" alt="My 2 cents">

Topic: Moderator of the Month for June
Posted: 01 Jul 2019 03:28

Congrats, Missy. You make the site more colourful every day, not just when everyone's Pride avatar is awash with rainbows.

We should celebrate. Wanna collab? Again... <img src="/images/emoticons/laughing7.gif" alt="laughing6">

Topic: Anyone else play the piano or other musical instruments?
Posted: 28 Jun 2019 09:23

I'm a fucking demon on the triangle.

Topic: Submissive Characters as Leads (Protagonists)
Posted: 28 Jun 2019 09:09

At the risk of stalking your posts, I've tried it in my Flash pieces "Deprivation" (male sub) and "Former Good Girl" (female sub).

See what you think. Such stories don't necessarily have to have a climax as such, as long as the tease is ratcheted to breaking point. There are others who have tried and may have other viewpoints, but I find such stories work better with 80-90% build up and then a really intense burst for a finale that represents the expulsion of all that pent-up energy. Or, in the former case above, no actual climax per se.

Topic: Runtime Error
Posted: 27 Jun 2019 23:40

It's odd. Profile pages and stories on the main domain are fine, it's just any /membership pages that are affected, it seems. Not seen this one before. Hope gav has some ideas!

Topic: Pacing---how fast should a story move?
Posted: 27 Jun 2019 14:17

Pacing is one of the things I struggle with most. In Flash pieces, it's easy to make it too fast and the reader feels cheated. So the key there is to focus on one moment and dripfeed bits from outside the story to slow the pace of the action and make the piece seem bigger than it is.

With longer pieces, the action can become too instense to the point it becomes fatiguing. So little moments - things a character notices or a tiny telltale action that sells a character - make a world of difference to the perceived pace and reader engagement.

It's like movies. An action flick with a 100+ body count starts to become boring unless there's some compelling character moments to glue it. Conversely, a comedy might not be funny if a jape is done once, but by the third time it becomes funny like a rake-in-the-face if the timing is perfect. That balance of action to detail is critical to the success or otherwise of a story.

I often write a story and then leave it a few days, weeks, months, whatever. Then read it back and see if it feels 'lumpy' - if there are parts of it that don't flow as well as others. If so, I'll go in and embellish or cut depending on the needs of the story at that moment.

Topic: Joining the badgers
Posted: 26 Jun 2019 03:11

Although this one might be primarily for the ladies due to its second person narrative, "Divided Heart" is told as a rather naughty love letter from a man to his online lover. I would really appreciate any feedback on this little experiment of mine. Thank you in advance.

Topic: Showers
Posted: 11 Jun 2019 13:20

Showers are fun. You can get clean, get down and dirty and then hug after as the water rains down over slippery naked flesh. They can also be for "Letting Off Steam" (shameless plug).

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I know a letter is old school, but there's something about the tactility of paper. A physical connection you can't get from email or text. It warms me to think that the very paper you're holding right now has been in my hands, beneath fingers that yearn to one day touch and hug you for real. But I'm getting ahead of myself already. You have that effect. Like all good letters, this one...

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The picture arrived on my phone with her accompanying message: This one? I tapped, made it full screen. Gasped involuntarily. The deep blue off-the-shoulder dress brought out the same colour in her eyes, dark tresses cascading forward into the lens, backlit by the changing room bulb. Hell yes , I typed. You don't think it's too short? Nothing is too short on you. Shoosh, you....

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Her trust means everything to me. The way she stands naked in the centre of the hotel room, arms voluntarily behind her back as I circle; a shark taking in every nuance of beauty I long to devour. The cascade of chestnut locks cover her breasts at the front and brush the midpoint of her spine between the vee her arms make, hands clasped. Her wedding band glints in the lamplight, a stark...

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Even though I'd craved it, the intensity of his kiss still takes me by surprise. The clubbers who surround us dissolve with the music into the curling dry ice. Even alcohol is secondary to the passion I taste as our tongues entwine. Each moment of exploration makes me want to lose myself and never resurface. I'd spied him earlier leaning against the bar, watching me tossing my long oaky hair...

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The cuffs around my wrists rattled against the bedframe as her fingernails traced from the inside of my elbows to armpits, lighting up everything in their wake. She moved inward to circle my nipples with the pad of her digits, the ache in my raging cock an incessant reminder of how much I wanted her. Of what I'd do to her when released. She swished a curtain of mahogany hair over my torso and...

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A male colleague of mine once claimed that money, when it travels at a certain speed and trajectory, can turn anyone into an asshole. I never believed him until it happened to me. The day I realised it was just like any other at my company. The climbing sun streaming through the windows of my spacious thirtieth-floor corner office warmed my bare legs beneath the charcoal pencil skirt. I...

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It had been twelve hours since she fucked me and I was still feeling the effects. Flashes of her heavenly body riding my lap on the sofa stung my mind at breakfast, amid household minutiae with my wife. I barely listened, head brimming with visions of flung back hair and gasps as I pawed the incredible breasts of a woman I didn't know at her breathless insistence. The recollection had...

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Freedom... Question Mark

It's bumpy in here again. Fourth time today I'm being tossed around, bashing into Josh and Alfie and that new guy with the extra long tail. Ben, I think he's called. He's a strong swimmer. Gonna have to watch him; learn from him. I try to focus, throbbing headache, tumbling until I don't know which way I'm facing, crashing into the sides of the pink sphere. I try to latch onto its...

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I half expect the cavernous silence over the phone line to end in a click and the dial tone. As the moments tick by, the fact it doesn't begins to worry me just as much. It means she's considering my offer. Too late to take it back. Willing my heart to stop thumping in case it wakes my wife one floor above the living room in which I sit, I wait. The softness of the sofa contrasts with...

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The house was unusually silent when I returned from work. I stood in the downstairs hallway a moment, straining to hear any signs of my wife. Nothing. Strange. Her car was in the driveway. "Anna?" No reply. The mirror alongside the front door reflected only my unshaven features that I rubbed once. My eyes appeared duller blue than usual, I was sure. The merger was more complicated than...

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Recommended Read Letting Off Steam

His face strobed uninvited through my mind. Wouldn’t leave me alone as I leaned my bare ass against the sink. The knot in my neck ached for the steam of the hot shower fogging the room. He was a cocky fucker. I wanted to hate his charisma and arrogance and ruggedly handsome catalog looks, but found it impossible. He was impossible. That conceited smirk he wore when he knew he was right was...

Added 07 May 2019 | Category Flash Erotica | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 1,756 | 14 Comments

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