Erotic Poems(2)


Wheel of Want

The cold deep dark of solitude Is pushed back by imagination’s sun. The lust bud within me begins to bloom While urgencies of need Flood the fibers of my feeble being. Cajoled by the memory of yesterday’s caress And the promise of tomorrow’s kiss I plunge headfirst into the depths of his waiting passion Where fleshes rub and sweats mingle And the warmth of his spewed essence Sings the chorus...Read On


monitors glow and keyboards click

lonely_M_I and delightful_1_4_U meet late one night for an online chat   lonely types and delightful reads hello there I missed you here delightful grins and lonely sighs passion sails on unseen wires carried here carried there lonely pulses and delightful throbs delightful types and lonely reads i kiss you there I squeeze you here lonely squirms and delightful smiles unseen hands move...Read On

Love Poems(1)


Visit in the Dark

You slip inside my bed one night. I smell your scent, take in your sight. You hum welcome; I kiss hello. Our naked bods slide to and fro. I lick your skin. You taste so sweet, I grin and groan beneath the sheet. Breezes of want surge into gust. Our passion swells on waves of lust. I shift around to sixty-nine. Me tasting yours; you tasting mine. Hot breaths of hunger fill the night Moans...Read On