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Topic: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate your pussy-licking skills?
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 07:20

Honestly 5. I am learning and getting better. Hopefully i will achieve my goal of a being a 10 for my own sense and to please my wife.

Topic: How does if feel if you dont cum for a long time?
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 07:18

I do feel sad if i don't cum for a few days. I have to relieve myself either on my own or with my wife. My balls ache and i feel sad for some reason.The longest i have went since i was 18 is 3 months and i didn't like it or enjoy it.

Topic: Guys your feelings on pubic hair on women
Posted: 17 Jan 2018 07:15

I think waxed or bare is weird. I asked my wife to do it on a dare and she did. She looked like a little girl. It felt weird when i was down there doing my business(licking that sweetness). She said it does itch, which i know it does , because mine does when it grows back. I suggested she let it grow back and i love her natural.

Topic: Guys do you like a womens pussy shaved, trimmed, or natural?
Posted: 10 Jan 2018 07:21

My wife is natural and i like it. She doesn't have lots but just enough. She has trimmed it and when i saw it i got hard in a second.

Topic: Would you masturbate in front of...?
Posted: 10 Jan 2018 07:19

i have done it in front of wife. She didn't enjoy it. Wanted to know what i was thinking about. I know its a trick question.
In front of a stranger.....Maybe
In front of another guy.....only if he would join me.

Topic: What part of a girl you look at first when you see her? What turns you on about girls?
Posted: 03 Jan 2018 08:33

I used to look at breast to be honest. Since i've met my wife i look a little lower and check out her butt and then, this may be bad, but see if she has camel toe. Blushes

Topic: Which side do you hang?
Posted: 03 Jan 2018 08:31

I hang to the right. I heard its according to which handed you are but that may be a "wives tale".

Topic: An honest question about penis size
Posted: 28 Dec 2017 08:09

i honestly i have measured and feel very small. I am 6 1/2 erect and 4 inches soft. I feel like i'm small when i look down but when i look from the side in the mirror i think i don't look too small...Not sure. I have only have had 2 partners and they haven't complained about size. Just about what i do. Need more experiences i guess.

Topic: An honest question about penis size
Posted: 14 Dec 2017 07:35

I am an average guy i think. I am 6 inches hard and 4 inches thick using a tape measure. I am 3 inches soft and sometimes like to sit and look it myself both hard and soft and it doesn't look as big. I guess because i'm looking down at it and not in the mirror or its not in my face.

Topic: Right or left-handed?
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 07:41

I guess i'm weird, but aren't we all. I catch a baseball and hit right handed. I kick a soccer ball mostly left footed. I play hockey left. I use my right hand to write. HOWEVER i use my left hand for pleasure and pleasure only, for me and for my wife.

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