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Women...girls....naughty and bold, shy and demure, teasing and tantalizing and tight. Tight with their attitude and tight with life. I love to watch people, but predominantly - it's you females who attract my gaze, however much I try to act like I'm not looking...I am always checking you out. And I know you've noticed...however much you attempt to play it off. Heh, I also know when you don't give a shit. I don't turn every woman's head...and that too, is how it should be. I am 169% hedonist...hence I recognize one when I see you. Let's be friends, shall we?
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I've always read a lot. A good book is like a vacation, without leaving your residence. When I travel somewhere, I typically don't take a book with me though. Hell, who wants to dive into someone else's imagination - when you're somewhere new which requires exploration? My favorite books rotate, like my favorite movies have always done.
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First names not needed: Crichton, Rice, King, Koontz, Wheeler, Rollins
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I like to be entertained, informed and expanded.
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I'm all over the map with the music I prefer to listen to.


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Topic: What's the ACA done for you?
Posted: 18 Mar 2017 09:21

Sarah Palin's - Death Panel - from 2009, has suddenly come into full view.


Topic: Loudmouthed Liberalism Is Losing
Posted: 16 Mar 2017 21:41

Dude, you remind me of Mr. Robot.
And you've always reminded me of an attention seeking dachshund. I bet you are well into the pink side of the chart too.


Topic: Loudmouthed Liberalism Is Losing
Posted: 16 Mar 2017 01:07

Fuck a bunch of control freaks, they are the class for which no successful rehabilitation should be attempted or spent.


Topic: donald trump for president
Posted: 15 Mar 2017 09:36

Interesting deflection attempt there. Or you completely missed my point. Obama spent 8 years blaming everything wrong on others, most often on his predecessor. Not once do I remember him acknowledging that sometimes shit just happens, or worse, that he just might have caused some shit to happen. Not in 8 years. People are imperfect. Obama was/is imperfect. Did he have a perfect administration? I really don't fucking think so! And I survived 8 years of it.

So buck up, Snowflake! The sky is not falling. You will survive the next 8 years just fine!

If the USA isn't facing another financial crisis as we were in September/October of 2008 and if we haven't entered into a single war of choice (full fledged invasion and occupying force for months on end), I will consider the Trump administration to be a moderate success.

And it was no deflection and I didn't miss your haphazard blame shifting. Obama could have done so much more, in my opinion. He fucking blew his first two years in office trying to befriend the GOP, then he morphed into a 1988 Republican in his last six years in office.

Snowflake? Thanks for the compliment, cupcake.

Topic: DirtyMartini.. Alan... Did he pass away?
Posted: 15 Mar 2017 09:09

Who wouldn't want to win a Dirty Martini award?

The online Alan, who showed and shared himself with me - would've appreciated the thought of such a thing. I shall miss his wit and 'humor'.

Topic: donald trump for president
Posted: 10 Mar 2017 14:46

Well, in a way that's a relief. We just finished eight years where everything bad was George W. Bush's fault.

Pot, meet kettle!

I'm going to set the bar a little low here:

Tell us 3 good things which occurred during the Bush/Cheney administration, actual benefits for America - or hell, even just the world.

Tell us 10 bad things which occurred during the Bush/Cheney administration. Detriments.

There's a hell of lot more of the latter, so this should be pretty easy for you.

Topic: La Resistance
Posted: 09 Mar 2017 08:04

Teacher unions aren't perfect. No union is.

This tangent is somewhat related. I find it humorous and SAD! (I've adopted Trumpspeak lately) that the GOP politicians (Senators and state Representatives, Governors and other assorted elected officials) who are most vehemently against organized labor unions are also those so mightily involved with redistricting population centers in their states in order to gerrymander votes which help to either propel them into a job/office in the first place, and then to stay in that office/job for as long as possible with as little effort on their part after they gain a seat at the trough.

Labor unions bad. Political unions good. That's their core tenet.

And people have come to believe and champion that horseshit.

While forgetting or perhaps not even learning/knowing what sorts of benefits we have today as employees in this modern world, which our grandparents and ancestors before them never had but only dreamed of.

I'm beginning to think that the history of labor strife in America and elsewhere in the early 1900s simply isn't being taught in schools anymore. How else could our population today be so fucking stupid about their own past and how generous and charitable corporations are to those they'd just as soon pay as little as possible to and work 60-70-80-90 hours a week (without paid time off vacations, health insurance 'benefits', 'weekends free (still not a realization for 85% of American workers).

Yet those fucking politicians have steadily beat the drums that organized labor unions are worthless thieves at best and ineffective bums at the very least, all while they've done everything in their power to defeat unions in every state of the union.

We have people campaigning to implement and uphold inappropriately named/labeled - RIGHT TO WORK 'legislation' ...and a population of 'voters' who can't even see that that shit works against them.

Right to work is better titled: Right to Fire Your Ass without reason, Work You to the Bone, Right to not pay you what you're worth, Right to bring back child labor and slave-shops and Right to not interview you or consider hiring anyone at all.

But then, we have a HUD director who claims that African slaves were immigrants - and he's probably hoping the same people who buy the Right To Work legislation will accept his new definitions too.

Topic: Repeal and Replace
Posted: 09 Mar 2017 07:41

Congratulations Trump voters. You are getting what you voted for.

When I applauded one of my friends, who proudly claimed he voted for Trump and ALL Republicans in the last election, for his representatives serving up their latest concoction - which appears they hurriedly carved up after having more than 8 years to piece together a workable and satisfactory health care plan - he sent me this link from his favorite online wingnut site.

It would appear that a lot of staunch wingnut voters don't much care for the new GOP plan either. Can't wait to see how Mysteria and others on here are gonna roll with this shitfest now that it's gonna be foisted off on them.


Topic: i just had this thought about " The Wall"....
Posted: 08 Mar 2017 01:12


Topic: Another Trump Blunder
Posted: 06 Mar 2017 14:50

Anyway my position is clear. I await the investigation with eagerness. <img src="/forum/images/emoticons/coffee.gif" alt="coffee">

This weekend's rant by President Grump is a diversionary tactic, plain and simple.

Hoping to shift the Russian-connections investigation to something ridiculous rather than many things interesting and probable.

Upset that his boy, Sessions, recused himself after caught fibbing; this was obviously a Hail-Mary tactic suggested by his brainiacs in his inner circle and concocted by Levin @ Breitbart.

Reagan was infamously nicknamed The Teflon President (Iran-Contra scandal), Trump is quickly becoming The Transparency President - everyone can see right through him.


Sometimes, one must wade into the sewer and see what the 'tards are reading and watching to understand why they think, talk and act - the way they do.

This is the best they can come up with...


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