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Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 23 Apr 2017 12:22

You're right that it won't change my mind. Jimmy Dore doesn't bring anything new into the discussion. He simply repeats the same MIT professor, who again ignores basic physics. Any object dropped from a great height at high speed is likely to crush on impact, especially if the object was designed for it. It doesn't need an explosive placed on top of it for that.

The United States, under the Obama administration, had been drone bombing 'suspected terrorists' for 8 years, killing hundreds of innocent people simultaneously.

I don't recall you nor many here, taking issue with the massive collateral deaths.

Obama really missed out on some death and mayhem in Syria alone, according to you warmongers. He should've have been unleashing hell - constantly, using your recent reasoning.

The neo-liberals of the Hillary Clinton camp, and the neo-cons of the Bush/Cheney mindset - all love war. I get that. It's repulsive to me. You people will ignore any evidence or lack of evidence, and promote anything irrational in order to push your agenda.

America has been bombing the shit out of the that part of the world since before 9/11...and look where we are today. Still bombing, still killing, still justifying.

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 20 Apr 2017 08:25

Most of this video is based on the fact that the doctor says it's chlorine and later says it's definitely not. But that's not proof that there's some conspiracy going on. Perhaps chlorine is what the initially believed the incoming patients were suffering from, only to find out later that it was not chlorine after all.
The rest of the video is just someone desperately trying to find 'evidence' that their conspiracy theory is correct.

I found a video which showed people (doctors/rescue personnel and/or 'investigators') not using proper hazmat clothing while handling supposedly super toxic bio-chem contaminated people or environmental material.

I could've dug around a bit more to find even more video of the same stupid shit. You can too, it's out there.

But go ahead and ignore the bigger picture here.

We've been lied to many times in the past and we're being lied to now, all while America willingly kills millions with depleted uranium all over the world. And we supposedly give a shit about 70 people in Syria?

Okay boss.

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 20 Apr 2017 08:20

My main point is that there is no concrete evidence one way or the other. But yet, Trump orders a 59 missile fusillade, (where more than 50% of the 1.5 million Tomahawks failed to even reach their designated target). This was as much of a rush to judgement based on bullshit - as was the last Iraq war based upon a fictitious yellow cake uranium threat.

As evidence, you post a Youtube video? Surely, THAT would never be faked? Oh, wait...

Here's another video to watch just a few moments of. I don't expect it to change your mind or opinion. But it is another point of view and especially at Lush, I do expect people to have open minds.

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 20 Apr 2017 00:38

This is after chasing down one of the links you rely upon from your expert in London, found in the below clip taken from his article.

I'm guessing since there's no link on this page to information about sarin - that the link highlighted in yellow, must contain the valid information.

This .pdf - authored in January 1973 makes no mention of sarin and in fact, is simply a summary report on predicting consequences of chemical disposal operations. Basically, his link - pretending to be authoritative, goes to pure bullshit unrelated to what he's trying to sell anyone reading his Expert Analysis.

So, still nothing definitive by your chosen authority. Just more crap to sift through. Thanks for contributing to the rabbit hole, friend.

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 20 Apr 2017 00:23

First of all, Zerohedge is know for it's support of conspiracy theories, and ant-establishment, sometimes even pro-russian views. It's not a site I consider a trustworthy news source. Second, Dr. Postol may be a weapons expert, but apparently has little knowledge of the properties of Sarin.

Many of the first responders were in fact affected by the nerve agent, but those doctors were treating victims in the hospital. If you had examined all the footage and photographic material available, you would have noticed, that the victims of the attack were all extensively hosed down with water, rinsing them, and their clothes from most of the sarin before they were moved to the clinic.

And his arguments about that crater prove nothing. Sarin in a crater will likely absorb into the ground. Over time it will decompose by hydrolysis (due to any moisture and pH level in the soil). Some will also evaporate, at a rate determined by air flow and temperature. However, decomposition due to hydrolysis is the primary mechanism by which the Sarin disappears under most conditions. A US Army study showed that 99% of Sarin would be gone within 2.5 to 24 hours depending on variables. (
The video Dr. Postol discusses was taken 30 hours after the attack, well beyond that time. The crater would have been perfectly safe by then.

I chose Zerohedge as they've consistently been backing every move of Trump's since he was sworn into office. 99% of their stories concerning him and his moves and those of his administration - have been positive (for him). But they aren't swallowing main stream media's lead in this particular matter.

That wasn't a crater as much as it was a pothole with a spent/imploded tube/shell of some sort sitting in the center of it. If, as you assert - Sarin will 'likely' absorb into the ground over time, then why even physically place your presence near the crater to attempt to obtain soil or particulate samples - hoping to find what sort of agent was involved? According to your line of thinking - there wouldn't be anything there to sample. Which, since nobody was wearing proper protective gear - makes sense as they had no reason to worry about being contaminated.

Your volunteered site does not appear to be the authority you wish to promote it as: To me, it's about as trustworthy as Drudge Report or Zerohedge. It gives no definite answers, provides no substantive facts or figures, only the thoughts of some guy named Dan who claims 26 years of experience with anti-terrorism in London. Pfft

I'm not a fan of Trump or Sean Spicer, and I think Trump's counterstrike was a stupid move and a waste of money and resources. I don't agree, there is no evidence that the Syrian government was behind the attack. Apart from that crater, the attack was described by many witnesses, both responders and victims, and their stories are consistent enough to be accepted in a court of law. They describe an aerial attack, and none of the rebel groups involved are capable of doing that. That leaves the coalition, Russia and Syria as possible perpetrators, and I believe we can safely rule out the coalition and probably Russia too.

What by now has become indisputable, is the fact that the agent used was indeed sarin or something very similar. It has been confirmed by the OPCW:

OPCW associated with the vague Hague, likewise indicates sarin OR a sarin-like substance (what the fuck kind of definitive analysis is that?) OPCW claim to have samples from 3 autopsies and seven other affected individuals yet they are continuing to collect samples? Again, we see nothing definitive, we're just told to accept them at their word.

Sounds like the Trump whitehouse.

You've got your exspurts you're relying on to back your point of view...I've got my expert I'm relying on to back mine. We'll continue to be at loggerheads..

Enjoy your coming wars and the koolaid the profiteers are making for you to drink. evil4

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 19 Apr 2017 12:36

What all these reports by so called experts conveniently ignore, is that Sarin gas dissipates relatively quickly. On average, the site of a sarin attack is completely safe within only a few hours of the release of the gas.

I don't know what your credentials are, perhaps you're an authority or renowned expert on chemical or bio weapons. But I think I lean towards the MIT guy who actually is one.

Check out all the doctors in the follow video, not wearing gloves, masks or protective gear while examining 'victims' with their bare hands - or walking around in close proximity to people exposed to deadly and highly transferable sarin.

You believe what you want to believe if it helps you sleep better at night, though. I understand. I was totally 100% all-in back when George HW Bush riled up America and got us thirsting for some Iraqi bloodshed before Gulf War I. But, there was zero internet and no ability to see through the smokescreens back then either.

Incidentally, we still haven't seen any official US evidence of the Syrian attack. It's just - "TRUST US, WE DID THE RIGHT THING."

So, either a so called expert, or... Sean Spicer/Donald Trump Hmmmm.... Called Expert.JPG

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 17 Apr 2017 12:21

Because American Mainstream Media refuses to buck their initial reporting, it is left to RT and other sites to publish this report by an MIT professor/researcher:

Topic Another Trump Blunder
Posted 17 Apr 2017 12:08

This could well become a weekly or even daily thread. It appears that the fucktard's scofflaw illegal-alien wife is more patriotic than he is.

Proper etiquette must not be taught in the private schools that Barron has attended as he has to take the visual cue from his mother, too.

Topic Another Trump Blunder
Posted 16 Apr 2017 16:45

Trump's first 100 days.

The charlatan is going to set records that future US Presidents will not be able to approach nor exceed.

For failure as well as bald faced lying.

It's only going to be a momentary joy to watch him goose-stepped out of the White House or watch the FBI surround him at Mar-a-Lago with indictments.

Then the ghastly realization that Mike Pence is taking over will set in.

Topic On Mexican Repatriations
Posted 15 Apr 2017 11:25

What's the problem?

You think too much, man. It's damaged your brain. Unfortunately, there's no cure. Sorry

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 15 Apr 2017 01:53

This certainly took everyone's mind off of the Russians stealing our elections for awhile. It served its purpose. It isn't quite Trump's Reichstag, but it's probably part of the buildup. Stay alert, and don't let the corporate media hide things in plain sight.

Only for a little while, now Trump's using North Korea as his foil. At our expense - Making America Great Again.

But shit's about to get really real on the FBI investigation front. thumbup

And if the Bumblefuck-in-Chief fires Comey, there will be hell to pay. It would smell a lot like Archibald Cox getting shitcanned by Richard Milhous Nixon.

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 11 Apr 2017 11:08

The core alt-right supporters of Trump are torn by this retaliation strike. Here's one, making some excellent points while talking gibberish at the same time.

That he's associated with Alex Jones/Prison Planet is sufficient evidence of his functional nincompoopery.

Topic United Airlines - What the fuck...
Posted 11 Apr 2017 10:42

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 10 Apr 2017 09:58

Not only did Assad gas his own people, he then bombed the medical center where survivors were being treated

And we know that this is exactly what happened because of unsubstantiated witnesses who openly pleaded with the world, across broadcast video for some protection or vengeful retribution?

I've never been fooled before.

27 years ago, George HW Bush was able to gin up crazed patriotic support with the American people, using this particular horseshit. Similar nonsense was used in 2002/2003 to justify the invasion/occupation of Iraq and then to flush Saddam from his spider hole.

It's been stated in this thread that Trump's was a thoughtful decision to lob 59 missiles into Syria this past Thursday evening. A thoughtful response would've required more than 24 hours after watching the first video broadcasts of the latest atrocity in Syria.

Has anyone noticed that Trump has dispatched US warships towards North Korea in the last few days ? This might be better classified as thoughtful, although it also carries a stench of opportunism to deflect attention away from domestic problems for President Trump.

We have a lunatic usurping interloper in the Oval Office, shooting from the hip daily since he was sworn in.

Nothing he's done has been 'thoughtful'.

(incidentally - the fabricated story of Kuwaiti babies tossed out of incubators to die on the cold floor of hospitals while Iraqi troops stole the incubators - was the gist of that link, although we've long been lied to in the West by our leaders, to cultivate our support for their end-goals).

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 09 Apr 2017 10:15

Call me. Cynic, but I don't believe Trump and Vlad have had any real falling out. Putin knows Assad used chemical weapons and our (justifiable) attack only took the heat off of him and refocused attention to our new 'adversarial relationship'.

Here is the kicker. Has anyone considered who else benefits from the end of Donald and Vlad's bromance? Why, the Donald himself. Just a few days ago, members of both parties here were all but ready to label Trump a Putin puppet, but now that line of reasoning is out the window. How can Trump be his pawn if he just lobbed a pack of tomahawks into Syria?

To me, it all works our really well for both, Putin doesn't have to defend Assad, and Trump is 'his own man'.


This little excursion/raid didn't send any other messages to any other tyrants in any other parts of the world (North Korea, specifically) that 'Murica is suddenly back in top form, just because Obama is no longer calling the shots.

If you're going to launch 59 Tomahawks, launch them at Assad directly and cut the head off that snake. That would send a message to NK and other miscreants.

This exercise in stupidity simply achieves what Milik describes. Hell, even corporate media (neo-libs and neo-cons) are applauding Trump for becoming Presidential (momentarily diverting glare from the numerous ties between Trump and his people in his administration and campaign - with the Russians). Momentarily.

This was a fart in church. Trumpian.

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 08 Apr 2017 10:21

The Chemical Weapons Convention (arms control treaty) outlaws production, stockpiling and use of chemical weapons and their precursors.

I think it was the right response. no matter who the POTUS Was, I would still say it was the right thing to do. Syria's actions are unforgivable. If my country had been the target I would want support like that if I needed it.

It's now becoming clearer that what mostly likely occurred was Syrian air force bombed an ISIS weapons dump, which exploded (mixing) chemical precursors into the air, and that resulting 'gas' cloud, blown by wind - is what poisoned the civilians.

Why would Assad, who was on the verge of 'winning' the peace in his country (versus ISIS and 'the rebels') - instruct his air force to chemically bomb his own populace and risk drawing the ire of the rest of the world? Assad seems to be a piece of shit, but he's not a complete idiot.

Many people are espousing this, from Ron Paul, Libertarian, to Lawrence Wilkerson - former Sec of State - Colin Powell's Chief of Staff, Republican (non-neo-con)

America, when 'we' are bombing ground targets from jets or drones or using guided missile munitions often kills civilians and our military calls that collateral damage. We supposedly have the most accurate air force/navy and marines in the entire world.

You think the Syrians, using 5 to 20 year old Soviet bombers are any more accurate and never inflict collateral damage when they bomb shit?

War sucks, this collateral damage shit - is one of the reasons why.

Topic Trump attacks Syria
Posted 08 Apr 2017 10:12

'Murica, Fuck Yeah

Topic Imploding Democrats.... can Perez save the Party??
Posted 03 Apr 2017 14:08

Perez, a Clinton lackey - isn't going to save jackshit. The 'elite cuddling-Reagan-admiring Democrats' need to be elbowed off the main stage for the Democrat party to become relevant again.

Sanders, Warren and to an extent - Schiff must lead.

Topic Repeal and Replace
Posted 28 Mar 2017 18:32

Your opening sentence is soooo true. That they were unprepared to roll out their own healthcare plan is crazy .

That they fought HillaryCare in 1992-1993 is along party lines isn't it? Our Congress sees everything that the other side puts forward as obnoxious and to be blocked at all costs. This is the major problem with our government today.
But the 1992-1993.. the 103rd Congress.. didn't the Democrats have a majority, quite a large one, in both the Congress and the Senate?. That the Bill was 'pulled' without a vote must have meant that a fair number of Democrats opposed it, just as a fair number of Republicans opposed the Replacement Bill this time?.

Why was this?...

Educate thyself .

When Bush/Cheney and the Republicans had the majority for six years, they too failed to give any consideration to a national healthcare plan for Americans.

But tax cuts, fuck yeah! And War! Golden Showers! Financial Crisis! America - fuck yeah!

Topic Literally or Seriously
Posted 28 Mar 2017 18:22

This is the path to totalitarianism. Anyone who has read George Orwell knows exactly what is going on as far as the method behind Trump's madness.

We have a group of totalitarian leaning fcktards in the oval office right now... they actually wanted to mimic the old Soviet Union or the current North Korean regimes .... for Inauguration Day in January. Unbelievable buffoons would rather pull that stupid shit, than transfer power peacefully the traditional American way.

Went so far as to inquire to the Pentagon about what kinds of vehicles they could obtain for the President-Elect's march to the swearing in ceremony.

Topic Our hardworking President...
Posted 28 Mar 2017 09:35

About all Trump can do now to save his fucked up administration is start a war. Fortunately for him, North Korea is painting a big target on themselves, daily.

The FBI is going to take him and several of his crooked underlings out this year - maybe (unless we're in a shootout with some 'rogue' country). It worked for Bush to start shit in Iraq to take the heat off of him for 9/11.

Topic Loudmouthed Liberalism Is Losing
Posted 28 Mar 2017 09:24

Operation Fast and Furious a backfired attempt to discredit honest businessmen.

You have sat on your throne built on lies and deception, telling people how to act, what to believe so long that you believe your own lies and deceptions.

Operation Fast & Furious broke through to the surface during Obama's first term, but gun walking to the cartels was initiated during Bush's 2nd term in 2006. Keep blathering your bullshit. But that's all you have - is bullshit.

The last time a lying Republican bastard was the President of the USA, we eventually had to worry about the economy cratering and then we were bailing out Wall Street and hedge funds and telling Main Street - Tough Luck, and telling home-buyers to pay up and get the fuck out.

Signs like these were prevalent the last days of Bush. They raided the US Treasury and put the next President into a hole he had to crawl out of. That President could've been McCain and the hole would still have been there.

That is not bullshit.

Topic Repeal and Replace
Posted 28 Mar 2017 08:17

It is the height of hypocrisy for the Republican Party. The spent the last 7 years railing against 'Obamacare' while never once sitting down and trying to craft any healthcare replacement plans.

But, that's nothing. They fought HillaryCare in 1992-1993. They've known the Democrats have been seeking to help Americans with healthcare since that time and they've never lifted a finger to help any of us in that regard. Their main plan and advice is: Don't get sick

Then, much like the Patriot Act they foisted off on us, suddenly out of nowhere, Ryan shoves a plan in their faces (which only he crafted) and Trump and his crazies demand that the House vote to approve of it.

Turns out they can't control the super crazy Tea Partiers (who have renamed themselves as The Freedom Caucus). Trump was going to fix the entire everything and he's done nothing except sign GOP fed executive orders. And play golf every freaking weekend.

There's so much winning going on that I'm almost sick of it. evil4

The events of the last month have been really bad for Trump and the GOP.

They are about to get worse.

Topic What's the ACA done for you?
Posted 18 Mar 2017 09:21

Sarah Palin's - Death Panel - from 2009, has suddenly come into full view.

Topic Loudmouthed Liberalism Is Losing
Posted 16 Mar 2017 21:41

Dude, you remind me of Mr. Robot.
And you've always reminded me of an attention seeking dachshund. I bet you are well into the pink side of the chart too.

Topic Loudmouthed Liberalism Is Losing
Posted 16 Mar 2017 01:07

Fuck a bunch of control freaks, they are the class for which no successful rehabilitation should be attempted or spent.

Topic donald trump for president
Posted 15 Mar 2017 09:36

Interesting deflection attempt there. Or you completely missed my point. Obama spent 8 years blaming everything wrong on others, most often on his predecessor. Not once do I remember him acknowledging that sometimes shit just happens, or worse, that he just might have caused some shit to happen. Not in 8 years. People are imperfect. Obama was/is imperfect. Did he have a perfect administration? I really don't fucking think so! And I survived 8 years of it.

So buck up, Snowflake! The sky is not falling. You will survive the next 8 years just fine!

If the USA isn't facing another financial crisis as we were in September/October of 2008 and if we haven't entered into a single war of choice (full fledged invasion and occupying force for months on end), I will consider the Trump administration to be a moderate success.

And it was no deflection and I didn't miss your haphazard blame shifting. Obama could have done so much more, in my opinion. He fucking blew his first two years in office trying to befriend the GOP, then he morphed into a 1988 Republican in his last six years in office.

Snowflake? Thanks for the compliment, cupcake.

Topic DirtyMartini.. Alan... Did he pass away?
Posted 15 Mar 2017 09:09

Who wouldn't want to win a Dirty Martini award?

The online Alan, who showed and shared himself with me - would've appreciated the thought of such a thing. I shall miss his wit and 'humor'.

Topic donald trump for president
Posted 10 Mar 2017 14:46

Well, in a way that's a relief. We just finished eight years where everything bad was George W. Bush's fault.

Pot, meet kettle!

I'm going to set the bar a little low here:

Tell us 3 good things which occurred during the Bush/Cheney administration, actual benefits for America - or hell, even just the world.

Tell us 10 bad things which occurred during the Bush/Cheney administration. Detriments.

There's a hell of lot more of the latter, so this should be pretty easy for you.

Topic La Resistance
Posted 09 Mar 2017 08:04

Teacher unions aren't perfect. No union is.

This tangent is somewhat related. I find it humorous and SAD! (I've adopted Trumpspeak lately) that the GOP politicians (Senators and state Representatives, Governors and other assorted elected officials) who are most vehemently against organized labor unions are also those so mightily involved with redistricting population centers in their states in order to gerrymander votes which help to either propel them into a job/office in the first place, and then to stay in that office/job for as long as possible with as little effort on their part after they gain a seat at the trough.

Labor unions bad. Political unions good. That's their core tenet.

And people have come to believe and champion that horseshit.

While forgetting or perhaps not even learning/knowing what sorts of benefits we have today as employees in this modern world, which our grandparents and ancestors before them never had but only dreamed of.

I'm beginning to think that the history of labor strife in America and elsewhere in the early 1900s simply isn't being taught in schools anymore. How else could our population today be so fucking stupid about their own past and how generous and charitable corporations are to those they'd just as soon pay as little as possible to and work 60-70-80-90 hours a week (without paid time off vacations, health insurance 'benefits', 'weekends free (still not a realization for 85% of American workers).

Yet those fucking politicians have steadily beat the drums that organized labor unions are worthless thieves at best and ineffective bums at the very least, all while they've done everything in their power to defeat unions in every state of the union.

We have people campaigning to implement and uphold inappropriately named/labeled - RIGHT TO WORK 'legislation' ...and a population of 'voters' who can't even see that that shit works against them.

Right to work is better titled: Right to Fire Your Ass without reason, Work You to the Bone, Right to not pay you what you're worth, Right to bring back child labor and slave-shops and Right to not interview you or consider hiring anyone at all.

But then, we have a HUD director who claims that African slaves were immigrants - and he's probably hoping the same people who buy the Right To Work legislation will accept his new definitions too.