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Topic Do guys like Chubby or Curvy girls?
Posted 20 Oct 2013 11:28

Always have loved big girls
Love Don

Topic Do women dislike or resent the use of the slang "Cunt"?
Posted 02 Jan 2013 17:16

Im with Catherine 57 love it when hobby says he is going to pound my cunt or i tell him to f my cunt . but if he ever and he never has called me that i cut his cock off lol

Topic Excuse me gentlemen but I have a question. Do you prefer big tits or a big ass?
Posted 17 Jun 2012 05:34

Im an ass man i love them big , so does sheri lol love towatch them bounce love don and sherri

Topic How do men feel about red headed women?
Posted 29 Feb 2012 11:55

love red hair on women so does don
love sherri

Topic Would you watch your mate masturbate?
Posted 13 Dec 2011 21:46

we love watching eachother , i cum so hard when he shoots his cum on my fingers asi work myself
love sherri

Topic Would you ever want to watch your partner fuck another woman?
Posted 06 Dec 2011 13:48

love it we only play with others if both are present i love watching and joining