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They called her Rosemouth
And she Put love, and she put love
They called her Rosemouth
she put love above any thought

As she went down at the train station
At the village of Saint Hillary
Everybody realized at the first look
she wasn t for sure a missionary

there is who makes love because of bore
who choose to do it as a profession
rosemouth none of the two
she made it jus for passion

But passion often leads
To satisfy our own needs
Without asking if the lusted
Has its hearth free or it is engaged

And so it happened that day by day
Rosemouth attracted to herself
The anger of the pooches
She took the bone away

But the merry wives of a small village
Are not known for their intiative
The contermeasure untill that point
Were limited to the invective

You know that the people give good advices
Feeling like Jesus in the temple
You know that people give good advices
When they can’t give anymore the bad example

So and old gossip never been wife
Without any son, whithot any need
Took the brount , for sure the pleasure
To give to the cummars the good advice

And talking to the cuckold women
She spoke them words witty and remarked
And said the theft of love will be perscuted
By the order constituited

So they went to the commissary
And told him without parafhrase
That filthy whore has too many clients
More than an alimentary store

And arrived four policemen
With their uniform and with their hats
And arrived four policemen
With their uniform and with their arms

the tender heart is not something
that the policemen willingly show
but that time to the train
they took Rosemouth really with bad grace

At the train station there were everybody
From the commissary to the priest
At the station there everybody
With red eyes and hat in hand

To great who for a while
Without asking nothing without expectations
To great who for a while
Brought love in the smallvillage

There was a yellow board
With a black write
That said so long Rosemouth
Going you away spring is leaving us

But an original news
Don’t need any newspaper
Like an arrow shot from the arch
It runs fast from mouth to mouth

And at the next station
Much more people than when she left
Who blowned her kisses , who threw her some flowers
Who asked to be with her a couple of hours

Even the the vicar that don’t despise
Between a misere and an extreme rites
The voluptuos good of beauty
Wanted her at his side in the procession

So with Maria Virgin in the frist line
And rosemouth hidden but close
He leads with him in the village
The sacre love and profane love

so we are at the end of the year and is already some month i am on here, and, whow!!! i didn't espect to find so many amazing people on here. so thank you so much for being you, so sweet so naughty and so incredible. but above all so friendly. some more than others and sombody even more, you know who you are. thank you for the incredible moments, couldn't belive to find something so deep on here...... even the stupidity of some guy is so deep, but is part of the play and i accept it. by the way i have so many random request of friendship. guys , nothing against you, but before to send a friend request try , if your mind allows you , to change some word and avoid that easy irony for my name. kisses

maybe it was not clear, so i try to repeat in other words:

guys , nothing against you, but before to send a friend request try , if your mind allows you , to change some word and avoid that easy irony on my name. kisses

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It was so erotic making out with your dark hole as you made out with Judy. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
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I love being under you!
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Got this the other day..... thought about you

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Have a lovely Festive Season xx
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