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Topic: Sex Games for Couples
Posted: 22 Sep 2017 14:36

we play strip killer at darts, we set the rules by voting, I.E.
1? strip to underwear,
2/ strip all the way
3/ killer either takes of the garment or nominates another,
4/ first two out play a forfeit or teams up.
5/ anything goes.,

we select only one person, usually my husband John to over see the voting, each person puts down what number they are comfortable with and the lowest number is what we play, I have never know how high the highest number has been, John just won't tell me,
to start every one throws with their weakest hand, the number they get is theirs, first they have to get the double of that number then they can become a killer, then they have to get the doubles of the others each time a double has been got a piece of clothing is removed until the end of the game, every still plays the game even when naked

Topic: Married women sharing question.
Posted: 09 Jul 2017 15:25

we have been married now for 25 years, we have had others join us for the last 15 years, all but one a have been MFMs, we don't say its sharing, sharing to us means all that a wife/husband do without sex, they are our sex friends, lost count of how many times, but the number of different men/lads are 15, but the most exciting one was and I think always will be the first time, it took many months of planning, several weeks of selecting and still hours of actually doing it, never regretted any times, still always open for another, PS only had one large one, and he knew how to use it,

Topic: Would you let your husband watch you have sex with another man....
Posted: 02 May 2017 13:15

I have something about the feeling of losing control (being a control freak in every other aspect of my life likely contributes to this).... I think watching another man take your wife would be the ultimate loss of control.... ladies would you let/or have you let your husband watch??

what did he think? say? was he able to take it? did you forget about him in the moment? the aftermath??
yes I have had my John watch and join in quite a few times, he is a self confessed voyeur, he has also pretend to be a little drunk and pretend to fall asleep, the latter has happened about four times, one with his best friend who John didn't want him to know that he loves to watch me have sex with another, oh by the way, on our first threesome John said he climaxed just as I had an orgasm, he didn't even touch himself,

Topic: I need your advice about cuckolding ( ladies only please )
Posted: 01 May 2017 18:07

I am 24 years old guy. I want to hear your advice and opinion.
recently I started fantasizing more and more about being cuckolded. I mean, it would hurt me, make me angry and jealous if my gf fucks another guy...but also it turns me on incredibly if I imagine that. Is something wrong with me ? I shouldnt feel and think like that. I wish I could delete that fantasy from my mind, but other part of me really wants to try to convince my gf to fuck another guy in front of me. Please, advise me :)

my husband and I are into threesomes, mainly MFMs, husband is a voyeur, so no problem there, I on the other hand is an exhibitionist and flirt, so again no problem, but when we tried a FMF I got jealous, oh the meeting and the foreplay was exciting but when my husband started to have penetration sex with her and I was left sort of out of it,
my husband don't seem to have a jealous bone in his body, the better the threesome the more he likes it, oh and on our first threesome( MFM) my husband climaxed just as I had my orgasm, and he didn't even touch himself, hope this helps

Topic: Failed first MMF
Posted: 01 May 2017 17:52

First off hi ladies and gents I stumbled accross lush a while back and finally decided to make an account and I have a question for the guys obviously but if any ladies are reading this feel free to answer too.
This question is more towards people that have had experience in a MMF situation.
Me and the wife decided to go on and try it with a decent sized guy.. everything was good he was turned on and hard as was I during oral and what not but when it came to having him get up and perform he couldn't keep it up trued to blame it on the condoms.. now I'm wondering if this is happened to anyone who you have invited to play? And whats your opinion on the matter?

haven't had one where the guy could get it up, but had a younger man join us one night and when I took off his pants he climaxed all over my face and hair, grabbed his clothes and beat it out quickly,

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