Tattoo Ted Teaches Two Teasing Teen Temptresses

A father discovers that his daughters have chosen him as their first experience

 The last two years had been building up to this moment; Tamsin had never stopped nagging us about having a tattoo! Of course I’d be the ultimate hypocrite if I said no, after all I’m a tattoo artist by trade, but as responsible adults her mum and I had steadfastly refused all her pleas and entreaties. “When you’re seventeen and old enough to make such a decision, if you still want one,...Read On




Her six year fantasy finally comes to be a spanking reality

I caught myself gawping at him, and snapped my mouth shut. Never in my twenty three years had I ever met a guy like him: he ticked all the right boxes, every damn one of them. The second that I walked into his office I had fallen under his spell; my heart had double-timed, my legs turned to jelly, and a hot flush had scorched my whole body. From the top of his neatly groomed head to the tips...Read On



This is my first story; I hope it 'hits the spot' for you! Please tell me what you think!!

Did she really have a lot of choice now she wondered?   For the best part of an hour Tania had been interviewing for a bar job that she desperately needed to clear a backlog of debts. She had never waitressed before and had had to plead her case to be interviewed for this ‘experience preferred’ position. She had confidently told the bar owner that she was ‘a natural’ and would...Read On