Spit roast boyfriend

James's girlfriend has put up with a lot. Is a threesome with another man a step to far?

I have to confess my boyfriend is a bit of a tart, a gorgeous and sexy tart, but a tart none the less. He’s a writer, well claims to be. That’s not fair he has had one novel published, some angst ridden shit. Not my cup of tea at all. To be honest I don’t know why we are still together. Ah I remember. James has the most delicious sexy body and the most beautiful cock you can ever imagine. We...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Dark Desires

Neil and Sally help Jane begin to explore her dark desires

There is a dark side to us all, sexually I mean. I'm not sure I understand mine completely yet but I sense that it is there. It excites me, scares me a little. My fling with Neil and his flatmate Sally started me off on my adventures exploring my dark desires. I am a nurse and Neil a writer of sorts. We met at a conference I was attending for work; advances in stroke rehabilitation. I...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Loft Apartment

James has a fantastic loft apartment with some interesting additional features.

Close your eyes for a moment; I want you to picture the setting. James has a very cool third floor loft apartment down by the river. Bare brick walls, oak wood flooring and very atmospheric lighting. The apartment is completely open plan; even the wet room has glass walls so you can see right in. I don't know who chose the furniture, I doubt it was James, but they definitely have great...Read On