Oral Sex(1)


Her desire is mine

She needed it more than I realised....

I'm a divorced man in my late 30s, I'm 6 foot 2 and fairly fit. I work hard and I like to party with friends when I get the time, but I haven't had a lot of time for relationships since my divorce a couple of years ago. I often fly to Sydney for work, and on this occasion I took the chance to catch up with some friends that used to live near me in Melbourne that I had known for a long...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Her desire is mine (Part II)

I help her really get going...

I reached out for her and said, “I think we better do something about that, right now.” She put a hand against my chest. “Wait,” she breathed at me. She was really grinding against the bony point of my knee now, her chin lifted and her eyes half closed. Her hand closed in a fist on my chest, grabbing hold of my shirt. “Mmmmm-ah, mmmmm-ah,” she started to repeat. Man, she looked so fucking...Read On


Her desire is mine (Part III)

Our passion explodes...

I licked her way down to her navel. Her taut flat stomach was trembling with desire again. “Oh please,” she breathed. I stood up again and kissed her and she squealed softly I picked her up under her ass and carried her over to the table. I sat her down on the table and kissed her neck as I placed one hand behind her head and slowly lowered her down on to the timber table top, her legs...Read On