First Time(1)


Teaching my 18 year old neighbor pleasure of sex

My new neighbors had the most gorgeous daughter. To my surprise she wanted me to teach her sex!

I can remember the day about six months ago when the new neighbors moved in. They were a couple I would say in their mid thirties and their eighteen year old daughter. I saw them move most of their stuff in as I always spend a lot of time working in the yard on the lawn or trimming the shrubbery. I always managed to find some project to work on to keep me busy. I couldn't help noticing...Read On

Group Sex(1)


My Wifes Gift To Me

My ultimate taboo fantasty was organised by my wife.

One Saturday morning over coffee my wife and me began to talk about things that we wanted to experience now that we had a secure relationship in place. The topic came up about her being a part of the ultimate gang bang but I had to make sure that things did not get out of hand if it happened. Wow, I said I had no idea those thought were in that sweet little head of yours, so since she had let...Read On



My first time with a black woman

Our first screw with a black prostitute

I am going to reveal my absolute first time with a black woman. This goes back to the summer of 1979. I had just finished baseball practice that day and thankfully didn't have work. I asked a couple of buddies if they wanted to roll into NYC with me. We lived in the NE corner of Jersey. Only John was game to hit the city. We grabbed a six pack of Budweiser and set off. Believe it or not...Read On



The Sexual Exploits of a TV

A TVs hot encounter with stranger in a Brighton hotel room.

I got to the hotel in the afternoon and he was arriving around 7. I took a long relaxing bath and spent ages preparing myself, what should I wear, make up etc. Eventually, I decided it was going to be my thigh high leather boots, short mini skirt and the new top I had just bought which has a plunging v neck allowing easy access to my nipples! Underneath, I put on a lacy camisole and really...Read On



An Airport Voyeur's Experience

While waiting for my plane, I watched a blonde beauty from a far.

I was traveling back to Cleveland through Columbus from Nashville. My Nashville flight was on time and I had a long layover in Columbus on the way back. So I went back through security and looked for something to eat. When I got back to the security line i was fortunate enough to be 3 people behind an absolutely gorgeous woman (in my opinion!). She was wearing a light blue two-piece...Read On