Cyber Virgin 2: First Time Anal!!

My second day with my cyber lover!!

I woke first, and lay taking in the sight of her naked body lying next to me. Although it was still early morning the heat was kicking in, and she was obviously feeling it, as she had kicked off the covers and was lying there in all her naked glory. She looked so beautiful and I couldn´t believe my luck that she had chosen to fly so far, just to be with me. I thought back to the previous...Read On


Feminized And Fucked

My wife discovers my love for crossdressing

It was Monday afternoon, and work had been stressful the past few weeks. I had decided I deserved a day to relax at home. My wife, Stacey, had gone to work so I crunched through a few emails and started thumbing through some porn online. It started slow like always. A few emails answered then I clicked over and watched some gorgeous chick get her ass pounded by a big thick cock. I...Read On

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My Secret is Discovered

My wife discovers my secret fantasy!

It’s amazing how hard it is to think logically when you’re horny. I had the house to myself for the entire morning, a rarity nowadays, and I was finally able to spend plenty of time in front of the computer searching my favourite porn sites. On a day like this, when I knew my wife would be gone for hours and there was no chance of being disturbed, I liked to take my time with things. I grabbed...Read On



A fantasy fulfilled

A true life account of my secret fantasy

All my stories are usually based on fantasy or real life events that have greatly been exaggerated. However this is a true life story of events that actually happened . The cold tiled floor was sending a shiver through my whole body, or was it nerves, as I waited for her to return. I was standing stark naked in a stranger's house, not sure what was going to happen next. I was about to...Read On


Julia´s seduction

seduced by older woman

I had just finished delivering the furniture she had ordered when she entered the room and offered me a drink. It was my last delivery of the day, and as it was 35 degrees and I was pouring with sweat, I accepted. Her name was Julia and she was probably in her early fifties which was ten years older than me, but from what she was wearing I could see she had the body of a woman at least ten...Read On


Mistress Caroline part 1 - The Meeting

My meeting with a high powered businesswoman takes a surprise turn!!

I was sitting at my desk completing some paperwork when the phone rang. I answered it, saying, “James Andrews here.” “Hello James?” the voice on the line replied. “Is this the James Andrews who is the quality control consultant?” “Yes it is,” I replied. “What can I do for you?” “My name is Claire Ward, and I am with a well known pharmaceutical company. You have been highly recommended...Read On


Mistress Caroline part 2 - My Training Begins

My training and more humiliation at the hands of my new mistress

It had started off as a normal meeting, or so I thought. Now I was under the control of a powerful and very forceful woman. I couldn´t understand why, but I was responding to her every whim and part of me was enjoying it, no matter how strange her requests were. Mistress Caroline snapped her leash onto my collar and said softly, "Get up J." "Yes ma´am," I replied as I got up and...Read On


Mistress Caroline part 3 - My Training Continues.

My training continues under my new mistress.

I was tired, and I slept well. The next morning I was awakened by Mistress Caroline, as she was unlocking the chain from my collar. She looked me up and down, then said, "You look so nice J, very lovely." She pressed her breasts against my chest and her cheek against mine and I felt her hand fondling my balls. "Such a good boy." She put her hand behind my head and kissed me hard...Read On


Mistress Caroline part 4 - My Training Ends!

My training is taken a step further.

I was awakened by someone bending over me and touching my neck. At first I was startled, then I realised she was unlocking the chain attached to my collar. It wasn’t Mistress Caroline. Who was it? Not yet fully awake, I couldn’t think straight. Did I know her? I couldn’t remember. She looked familiar, but… “Good morning J,” she said, smiling pleasantly. “Do you remember me?” ...Read On


Mistress Caroline part 5 - The Final Chapter

I am accused of escaping and punished accordingly!

For several weeks after the session in the cellar, life was rather quiet and a routine began to be established. Mistress Caroline hadn´t said too much about the incident with Kelly, apart from being a little off and stricter than usual with me. For a while every little thing I did wrong was picked up on, but eventually all had seemed forgotten. It was quite simple, Kelly would awaken me. I...Read On


The Long Weekend Ahead

Two women give me a tour of their villa, and I discover a few surprises.

Sara let my cock slip from her lips with a loud slurping sound. She looked up at me and saw that I was in just the state of mind she wanted; horny as hell and willing to agree to anything just to be allowed to cum in her mouth. “Does that feel good? Do you like me sucking your hard cock like that?”   “Oh hell yes! You’re very good at it!” I said, forgetting myself momentarily. She...Read On


Wife´s revenge - part 2

My humiliation continues at the hands of my wife!

After my humiliation and excitement at the hands of my wife and her friend Jayne, the week had passed quite quickly. We had both been working long hours and hadn´t seen much of each other. On the days that we did know that we would be in together, I had found a note giving me instructions on what was expected of me on my wife´s arrival. These mainly consisted of me having to be dressed in...Read On


Wife's revenge

My wife comes home early and finds out my secret!!

Louise and I had been married for about 20 years, and it’s fair to say that I hadn’t been the best husband in the world. I loved her, but through the years I had cheated on her on numerous occasions, never with long term relationships but mainly with prostitutes. Our sex life had dwindled down to nothing, and I used this as an excuse to blame her for my bad behaviour, but it was still...Read On


Wife's Revenge - part 3

My wife takes her revenge to the next level.

I was loving being sexually dominated, and was realising how lucky I was to be married to this woman, who was now abusing my obedience to the maximum. She knew that when I was sexually aroused there was nothing that I wouldn't do for her. She now often made me go a few days without coming, knowing that I would be that much more aroused and submissive. The other night, I arrived home from...Read On



1st time visit

my 1st visit to a mistress

Although I have been happily married for over 20 years now, there has always been something missing in the bedroom. Apart from this, I couldn´t wish for a more loving, honest and better wife. At the beginning the sex was good, but as the years have passed it has really gone downhill. I have a much higher sex drive than my wife and would have sex every night if possible, where as my wife could...Read On


Caught Red Handed!

I´m caught red handed trying to fulfill my fetish!

When I was married and I returned home to find the house empty, I would endulge in a fetish of mine, which was wearing my wifes sexy thongs. I had always loved to see a sexy pair of panties on a hot girls ass, and wanted to know how it felt wearing them. That´s how it all started, I had picked out a sexy red pair and slipped them on. The feeling of having the thong bit riding tight up the...Read On



The Business Deal

My meeting with a business woman doesn´t end how I thought it would!!

It had been a fruitful evening. I really liked this woman, I was sure about that already, even though we had just met that day. She was the boss of a big transport company, and we had just verbally agreed on a very lucrative contract, that benefitted us both. She seemed kind and intelligent, slightly dominant, but Ididn´t mind that in a woman. She was very good looking, a little older than...Read On


The Business Deal........part 2

I have to see her again, to get the contract signed.

After my ordeal in her hotel room, I had left it a couple of weeks before I had plucked up the courage to call her. I had tried to put off our meeting, but money was becoming a bit tight, and the contract we had verbally agreed on was still not signed, and was waiting for me to collect. She had given me directions to her house and instructed me to be there at 10 o´clock SHARP OR ELSE!! Her...Read On


The company boss

A company boss uses her power over a young salesman

Andrew James sat in the outer office of the Adult Max Corporation, quietly paging through the latest issue of the companies sex magazine while waiting for an appointment with the head of the purchasing department, a Miss Smith!! While the magazine was the flagship jewel in the AMC empire, they also were deeply involved in x-rated movies and x-rated bookstores!!! For the past year Andrew...Read On


The long weekend continues......Saturday

I am summoned to the villa again, to help with the ladies party.

It was Saturday, and with the previous days events still fresh in my mind, I approached the villa of Mistress Bea and Mistress Sara. I had been instructed to return today, because the very first Saturday of the month the ladies held parties at their villa, and I was to help them out with the festivities planned for the forth coming night , and what with Fridays events being captured on film,...Read On

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A trip to France

My trip to France proves more eventful than i anticipated.

As well as delivering furniture all over Spain, when the need arises, I do the odd house to house removal to help pay the bills. Normally I only do local moves, but this one day, I was approached by a customer who was moving from the Costa Blanca in Spain, to the south of France. I didn´t really fancy doing this job, as he said that he would be riding with me in the van, along with his dog....Read On


Adventures of a delivery man

A lonely rich woman seduces a younger delivery man

It was 6.30pm on a friday evening, and the roads were jammed with the usual rush hour congestion. It had been a very hard week, I had been delivering and assembling flat pack furniture all over the country starting at 5.00am every morning and not finishing until 9ish every night. Now I only had one delivery left and I was looking forward to getting home and relaxing with a nice, hot shower for...Read On


Adventures of a delivery man 2

I stop off at a hotel for the night, and find out the real meaning of room service.

It was just before nine, when I pulled into the hotel car park. I was exhausted and couldn’t wait to get a room, have a shower and get something to eat. After driving and delivering furniture for fifteen hours straight, I needed a few hours rest. The hotel was located near the coast, close to Malaga just off the motorway. It was small, but looked to be in good order, the kind you often see...Read On


My cyber virgin

I eventually meet my online girl!!

Dedicated to a good friend on lush, who was a big influence in me writing this story!! We’d been talking for months. We met online but were thousands of miles away from each other, not to mention being wrapped up in our daily responsibilities. We chatted as often as possible, but with our jobs and the time difference, it was usually difficult. We talked about anything and everything, from...Read On


Neighbourly lust

fantasy involving sexy neighbour comes true

We hadn´t lived in our house long, before the house next door was bought also. Ours was a nice house, in a wonderful neighborhood, and we seemed to have nice friendly neighbors albeit a little older than us. We christened our road "gods waiting room". We normally liked to keep ourselves to ourselves, however our new neighbors were about the same age as us, Tom was only a couple of years...Read On


Neighbourly Lust part 2

More adventures with my sex mad neighbour

My next door neighbour and one of our best friends Rachel and I had continued our affair and kept it a secret, despite spending so much time together as a foursome and always being out socially with each others partners. We both loved our partners, despite Tom and Rachels arguments, and had no intention of leaving them. But we were fulfilling a need we both had, and really just using each...Read On


The Prostitute

On my way home, I decide to stop off for sex!

It wasn´t on my mind when I set off that morning, but as I drove along and saw all the gorgeous looking girls of all ages, sizes and colour, I knew that I wouldn´t be able to resist. I was nearly home, only another 20 minutes left, and I would be there. Another night in front of the television, making small talk with my wife. Then we will retire to bed and again lie back to back. Since I...Read On


The Prostitute2

Feeling horny after work, I meet up with a girl off the internet.

For my next meeting with a prostitute, I played it a little safer. I´d enjoyed my outdoor encounter with my albanian girl, but this time I chose someone off the internet, who had her own apartment. I had been searching for girls in my area, but a certain amount of miles away as to be sure that we´d not cross each others paths too often. She had stood out from most of the other girls,...Read On