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Wife Lovers

These are stories about wife lovers, and specifically concerned with married women. The wife in question may not actually be making love to her husband, and the stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are slut wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives.


After the Reunion Ch 14-b

Family time before Addie's trip

The next morning, we got up early. Well, eight o’clock is early on Sunday; packed the ice chest, barbecue grill, chairs, and dry clothes, had a quick bite to eat and by 9:30 we were on our way east to the Sawtooth Mountains. There’s a lake we love, Lower Hanson Lake, that’s perfect for swimming on a hot day. It may be ‘Lower’ Hanson Lake, but there’s nothing low about it. The elevation is...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 14-a

We enjoy a night with new friends.

Jocelyn and Cameron were in the lobby of the Best Western when we walked in. Cameron frustratingly told us that the hotel was full, there wasn’t another room available so they’d have to go home. “No,” Tanya said, “We have two queen beds. We can squeeze.” “Six?” Jocelyn glanced at Tina, “Seven?” “I’m not staying,” Tina clarified, “only six.” “Six on two beds? Cozy,” Jocelyn said. Yeah,...Read On


My Best Friend Becomes My Wife’s Lover - Part 1

My best friend Scott becomes my wife’s lover

My wife Meredith and I have been married for about fifteen years. We married young and have had a good although very conservative sex life. Meredith is a gorgeous brunette with perky yet smaller breasts and a round firm ass. On many occasions, I have tried to spice up our lovemaking by mentioning how I have noticed other guys checking her out. She would always deny it, saying that they...Read On


P Goes To A Party

P plays at party and in taxi

I had mentioned Paula attending a party with Gary and Lisa, the couple she had experienced some filthy dogging fun with. She had told me that Alistair had invited her to a fancy dress party. The excitement had been building for most of the week leading up to it; Paula had been out shopping to make up her outfit and she was in a particularly playful mood for the days before the party. I...Read On


P playing again

P has fun in backseat

As I have told you all Paula now enjoyed fun with her bull/lover Alistair on a fairly regular basis, and he even shared her with a few friends on occasions. Most of the time it was arranged, he would be taking her out for a night or even getting a friend of his to take her out. I was hard as fuck when she was getting ready to go out for a 'date' and always came loads. One night in the...Read On


Wife Enjoys A Night Out

Wife goes clubbing and catches the eye of a younger male

This is a true story about a weekend away I had with my wife, Faye. She has always been an extremely attractive woman, with long blonde hair and knockout body with curves in all of the right places. We met in our early twenties and are still as much in love as we approach forty, though we spend less time enjoying each other due to the arrival of our kids. Therefore, when Faye's parents...Read On


The Estate Agent

Things take an unexpected turn when I accompany my wife to work

My wife Chloe was overjoyed when she landed a job with our local estate agent. All she had to do was visit the properties, report on the overall condition and make an inventory. But what made it really exciting was that the properties she dealt with were all in the multimillion pound bracket, belonging to pop stars, politicians and other wealthy people. "Good heavens, you want to see how...Read On


The CEO’s Wife

My boss liked to share his wife and she loved to be filmed having sex!

I had been working for a Florida high-tech company for only five months when my boss, the CEO, invited me and two other new employees for a Sunday afternoon cruise on his sixty-foot yacht. I’d never been on such a luxurious and expensive boat before, so I was excited, not only for that reason, but also for being invited by my boss since I was his newest employee. We pulled away from the...Read On


Pimping My Wife

My wife is hot and gets hit on all the time, a fact that we’re taking advantage of.

My wife is simply gorgeous! That’s a good part of why I married her. Plus she’s great in bed, something that keeps our marriage exciting. Marie has long, wavy black hair down to her waist, dark brown eyes, and a perfect body. What guy could ask for more? The first time I saw her I knew she was the one for me. She was perfect and she was hot. As a successful realtor, Marie is constantly...Read On


The Taking of my Neighbor's Wife, Part 2

My evening with Wendy gets even hotter!

“Of course I do, I hope you understand my uncontrollable hunger for you probably won’t go away!” I smiled at her lovely face. “I’ll try honey! I hope you’re staying for the main course, Jack!” Wendy whispered as she again began to grind against me. How perfectly naughty, every move she made against my cock was stimulating me again. I had just released more passion and received more...Read On


The Card Game

My wife finds she has a fetish for black cock

I was playing poker with three of my friends and had lost almost all my money. My wife was really pissed off at me for losing so much cash. Two of my buddies called it a night, so that left Calvin and me. Calvin had been the big winner that night, and my wife asked him to give me back the money I'd lost. He looked at her for a few moments, then looked at me and said, "I'll make you a deal."...Read On


Flights of Fancy, Chapter 2

Wife swapping for the other couple

While their respective spouses (Nicole and Tom) were in the foyer/sitting room of the suite, Pru and Charles took advantage of the situation. Pru marveled, “When Tom reserved this suite, I was not in favor of renting a whole suite. He argued that the upgrade was part of the whole travel package. We should be picking up our rental car tomorrow, but if that doesn’t happen because of the...Read On


Flights of Fancy

Two couples meet on a flight and end up spending the night at a hotel.

The four of them laughed. They laughed uproariously, conspiratorially. They were like college chums who had known each other for years. Not true, they’d only met today. The two married couples were seated together in the aircraft’s 3-4-3 seat configuration. Charles and Nicole, plus Prudence and Tom introduced themselves and found they had a few things in common. The first couple were...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 13

The couples visit a strip club

It was actually pretty good, the In’n’Out Burger Shack. I had a very healthy, low-calorie double bar-b-que burger with ham and lots of fries. Tanya and Addie had a salad. Salad… in a burger shack? I don’t remember about Tanner, don’t care. I still didn’t know what the hell we were doing in Umatilla, other than that I was anticipating what I hoped would be happening that night with the...Read On


Our Arrangement, Reprise Two

“Absence makes the lust grow stronger” I discover as I face big changes in my shared wife lifestyle

“Karl’s licking my clit, Hmmm!” “He's good but not as good as you…" “When will you be able to come and see us, Mike? Ummm…” Almira’s voice purred out of my phone straight into my right ear. I was rock hard and my free hand worked up and down on my shaft. "At least two more weeks," I replied. Sadly, it was likely to be longer than that. I was working on a project in Milan and had been...Read On


From Teen Bride to Hot Wife, 8: Lessons for her Driving Instructor.

Joe is home and Caroline has another tale to tell.

Joe is home, and for a while, their lovemaking becomes that of their first months together all those years ago when Caroline was just sixteen. When they surface again and lie limb knotted and fused in the hush of their darkening bedroom, Caroline begins to sob quietly from the joy of her man back at her side. And in the silence of the deepening night, before she drifts off to sleep, she...Read On


The Interloper, Chapter 5

Greg reclaims his wife.

Greg and Jessica (aka Jess, as relabeled by her lover) accepted Larry’s invitation of a weekend at The Royal, a posh hotel an hour’s drive away. After arrival and a few drinks in the lounge, Larry went first. Greg flinched when Larry said, “Look at my beautiful date for the weekend!” Greg settled back when Jessica reminded her husband that all three knew what they were there for. Larry...Read On


My Wifes Jamaican Delight

She's got a gorgeous little cunt

It was almost dinner time before the plane arrived and then it took another half hour before she appeared at the barrier. She looked gorgeous in a little pink vest top over a white mini skirt that showed off her deeply tanned legs, she saw me immediately and handed her case over to Errol as she ran towards me and jumped into my arms. “Oh God I’ve missed you,” she laughed and kissed me...Read On


Our Arrangement, Reprise One

A little look into how the shared wife lifestyle progessed

Karl reached forward and picked up the video camera. I had grown so used to him watching Almira and I have sex I normally would not have even looked in his direction, but tonight he, and Almira, had added something new. He was videoing the two of us enjoying sex. Almira caught my glance. “Don’t worry, just do what you normally do. Give me wild orgasms!” For three years now, with...Read On


The 25 Year Itch Chapter 7

A trip out for the three couples again. Can we move on from previous events?

I was particularly aware that Kat and Maggie probably would manage to find time to talk during the week, if only on the phone.  At least I thought that they couldn’t spend too much time together since they both had demanding jobs and Kat had the added problem of shift work.  It was a little surprising to me that she was free to come to the tournament on Saturday having had the previous...Read On


A Saturday Morning Fantasy

A husband and wife thinking about one of her long ago lovers

The internet and Google makes it easier for there to be ‘unexpected connections’. “Hey T,” the email read, “Are you going to the APA convention in Denver?  Love to see you there.” The American Psychological Association annual meeting was held there in 2016, the time frame of this story. The email  was signed ‘Russ’, and my Russ memories came flooding back. Russ was an associate professor...Read On


Unexpected Poolside Pleasures

A traveling wife finds a fun way to excite her husband on vacation.

My wife, Galatea, arrived in L.A. the night before me. She flew in from New York, where she was working and visiting friends for the past five days. I took the train from Flagstaff, as I have always loved the calm relaxed nature of the train over the rush rush rush of flying. We often travel this way as reuniting in an unfamiliar place sparks all kinds of excitement. The pent-up sexual...Read On


Premiere of a Masterpiece

A husband is immersed in a dangerous fantasy

I had a long kiss with my wife Samantha before leaving home. I sank my hands in her flaming red hair and sucked her lower lip, then kissed her white porcelain neck. I had so much lust for her because it had been longer than two weeks since we'd had sex. It was because I had a business trip that week, she was on a training previous weekend and there were a few other smaller activities. I could...Read On


Barcelona, Part 2 - Together

A story in three chapters about our trip to Barcelona

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the airport of Barcelona, where the local time is 8:15 pm. Please remain seated until..."   I'm not listening, having heard it a hundred times before. I am just excited to see Feli again after two weeks of separation. I take my phone and switch off flight mode. Ten seconds later it vibrates and shows that I have two new messages. I look and see the...Read On


Temping Can Be Fun

My time in an office job.

This is not the most exciting of stories but it is true. We got married in 1980 and had our first swinging experience six weeks after our wedding. It was at a party and I was seduced by a man who I later found out was a very experienced swinger. My husband, Andrew, knew about it all and encouraged me at every stage and the next morning when I was feeling a bit guilty, he made me feel so...Read On

Recommended Read

From Teen Bride to Hot Wife, 5: Back To Reality, Joe The Cuckold

Returning to her everyday life, Caroline is left at a pitch of horniness that needs a cure.

Joe stands behind Caroline as she sits at the table writing. He lifts her long hair to one side to uncover the nape of her neck, kisses it gently before saying, "Tell me again, Caz. Tell me how his cock tasted." "I've an essay to finish," Caroline says, her pen moving quickly across the page. "Please, Caz. It won't take long. I've got a hard-on just thinking about him having you like that."...Read On


The Holiday - Part 2

Kate and Paul need to cool down on the beach.

Kate and Paul had spent the day lying in the sun, the hot rays on their skin as they lay in the loungers on the beach, the waves gently lapping into the shore. The free iced drinks had been coming all day in an effort to keep them slightly cooler. But as Paul looked closer he could see the beads of sweat slowly running down her chest, making their way over the contours of her breasts, under...Read On


Carolyn's Most Cum-Filled Night

I sucked off 17 guys at a stag party.

My name is Carolyn, and I'm an orally obsessed, exhibitionist housewife in Toronto, Canada. I have an obsession for sucking cocks. I love the feeling of control I get when I have my lips wrapped around a hard cock. And there's something about the taste and gooey texture of cum that I absolutely love. That's why my favourite activity is sucking guys’ cocks and swallowing their creamy cum while...Read On


Our Arrangement

A long term friend introduces me to the shared wife life style

Almira straddled my thighs and sat on me. I wasn’t sure, but I felt she was naked under the white lace blouse. I was so surprised I tried to speak but failed. She pressed her finger to my lips. “I want you to fuck me,” she said in a whisper. The warmth of her buttocks on the skin of my thighs confirmed my ideas. She had a wicked, mysterious grin on her sweet, high cheek boned face. I was...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 12

Another surprise text message from Jonah

“Yes, maybe next time,” she whispered as she hugged my body to hers. With that little sentence, she confirmed to me that there would be a ‘next time’. I would say that we resumed somewhat of a normal life after that, but it wasn’t normal at all. When Addie came home from her pole dancing class Wednesday night, she was on fire. She rode my cock that night as I’d watched her do with...Read On