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Wife Lovers

These are stories about wife lovers, and specifically concerned with married women. The wife in question may not actually be making love to her husband, and the stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are slut wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives.


Lucinda's New Life - Part 3 - Discovery

The future now looks very different for the heiress and her family

A morning sometime in Early August Cyndi sat at the dresser putting on her makeup; a lot more makeup than she used to apply but she had watched the other girls carefully and had learned what to do and what to expect. A large flat screen television was playing porn movies above the large, round bed. The screen flickered badly and there was a strange white noise behind the grunts and moans...Read On


The 25-Year Itch Chapter 13

The consequences of Maggie's night with Michael in London

I woke up and for a moment didn’t recognise my surroundings.  I felt disoriented, and it took me a few moments to realise where I was and what had been happening.  In the early morning light, my mind began to recall some of the events of the last few weeks. How had we gone from a twenty-five-year marriage, apparently settled and happy, bringing up two lovely children, to this?  Up to...Read On


Don’t Judge a Book Ch 02

A chance evening with friends leads to shared confessions.

Saturday 26th August 2017 Just over a month had passed, since out of the corner of my eyes, I’d observed Craig, Byron, and Callan rutting as three stags for the attentions of my sexy, but spoken for, wife. Jill and I were snuggled in bed enjoying a quiet and activity-free Saturday morning in bed. No lifts, sports matches, or driving lessons. The well-earned tranquility of proud parents...Read On


Lucinda's New Life - Part 2 - Distortion

Heiress begins to feel differently about life, love and her future

Monday 14th July Cindy was still sprawled naked and motionless on the rumpled sheets when, very early that morning, Peter left the apartment to start the long drive to Southampton. He felt exhausted after a largely sleepless night during which his almost insatiable wife had made a relentless series of demands on his body. It was only the second such night in many, many months and had...Read On


My Journal Part Two

Best if you read the first part "My Journal" to get what is happening.

Journal Entry: January 21, 2015 Things seem to be getting a bit better in the sex department. I got home today and she was in the kitchen making dinner wearing a nice short sundress. I snuck up behind her and started kissing her neck. I then lifted the sundress up from behind and lowered her panties to the floor. Unzipping my pants, my hard-on sprung out. She didn't resist at all as I...Read On


Lucinda's New Life - Part 1 - Dissatisfaction

Society heiress finds married life isn't all a bed of roses.

Monday 7th July It was Monday afternoon and as the long, dark, chauffeur-driven car sped through the London traffic away from her office in the City, Lucinda, or to use her full name, Lady Lucinda Estelle Spencer, was once again convinced that she had made a mistake in her marriage. After spending another strained weekend with her husband, for her, the start of the working week had been...Read On


Don't Judge A Book Ch. 1

Postlogue and prologue: 2019 a crescendo; 2017 a genesis of three rutting males.

Sunday 12th May 2019 It had been a long nine days. A very long nine days. The last nine days had marked the crescendo of a two-year period that had turned our marriage upside down. I’m one of those people who enjoys classical music but doesn’t know all the technical terms. But the last two years reminded me of one of those classical pieces which starts incredibly slowly and builds, bit...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 20-a

Sunday evening, Nov 5, 2028 We were still on our bed, my arms and legs handcuffed to the corners and Addie had just taken the ball-gag out of my mouth. “Who was the pretty redhead with you last night?” she asked Holy shit! I could hardly breathe. She knew! “Did you fuck her?” I couldn’t speak, all I could do was nod. “Thought probably so. Who is she?” My jumbled mind had at least...Read On


The Script

An unusual turn of events

June opened the envelope because it had her name on it. That was unusual for an envelope that looked like business post; those were always addressed to David. The other thing that made it stand out was its size, a bulky A4 envelope, more like a mail order magazine than a letter. She slit it open and dumped the contents on the kitchen table. A CD and a thick pile of printed paper with...Read On


Going To The Club With Kelly

Mine was the only cock she fucked that night but I wasn't the only one who got her off.

It was a Friday evening in August of 1994. I had to attend a dinner for work with the boss and some vendor representatives and my wife, Kelly was invited. The dinner was at the fanciest restaurant in our town so Kelly decided to dress up. She had bought a dress on clearance a few months prior that she thought would be perfect. It was a black skirt on the bottom with a few silver spangles...Read On


Was She Cheating?

I was convinced my wife was cheating.

I made the mistake of reading an article I saw online to determine if your spouse was cheating on you. The article gave nine factors to determine if your spouse was cheating on you. My interest was aroused because my wife of twenty years had been acting strange. After I read the article, Jenny scored five of nine. Number one: suspicious calls then acting as they were nothing. Number...Read On


Perfect Marriage?

Perfect marriage shattered by cheating.

They say there are signs when your spouse is unfaithful. “They” are right, I just missed them till it was too late. My name is Robert, everybody calls me Bob. I have a good job working for an engineering firm. I have just turned thirty-one married to Debbie. We have been married for seven years giving birth to the other love of my life Isabell, or Izzy as I call my six-year-old daughter. I...Read On

Recommended Read

Eve Enters The Extramarital Garden

Eve bites the apple...

Oh, God. What if Tim is right? The phrase blazed within Eve’s head as Caesar thrust inside. Six days earlier Eve chose to eat an apple from the tree of extramarital sex. John Bull offered Caesar Antonio Alexander; she picked him from a short list of men John recommended. Tim’s tender and engaging participation supported Caesar’s seduction and penetration of Eve. The two men melted...Read On


Masturbation, Interrupted!

Rose tries to pleasure herself, but finds difficulties.

It was a regular Wednesday and I woke up hornier than usual. My husband walked out of the bathroom still glistening with droplets of water from his shower. Ron, my husband, is seventy-five years old, thirty years older than me, but still, quite fit. Even though his libido has diminished over the years, he still has a beautiful body and a lovely nine-inch cock. He is semi-retired but still...Read On


A Birthday Surprise

In a drunken comment, Susie asks her husband for a different cock. Will he find one for her?

Hi. I’m Susie. I have a husband; James. I adore him. Even more so after his recent birthday present to me. Want to hear about it?. It wasn’t a special birthday, just one on the run-up to the supposedly life-changing fortieth. We’ve been married fifteen years. Our sex life is great. Nothing outrageous. We haven’t been wife swapping, or dogging, or anything like that, but we have always had...Read On


Straying From the Path

Bob seeks my help corrupting his innocent wife.

One recent Saturday morning my wife and I were finishing a late breakfast when we heard the doorbell ring. I opened the door to find an attractive young couple, dressed as for church, on our doorstep. The husband explained they were members of the local Baptist church and were canvassing our neighborhood to issue invitations to non-members to join them for Sunday school and services afterwards....Read On


Eve in the Marital Garden

Weeds in the Garden

Weeds in the Marital Garden When Eve returned from John’s condo, she and Tim hugged and cried and then spread out the spring rolls and Kung Pao chicken she’d brought. They talked openly about the secrets of his sex life. She was shocked to learn Tim masturbated daily and he’d had more orgasms with himself over the ten years of their marriage than he did with her. She fully expected...Read On


Consensual Cheating Ch. 4

The final chapter of Lisa and Adam’s voyage, destination unknown

I was a confused and bewildered man as I stood there in the unkempt backyard of Lisa’s boyfriend's dilapidated wood-sided house. My iron-hard cock and adrenaline rush confirmed just how excited I was as I watched Lisa’s willing participation in this mini-gangbang. But another part of my brain and heart wondered where this road we were on was leading. I’d been enjoying the excitement and...Read On


Consensual Cheating Ch. 3

Lisa's next date with lover boy kicks things up a notch.

It all happened in a whirlwind. One minute I was cooking the family dinner, kids sat contentedly in front of Uncle Netflix, wife location undetermined somewhere upstairs. Next minute the doorbell goes, the clip-clop of heels on wooden staircase, kiss on cheek and a brief ‘don’t wait up honey’ and door opened and closed. And then there were three. I heard the car reverse out, saw its...Read On


Marrying Carol 8

The theme for that night's dinner was 'pajama party.'

We woke up around 7 PM.  Carol was grinning from ear to ear.  I pulled her close to me and we whispered words of love to each other.  Carol told me her cunt was a bit sore from the DP.  I got some soothing oils and gently rubbed it into her bald mound. I couldn't help but slip a finger into her.  She moaned. She smiled and said, "Your touch is all I ever need." We dressed to walk around...Read On


Consensual Cheating Ch. 2

Adam heads home and waits for Lisa...

As my Uber turned the corner, I cast one final fleeting and longing glance back to the delipidated house where my wife Lisa was getting her brains fucked out by Carlos, the young gangbanger from her office, all tattoos and muscles. As we sped away from the scene, I cursed that I had to head home to relieve our babysitter Sharon. The thought that my beautiful thirty-five-year-old wife...Read On


You Won't Adam And Eve It!

Adam so wanted to have sex with a woman like Eve, but was he ready for everything that meant?

Adam’s tongue waited expectantly for Eve’s pussy. She was squatting across him and slowly lowering her pussy onto his face. Her outer lips were gorged, her inner lips glistened with the strawberry red body paint he had spent a good five minutes diligently painting into her folds. His cock throbbed as he waited to taste her. He had used his chat room surname of Chandler when he collected...Read On


Consensual Cheating Ch. 1

After years of bedroom fantasies, a work colleague sparks my wife's interest

Is there such a thing as consensual cheating? Well I reckon the story of Lisa and my marriage proves that such a contradictory idea is actually possible. Our story starts around three years ago. At the time both Lisa and myself (Adam) were thirty-four. We’d been married for thirteen years, and had a happy marriage which had been blessed by two wonderful healthy children. Lisa is the product...Read On


Eve Flees and Finds a Different Garden

Eve Discovers a Tree of Life

Eve Flees Eve had an almost sleepless night. Drifting between short naps and long periods of drowsy thinking, Eve realized she couldn’t face Tim in the morning; not after seeing him last night with his dick in his hand and another woman watching him masturbate. She texted John at five in the morning. Bfst ur place? Where else could she turn except John? She couldn’t go to her family...Read On


Shall We Play? Part 5

The others tell their stories.

After Jack left, I fell back into a deep sleep. Surprisingly, I didn’t wake up when my husband crawled into bed. The room was filled with light when my eyes opened. Logan was next to me asleep, like any other Sunday morning. But this was not any other Sunday morning. It had been just a few hours ago that Jack had been in my bed fucking me and Logan had been in the bed of the hostess of the...Read On


Marrying Carol 7

The next day we went to the beach.

We woke up happy and horny the next morning.  The sun was streaming through the window and we could hear waves crashing on the beach.  We lazed around in bed and talked about yesterday's sexual adventures. Carol said, "If you ever said stop, it would be over.  I love you most of all." We showered together and fooled around but no real sex.  We went down to breakfast sitting with the same...Read On


Marrying Carol 6

Our first dinner at the resort exposes a lot of Carol

After our afternoon adventure with Peter and our nap we got up and got ready for the welcoming dinner.  I asked Carol, "Did you have a fun afternoon?" She smile at me and said, "Ummmm, I did.  I'm looking forward to having more fun." We dressed in what I would call resort casual.  Carol wore a sheer white caftan, a flower in her hair and went barefoot.  I wore a pair of khaki shorts and...Read On


Transcendant Sensuality - 15

Karla's headed to Argentina, and a plan is in place to take care of Kevin.

“I’ve ruined it.” Kevin looked up from his paper at his gorgeous, auburn-haired wife. “What have you ruined? We can buy another, whatever it is.” “I’ve ruined what we had. All the mystery, the sensuality, it’s all gone. Everything that we started this experience for is all gone.” Kevin folded his paper. “Sometimes the workings of your mind escape me,” he admitted. “The Halloween...Read On


Marrying Carol 5

Carol fucks a beachboy.

I looked around the resort and all I could think of was sex.  We went back to our room and Carol suggested we go to the beach.  I was a little apprehensive but said yes.  Carol put on a transparent beach cover and took a blanket and some sunscreen.  I had a terrycloth bathrobe.  We got to the beach and Carol put down the blanket and took off her beach cover.  I hesitated but finally took off...Read On


Marrying Carol 4

The wedding was wonderful and Carol was both true and slutty

Over the next few weeks, Carol and I were both busy getting ready for the wedding and at work.  We went to the church to meet the minister and preview the service.  The minister was very nice and showed us around the chapel.  He said take your time and look around. Once he left the room Carol said we should go into a confessional.  I shrugged and went into the penitent side.  Carol went...Read On