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Wife Lovers

These are stories about wife lovers, and specifically concerned with married women. The wife in question may not actually be making love to her husband, and the stories could involve other lovers, either men or women. Akin to this category are slut wives, hot and horny wife stories, wife swapping, and cheating wives.


Adventure Part 7

Carol get another cock

The pizza delivery boy stood inside the door, holding the two pizzas and staring open-mouthed at Carol naked in her bathrobe. She walked over to me and said out loud she needed money. She whispered to me, "Can I fuck him? You and John be my audience." I hesitated and then nodded yes.  John was sitting a few feet from me and heard Carol's whisper.  He smiled at us. Carol walked over to...Read On


Hunting Shack

More than hunting takes place at the hunting shack.

Our friend Bill has a nice little cottage "up north" set on eighty acres of land. He is an outdoorsman and spends a lot of time hunting in his woods. He and my wife have always been flirtatious with one another. Like many men, it turns me on when they flirt. I often hope and imagine what it would be like if their flirting got physical. I have told my wife how I'd like to see them kiss...Read On


Lesson Pt4

The next time Rick visited us, it was obvious that I'd have to see what he could do with his cock.

The next time Rick paid us a visit, it was obvious that I'd have to see what he could do with his cock, but I wasn't expecting quite what I got. He arrived all flustered and wet from the rain, afraid he was going to be late, he said, due to the idiots who can't drive in the weather. Letting him recover, we chatted about nothing really, until my man appeared and called us to attention. ...Read On


After the Reunion, Ch 16-d

The new friends' exciting night.

Saturday night, Sept 30, 2028 “Anyone want to watch a home movie? I just happened to bring a good one with us,” Tanner said as the six of us stepped into our living room. He went straight to his laptop case and dug it out, hooking his HDMI up to our eighty-inch TV. Addie asked who would like something to drink and got the diet cokes and ice tea we asked for, except Michelle; apparently,...Read On


Feeding An Addiction: A Three-Way Street Ch 14

Events at our innocent dinner party spin out of control

Scarsdale, NY: Sunday 15th October 2017 I looked at my watch. I’d been upstairs for a good seven or eight minutes, trying to avoid the round-the-group inquisition on sexual fantasies that my wife’s friend Jenny had instigated. In front of the full group of four guests, I had no desire to confess my fantasy of watching Sue with other men. Everyone there already knew about this fantasy, but...Read On


The Singing Of The Cicadas III

Finally, they talk and take their decision.

Old man Eric was sitting in his favorite rocking chair on the patio of his deceased brother's holiday mansion. It was after lunchtime, but since he had slept in that day, keeping everyone – his granddaughter and her husband, mainly – worried whether they should check on him, he renounced to his daily nap. This way, he could, for once, read the newspaper without being bothered by...Read On

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My Wife And The Fixer-Upper

My wife helps a friend fix his house and more.

My wife Christy is an extremely attractive thirty-three-year-old species of the female sex: a brunette with shoulder-length naturally wavy hair and a very trim sexy figure. Her firm thirty-four-B cup tits perfectly complement her five-feet-five-tall frame and she is proud of her super-slim figure that she works out four times per week to keep. Her tits do not need support and her slender...Read On



Double your pleasure... double your fun...

  G A I L As I nervously drove to the hotel, I searched my memories and tried to remember when this first started. I think it was a progression of a thousand things over a very long period. All in all, I considered Mike and I had a pretty good marriage. We didn’t have a perfect relationship, but who does? I think (like many couples) we slowly became trapped in a relationship where...Read On


The Glory Hole

My wife visits her first glory hole.

Three years of marriage and already she was fucking around behind my back. She didn't know that I knew, and kept up a real front, the perfect little wife – "Oh, John, I really love your cock up me. I'll do anything for you. Oh yes, baby, that's it. Harder. Deeper." As deep as David's? I thought to myself, fucking her harder. David was one of Jenny's lovers. His cock was almost twice the...Read On


Lesson Pt 3

What shall I teach Rick this time...

Like I said, I've never had a Mrs Robinson streak, so my man and I came up with a vague plan of action during a very satisfying session one evening. It would probably take three or four sessions to teach Rick the lessons we'd identified, but as he was just twenty-three, we figured he'd have the stamina. Lesson One was set for the Wednesday evening. Answering the door to Rick, he was...Read On


New Year's Birthday (New Year's Part 3A)

My birthday promises to be amazing, but I'm not sure I like how my gift is delivered.

My wife and I walked arm in arm down the edge of the road. I watched as her demeanor shifted from joy to irritation and back to joy for the dozenth time. We were turning into Carol and Mike's driveway, so I prayed that the joy would hold. "Why does this nurse I've never met have to join you?" she grumbled. Before I could answer, she added, "I trust Carol when she says not to worry, but I...Read On


Wife for the Contract

It's the contract of a lifetime, but my wife's in with the deal.

It had been nearly four hours since I dropped my wife at the hotel, and the suspense was killing me. I knew that two men were fucking her. After all, that had been the deal. But was she enjoying it? How big were they? Would she still want me afterwards? A million thoughts and concerns flew through my mind as I sat and waited – literally a million. It was the biggest deal of my life that,...Read On


The Singing Of The Cicadas II

After their fight, they unburden their hearts.

Old man Eric lay in his bed, awake, unable to sleep, tossing and turning. It was one of these nights where the chirping of the cicadas simply would not lull him to sleep as it usually did. It rather kept him awake and his mind running busy revisiting memories of old days long gone. The sound of the Mistral blowing through the treetops of the olive and plane trees rustling in his ears like...Read On


Lesson Pt 1

Young man chats up mature woman, and gets a lesson for his cheek.

We were out one night, having a nightcap in a busy hotel bar, when a youngish lad tried chatting me up at the bar. Pretty average looking but had a sparkle in his eye and his cheek; had me shaking my head in wonder. He couldn't have been above twenty-five at the most, and I was approaching forty. I've never had a Mrs Robinson streak so I just gave him cheek back and headed back to my man. As...Read On


The 25 Year Itch Chapter11: Hot Wife At Work Part 3

Maggie returns to her husband, Paul, from her night with Michael.

I stared for a long while at the photograph of the pile of clothes on the hotel bedroom floor.  I zoomed in on the details. I tried to identify each item of clothing; which were Maggie’s and which were not.  In a corner of the picture, I could make out what looked like a pair of small, sheer panties, which removed any doubt in my mind about how far things had gone.  The clothes seemed to be...Read On


And a Happy Birthday To You Too Chapter 2

Married couple tempted to continue affair(s)

Wife got hubby a gift of a coed and he enjoyed the one-night-stand. Wife got a reciprocal gift, a guy, but it gets complicated. Geoffrey’s was a cute twenty-two-year-old coed who simply wanted someone to take her virginity, pre-marriage vows. Jenny hit the jackpot with an urbane Black guy who was skilled in the art of seduction and romance. Jenny had helped set up her husband’s liaison...Read On


Kevin's Wife is (Still) a Dirty Slut

What happens when you discover you love to watch your wife getting fucked?

"What do you think, sweetie?” Arabella gave a seductive twirl in her new scarlet dress, bought especially for the occasion. It was cut daringly low at the front, showing a considerable expanse of her large braless breasts. This view was improved even more when she bent over, causing her huge melons to flop forward and practically spill out of the front. The danger of wardrobe...Read On


Caught MILF Handed

Todd thought he was sneaky, but his girlfriend's mom was too horny to let him get away.

The day had barely begun, but already, Kimberly Dane had a feeling that today was going to be pretty sad. She sighed as she looked at her backyard through the glass doors of her kitchen as she took sips of coffee from her mug. She had just gotten back from what was supposed to be a romantic weekend in New York with her husband, Chip, but things didn’t exactly go as planned… at all. Her...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 16-c

A dinner with Michelle & Robert

Saturday morning, Sept 30, 2028 I woke up completely disoriented. I had slept on the right side of our bed, with Addie on the left, for the last ten years. Somehow, that morning I was on the left side and I didn’t understand why. Addie wasn’t in bed, either, adding to the mystery of why I was on the wrong side. It took me lying there several seconds to piece together what had happened the...Read On


Adventure Part 6

We continue to explore our relationships

The three of us walked into the bedroom.  As we walked we shed our bathrobes.  Carol was positively glowing, her nipples jutting out, her chest flushed with desire.  John's long lanky body and long skinny cock, which was semi-hard, looked great.  As for me, I was just glad to be there and I was also getting hard.  The room was full of sexual tension. Carol turned to me and crushed her lips...Read On


The Singing Of The Cicadas I

She's his sister-in-law. They're on vacation. Both have their skeletons in the closet.

Eric was sitting in his patio rocking chair, lazily enjoying the afternoon sun and the Mistral breeze. Contented, he watched his great-grandchildren run around and play in the garden of his old mansion in Aubagne near Aix-en-Provence. With his belly well-stuffed with tomatoes and pickled olives from his own garden, fresh baguette, well-matured Banon cheese and glass of his...Read On


And a Happy Birthday To You Too

Husband reciprocates wife present with one of his own for her: a guy.

CHAPTER ONE: Background Recently, Jenny, my wife of twenty-plus years, gave me a surprise birthday gift, a coed. Actually, she (the gift, not the wife) was a graduate student. This twenty-two-year-old’s desire to be deflowered prior to her nuptials was a ritual her dorm-mates claimed was de-rigure. The coed, Gwen, explained her reason for responding to our ad. Our houseguest stated,...Read On


Boudoir Photos Turn Into Something Extra

In an effort to help her friend, my wife ends up helping herself!

My husband and I had already discussed this a few times. My sexy friend Mia wants to take some hot boudoir pictures. She thinks her husband, Joaquin, will get really turned on by looking at some nude photos of her. She’s prepared to get naked for him, but she needs somebody she can really trust to style her, pose her, and take the intimate photos. She has ruled out a professional...Read On


Adventure Part 5

Carol and I develop some sex rules

When the three of us got to the car, we smiled at each other and Carol gave both John and I passionate kisses.  I needed some time to process all that had happened and to talk to Carol alone.  I dropped John at his apartment and told him to come over at noon.   He was disappointed but we reassured him.  Carol and I were quiet on the way home. When we got into our apartment we...Read On


Busted With My Online Porn 3

Donna the babysitter

My mind was swirling and I felt the nervous feeling rising in my stomach. How much did Donna know? Surely since she saw my wife’s video she must know everything. Had my wife shown her my online profile from the porn site? Had Donna read my posts and stories? Oh hell, this was overwhelming me! Fortunately, I had the radio droning on in the background, if it had of been silent I might...Read On


Busted With My Online Porn 2

More than I bargained for

It’s amazing how things can go from insane, wild and crazy to as plain as things ever were. The next morning we did all the same things we ever did when we are at the coast house. We got up slowly, made some coffee, watched a little morning news on the T.V. and I went out on the deck to enjoy a smoke with my coffee. Like normal, I took my laptop out with me and turned on the radio...Read On


Busted With My Online Porn

Vacation house fun!

My wife and I are both teachers and we both enjoy having long periods of time off for whatever endeavor we choose. We like the Summer Vacation the best! Where we live and work the summers can be brutal so in a brief moment of wisdom we bought a tiny one-bedroom house on the coast. Nothing fancy, just a cute little place to be refugees from the heat. We’ve had the little coast house for a...Read On


New Years Day (New Years Part 2)

I return to the scene of the crime to see if things are going to work out like we hoped.

The inside door opened before I could knock. The gentleman that answered was smiling, but he was also holding a single finger up to his lips. "The good doctor is sleeping," he explained. "Do you need to take your car and go, or do you have time to come in and talk for a bit?" "The doctor?" I couldn't stop from asking. He had to be talking about his wife. "I have some time, and we...Read On


The Adventure part 4

Carol goes wild

Strongly suggest reading the first three episodes. My wife Carol and I seduced and fucked our friend John. The three of us went wild with sex and the next morning the three of us went for a hike in the forests where we stopped at a bench and sex happened.  Carol was sucking my cock and John had her top off; when two clean-cut black young men appeared on the trail and saw us. The two young...Read On


The Widow At Number 56 - Chapter 2

Claire finds herself falling deeper into a strange new world

“What!” they screeched in unison, as they both stared disbelievingly in my direction. “You’re actually going to do it?” Karen ventured, her eyes wide in skepticism and alarm. “That was the idea wasn’t it?” Their stunned expressions made me laugh out loud.  I hadn’t actually done anything yet, and if I’m honest I wasn’t totally convinced I ever would. “Well, wasn't it?” “Well yes,”...Read On