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Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 9

Events at the Cabin take a mix of predictable and very unpredictable paths

As I sat there drinking my warm milk to help me sleep, there was no way I could ignore the sounds of love-making coming from Jason’s bedroom. I could clearly hear Claire’s voice as she moaned and sighed as Jason made love to her. It was Tuesday night and I realized Claire hadn’t seen Jason since Friday, a week and a half ago. As Claire normally saw Jason two or three times a week, to have...Read On


Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 8

Persuaded to visit Jason & Hannah's cabin, things don't go as planned.

An eventful Christmas with agreed plans being tested by Jason’s family Hi, this is Neil, picking up the story from where Claire left off. It was the middle of December 2016, and Claire’s relationship with Jason had now been going strong for around five or six weeks. In many ways, Jason and I were chalk and cheese, with very different lives and upbringings. But having bonded over our...Read On


Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 7

Claire's thoughts as she and Neil settle into their new lifestyle and have a hot night out.

The next morning the alarm buzzed, and I had to reach across Jason’s massive body, as he was sleeping on my side of the bed. With neither of my men showing any signs of life, I had to shuffle awkwardly between their two sleeping bodies, underneath the duvet and out of the bottom of the bed. Not very elegant or lady-like! After showering and coffee, I saw the boys who were still...Read On


Jack and Pam Make It Real

Marriage changes over time and doesn't always mean monogamy.

Friday afternoon has always been a gift to me. The work week would be over soon and I could look forward to a weekend with my wife Pam, the kids and friends. I was really looking forward to tonight, because my best buddy, Jack was coming over for dinner. The plan was to hang out with Pam and me for the evening. It’s what we’ve been doing for more than fifteen years. We would probably have a...Read On


Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy Part 6 (re-write)

Neil gets an unexpected call at work and bridges are re-built and some new boundaries are crossed

That Tuesday Claire and I headed off to work as normal. I knew it would be a crazy day of meetings and people needing my time. You know, one of those days you never quite get under control. Just before 5 p.m., I was about to head into my last meeting of the day, when I saw my phone light up with Jason’s name. My pulse immediately quickened and my muscles tensed. I could calmly deal with...Read On


Jaq Has Photo Session

Photo session turns into a gang bang

Many members will know all about Jaq. Jaq is my wife and a very sexy lady. A few years back, Jaq was asked to do some modelling work for her employer; this was just to show off some of the products that the company had for sale. The company sold many products that are used in the building trade. The idea was to have a member of staff demonstrating the products in a provocative manner,...Read On


My Wife’s Harem, Part 2

I was ready to have a go with three more girls in my wife’s harem

It had been three weeks since I’d spent that long night of sex with Elizabeth. She was the fourth girl in my wife’s harem of girls that I’d had in my bed: three gorgeous blondes and one brunette. They all had been amazing fuck buddies that wanted me again anytime I wanted them to return. Cathy is thirty-four and lives just across the street. Teresa is a gorgeous sixteen-year-old...Read On


MILF Videoed Cheating on Hubby with Her Bosses

I suspect my wife of cheating on me, and an investigator takes video of her adultery.

My wife, Wendy, and I met as singles in a bar one evening in Houston, when I was twenty-four years old, and she was twenty-three.  I was working for an accounting firm, after having obtained my bachelor’s degree in accounting, and she was working for a major legal firm as a paralegal and has a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies. I’m Marty, and despite my less-outgoing personality...Read On


Halloween Party

What Happens on Halloween Stays On Halloween

My wife is an administrative assistant for a construction company executive and her boss throws an annual Halloween party. As his admin, she was the one to send out the invitations, and of course, she was invited personally. Only a select few from the company were on the invitation list and that caused her to wonder. She asked one of her co-workers why the list was so exclusive. Her...Read On


My Wife’s Harem, P1

Turns out that my wife is bi-sexual and has a harem of girlfriends that she’ll share with me

NOTE: Readers should start with “Our Foreign Exchange Student” to read the background to this story. I spent the night having sex with Natasha, our foreign exchange student and my wife caught us. However, she wasn’t upset because she had been having an affair with Natasha for three months! I was understandably upset to find out that my wife of ten years was not only bisexual, but had...Read On



Troubled wife learns to explore

I have been married for seven years and never once even considered cheating on my husband. I can’t say that anymore. I have now not only thought about cheating, but I have cheated. I love my husband, but I guess my excuse is I got bored. My name is Amanda, but everyone calls me Mandy. Steve and I got married right out of high school. We dated through our senior year. Steve was always...Read On


Two Types, Chapter 3

Les springs his trap

The runup to the big party at Johnny’s place turned out to be a little romantic but confusing in Les’ and Carolyn’s house. Pre-party week circumstances dictated Les had to go in to work, a fifty-mile commute in one direction while his wife required a longer commute in the opposite direction. Thus, in that early October, they saw each other in still-dark mornings and darker evenings. ...Read On


Sexy Christi - Shared for the First Time

Sharing my sexy wife for the first time.

My sexy wife Christi is usually pretty reserved but sometimes after a few glasses of wine she lets herself loosen up a bit. I have always wanted to share her but haven't been able to get her to consent.  Christi is very sexy. She has long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and what I think is a smoking hot body. She is five foot six inches, weighs around 120 pounds, has nice firm 34b breasts...Read On


Angela’s Peeping Toms

The day we found who was peeping in on Angela's sex trysts with Jack!

It’s been months since my wife Angela, and our gardening help, Jack, made love for the first time and continue doing so, enjoying each other immensely while tending to our garden. Time has flown ever since with Angela looking forward to the days when Jack comes in to help her with the garden and the sexual indulgences afterwards. As Jack had acquaintance with quite a few of our neighbors and...Read On


25 Year Itch Chapter 8

Our couple get to talk about what's been happening, and Maggie encourages Paul to have fun

I awoke sometime in the early hours and needed to go to the bathroom.  The house was quiet and the spare room door was shut.  When I returned to bed, I checked and found Maggie was still naked, which made me feel aroused.  She used to put her night clothes on in the night on the rare occasions when she went to sleep naked, but more recently she had stayed naked.  She knew I really liked this. ...Read On


Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 5

Monday evening, two views on a conversation that had to be had

Claire’s view Hi, This is Claire still. Neil’s going to share his perspective and thoughts on those deep conversations that started that Monday evening, just after Veteran’s Day 2016.  But as it was me who first took the lead in those conversations, it makes sense if I share my memories first.  You never fully remember conversations as they were actually said, however important they...Read On


He Wanted To Watch

My husband had a fantasy - to watch me with another guy

One night in bed after having sex, my husband confided in me that he had a fantasy of watching me with another man. My initial reaction was one of hurt; if he loved me, how could he want me to be with someone else? I couldn't bear the thought of seeing him with another woman. I just didn't understand. He tried to explain that he had strong voyeuristic tendencies and that he thought I was...Read On


Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 4

Claire’s side of the story so far

Hi, This is Claire. So far it’s been my loving husband Neil who’s described what’s happened to us since our younger daughter Caitlyn left for college. I’m happy for my beloved to carry on doing all the heavy lifting (After all, that’s what husbands are for!). But I’d like to add my two cents' worth before Neil continues. I guess I’d like to really expand on and give everyone a...Read On


P Has Fun In The Woods

P has more fun.

Following the party at Aberlady, Paula was quickly invited out for another dogging session by some of the guys she had met at John’s party. On this occasion, she would be taken to South Queensferry and fucked in a local woods. Doug, the guy who had rung me from the party as Paula was being screwed, was the one to set it all up. He had spoken to Alistair and arranged for Paula to be collected...Read On


Two Types, Chapter 2

Les won’t confront Carolyn, so things move inexorably on

Les was gobsmacked that his wife of almost ten years was cheating on him with somebody named Johnnie from work. It seemed all the action was in Chicago, when she flew there for business.  "Monkey business," thought her husband.  On Saturday morning, Les’ wife’s Uber arrived while he was doing the lawn. Sure, they could afford a lawn service, especially with Carolyn’s new job and pay grade,...Read On


Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 3

After Claire’s unplanned seduction, things continue to develop the vacation weekend

When my shell-shocked state allowed me to, I finally upped and left the club and headed home to our lonely home. Our daughters were gone to college, and now their mother was gone too. Gone to the condo of a well-endowed black guy who we’d found on the internet. We’d only planned to meet for a meal and to get to know him a little. But by the end of the evening, Claire was gently telling me...Read On


Sharing Claire, The Agony & The Ecstasy, Part 2

Our first meeting with Jason and things start going awry.

I remember well the date we first met Jason. It was Thursday, 10th November 2016, the day before Veteran’s Day, so that neither Claire nor I had to go to work the next day. Claire and I live in Lake Success and as Jason lived in Brooklyn, he suggested that we meet at a restaurant he knew in Queens. Both Claire and I were incredibly nervous. For me, one of the most nerve-wracking and...Read On


A Fantasy Fulfilled

More than one cock...

 My wife and I are in our mid-forties. We are both in a second marriage and have a good sex life. Sex is always good, but there is always something new to try. This is what happened on a recent holiday to Greece. We landed on the wonderful island of Mykonos in May this year. On our first night, we found a nice little taverna down a little side street. The waiters were all really nice and paid...Read On


Sharing Claire - The Agony & The Ecstasy: Part 1

Empty nesters enjoyment of internet erotica leads marriage in new direction

Part 1 - Filling a hole in our lives Claire and I had been married for more than twenty years when the events that I’m about to describe started. The year was 2016 and Claire and I had just bid a tearful goodbye to our younger daughter Caitlyn as she’d headed off to college – like her mother, studying for a degree in education so she could follow in Claire’s footsteps to become a teacher....Read On


Watching P Play

P goes to a party and I see first part of fun

I thought I would add another time that Paula had some fun with Alastair and some of her more senior workmates. It was at the work's Christmas party and I witnessed some of it firsthand, so to speak, then she told me the rest upon getting home. I had intended just to drop her off at the party, say hello, then head home. As it happens, I saw a bit of the 'action' before leaving which had me...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 15-a

It was déjà vu all over again, waiting for my wife to meet her fuck-buddy. At least this time I had some tasks, instead of wandering aimlessly like last time. I picked up Kevin from day-care, then waited until three o’clock to pick Katie up at school, then drove them to Ontario where we’d planned to let them stay the weekend with my mom and dad. Addie had packed their bags and kissed them...Read On


Further Adventures Of A Fifty-Year-Old Couple

For anyone who has not read any of my stories, they are all based on true events. We are a very happy couple in our fifties but love to experiment in our sex life.   One Friday evening, we decided to head out of our neighbourhood for a couple of drinks. We found a nice little pub in a little village a few miles out of town. We had finished our first drink when I noticed two young guys...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 14-b

Family time before Addie's trip

The next morning, we got up early. Well, eight o’clock is early on Sunday; packed the ice chest, barbecue grill, chairs, and dry clothes, had a quick bite to eat and by 9:30 we were on our way east to the Sawtooth Mountains. There’s a lake we love, Lower Hanson Lake, that’s perfect for swimming on a hot day. It may be ‘Lower’ Hanson Lake, but there’s nothing low about it. The elevation is...Read On


After the Reunion Ch 14-a

We enjoy a night with new friends.

Jocelyn and Cameron were in the lobby of the Best Western when we walked in. Cameron frustratingly told us that the hotel was full, there wasn’t another room available so they’d have to go home. “No,” Tanya said, “We have two queen beds. We can squeeze.” “Six?” Jocelyn glanced at Tina, “Seven?” “I’m not staying,” Tina clarified, “only six.” “Six on two beds? Cozy,” Jocelyn said. Yeah,...Read On


My Best Friend Becomes My Wife’s Lover - Part 1

My best friend Scott becomes my wife’s lover

My wife Meredith and I have been married for about fifteen years. We married young and have had a good although very conservative sex life. Meredith is a gorgeous brunette with perky yet smaller breasts and a round firm ass. On many occasions, I have tried to spice up our lovemaking by mentioning how I have noticed other guys checking her out. She would always deny it, saying that they...Read On