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Topic Hotwife automatically define husband as cuckold
Posted 18 Jan 2016 12:53

No. People get it confused perhaps because a lot of hotwifes have cuckold husbands. I am a HotWife and my husband is not a cuckold. I don't humiliate him and he doesn't do things with the men I am with. He is not bi and I am ot out to degrade him. He is a voyeur of me. He loves to see his wife let other men have her. And he loves to see the men control me and talk dirty to me and make comments about me to him as they have me, but these aren't comments that degrade him, they are comments that degrade me infront of him. Example: Man fucking me says to hubbby, "You're wife's lil cunt is fantastic." Or "Your wife's a good fuck." Or "I'm going to fill your bitch full of my cum like the lil cunt she is."

Topic Hot wife?
Posted 18 Jan 2016 12:45

Hi, I have been a HotWife for my entire marriage and eas involved in the same activities with hubby before getting married. It works for us because both of us are into the lifestyle. We didn't have to talk the other into it. The only pitfall is if a couple wants to be with me. It has occasionally led to the woman also wanting my husband. We have to make it clear he likes to watch me and that we aren't interested in me watching him. We are rather selfish that way. We look for people and couples that are in complete agreement with what ee are looking for: my husband watching me in action.