wildgirl22's Blog Entries

SO tired one more week til im socal bound..Needs a new fuck buddy..

28 Jul 2013 16:40

UGh over it..Tmos friday gonna wear my fuck me pumps and see where the night takes me.

25 Jul 2013 21:45

If someone wants you they will fight for you actions speak louder than words.

01 Jul 2013 01:03

If someone wants you they with let actions speak louder than words.

01 Jul 2013 01:02

Dam rough sex is the best sexxx

16 May 2013 09:22

off to del mar for a couple days to see my fuck buddy hehe..cant wait..

05 May 2013 22:51

MHmmm finally said fuck it and had so much fun last night

02 May 2013 18:25

Annoyed to say the least maybe I should just stay single..

30 Apr 2013 21:15

Best way to get over one guy get under another..Single and ready del Mar let's goo...I need New fuck buddy asap

30 Apr 2013 20:42

Single and ready to mingle off to del Mar to find a new fuck buddy...ahhh so excited..

30 Apr 2013 20:33

Yay I'm so happy my love finally text me today def gonna plan a surprise for him soon..on cloud nine

11 Apr 2013 16:24

Best sex of my life tonight...pissed he had to go but will def continue when get brings back my food..LOOOOve sucking his big cock..cant wait..

04 Apr 2013 02:46

Can't wait for tonite to start..single=do whatever the fuck I want..who said being a slut was boring...

30 Mar 2013 19:02

Thought I would hate living in so cal so close to my babe but I'm having a blast loving it...off to the bar let's have fun leaving my morals an most of my outfit at home..

29 Mar 2013 23:16

Hmmm needs man that can keep up with me...

28 Mar 2013 18:31

Rules are meant to be broken..Single and plan on having a blast in so cal..

26 Mar 2013 23:42

Little red dress black heels hair curled lace underwear...romantic dinner on the table..hopefully a great night..

26 Mar 2013 19:56

so cal bound for the next month or two need a fuck buddy down here tattoos tall and sexy..

25 Mar 2013 21:21

One more day in sd..let's get wild and live with no regrets..if he doesn't want me another man would love to have me..

24 Mar 2013 23:14

Love San Diego..soo much fun.I need to fuck though hmmmm..

24 Mar 2013 15:43

Love San Diego wild night now on to a even wilder day..bbq drinks and good times..gotta live the single life...looking for a new fuck buddy in so cal..

24 Mar 2013 13:31

Ugh so horny and my babe won't help me maybe he doesn't want me..hmm any one want to help me...

19 Mar 2013 22:43

DAm had a the best sex ever last night..def needed that cant wait to go again next weekend..happy girl..

17 Mar 2013 15:42

WIll def be back to San diego best sex of my life last nite..Finally realized if a man wants you he will make time for you..be back next weekend to see my babe...yay..

17 Mar 2013 15:25

FInally reached La Jolla Girls..shots.and pool..and hot boys lets the party start..bye bitch..best way to get over one boy is to get under another one..andre you better get here fast

15 Mar 2013 21:03

UGh didnt think i wanted him as just a friend but rite now i just want him...

13 Mar 2013 23:29

If its mean to be they will fight for you of not let them go and move on to the next one..

03 Mar 2013 21:35

best way to get over a heartbreak go out with your girls and makeout with as many people as you can i need a new fuck buddy asap

01 Mar 2013 22:14

best way to get over a heartbreak go out with your girls and makeout with as many people as you can..

01 Mar 2013 22:13

I wanna be owned spanked and fucked all nite..anytakers..

01 Mar 2013 22:04