The Teacher and the Secretary (part2)

Richard and Sophie are at it again...

I’d fixed my clothes back to how a proper secretary shouldlook, and Richard had sorted himself out too. We had gotten dressed in silence, not an awkward one, just in contemplation of the situation. He pinched my bum on the way out, right where he had spanked me; probably to remind me he was in control. I still wanted to kick him in the balls. I opened the door and froze in horror to see...Read On



Summer Rain

Rain!? In the summer!? Let's move the picnic indoors...

I had spent all morning making sandwiches, cutting up apples, selecting your favourite drinks and crisps, and arranging biscuits on a pretty little plate. I’d packed it all into the picnic hamper with my picnic blanket, and I was dressed in my prettiest sun dress. Oh, we would have such a lovely time! A picnic in the park, under the summer sun, eating, drinking, laughing, a cheeky kiss...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


Love At First Fuck

A popular burlesque dancer receives an impromptu visit from a fan in her dressing room...

Some things are better when unexpected and spontaneous, as Ava found out one day as she was at work. Work, for Ava, was something she loved. Whenever her shift began, she felt an ever growing exponential love for her career. There was joy to be found in every second she was working, her painted red lips grinning and her co-workers grinning right back. She even loved the uniform; it made her...Read On


Dream State

Andrea dreams about the choices she must make in the future. Which man is right for her?

The night was cold, but Andrea slept soundly, warm between the sheets of her bed. Her head rested gently on a small pillow and her eyelids fluttered with the motions of sleep and dreams. It was the first decent sleep she’d had since she got home from Christmas break with her friends in the Peak District, and her body was reaping the benefits of rest. The five of them- Andrea, Marcie,...Read On



I've always wanted to fuck someone in a hotel.

It is bitterly cold and pitch black as I leave work. My hands are balled into little fists in my pockets, and I can’t wait to get to the hotel where I know you are waiting for me. I don’t know what to expect, I’ve never done this before. You’ve never seen my face, and I’ve never seen yours. I do not know if I am your type, or if you are mine. I only know that I have wanted to fuck you since...Read On


The Teacher and the Secretary

They used to see each other every morning through the glass, and now they work at the same school...

I am quite proud of my body. I’m not over-confident about showing it off, but I know I am not fat and not skinny, and just the right amount of curvy in just the right places. My measurements are exactly the same as Marilyn Monroe’s, which I was ecstatic to learn! I don’t mind guys checking me out, and I appreciate when people tell me I look good. Sometimes, I like to leave my bedroom...Read On


Good morning, beautiful

The whole family is at home- will we get caught?

I’m hot and bothered under our covers when my phone goes off at about half past nine. The window had been closed all night, and the temperature was beyond bearable. God knows how I managed to sleep through it. I ignore my phone, instead moving backwards slightly to nestle myself in your arms. You wrap them tightly around me and hum a low, quiet ‘Good morning, beautiful.’ I squeeze your...Read On



Life on Earth

The Goddesses have forbidden the Pure Ones to touch a human, but Madison is falling...

Madison knew it was forbidden. That was what enticed herforward. The burning cold lay before her. And behind her... Well she couldn’t go back now. Not back to Purity. She refused to remain Pure, the burden of it pulled at her heart. Or at least, where her heart would be if she had one. But since she had met Jasper, he was all she longed for. The Pure aren’t supposed to allow themselves...Read On



My Naughty Surprise

I've always had a thing for my boyfriend's older brother...

I spent ages getting ready that evening. I took an hour long bath making sure my legs, underarms and pussy were completely smooth, my hair perfectly clean and soft, and that I smelled wonderful. When I was dried off, made up and moisturised, I put on all my best underwear- a black lacy push-up bra and a matching thong. I dressed relatively casually though, a coffee coloured a-line dress and...Read On