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13 Apr 2017 18:40

Happy Valentines Day to all my sexy friends

14 Feb 2017 15:57

Winter storm warning:to all my friends to the north of me, please be careful this weekend during this storm, I will be thinking of each and everyone of you, licks and kisses and lots of love

05 Jan 2017 17:42

31 Dec 2016 21:21

want to wish all my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving, be thankful for all we have and don't have, lots of licks and kisses

23 Nov 2016 19:15

05 Nov 2016 22:34

ok im home now and eating, miss you all so much, leave me something sexy

12 Sep 2016 18:20

hello y friends, I just finish my first two weeks at a wilderness outing, got two more weeks left, living off what we find and kill is awesome, might have lost some weight, well were heading back out, now phones or internet, I miss you all, I do have some mice panties with me, haha

03 Sep 2016 18:57

hello, sorry for not being on, my dad passed away and we had him buried yesterday at the military burial ground here in Florida, it took a couple of weeks to set it all up, glod bless my dad and all military vets on this weekend

27 May 2016 23:30

20 May 2015 04:00