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06 Feb 2014 10:42

ty to all my friends that have been so kind to me, I try to say hello to you all, but at times its hard, so please bare with me, licks and kisses to you all

06 Feb 2014 10:40

am a smorgasbord so treat me as such, have some of everything!!
First start at my navel (some of you men sleep on that) enough pressure on that and it feels like a string connected down there, then get comfortable because you are here for a minute.
Take your hands and spread those lips and just look at that clit dance a little for you in anticipation, don't touch her yet though, stroke the sides first with your tongue, one then the other breath on her as you go by, she'll twitch every time, take that tongue down and lick around those lips for a minute, spreading those thighs wider making that clit stand up more, then I'll grab your head and bring you to her, and tell you, "SHE READY I WANT YOU RIGHT HERE", and bring your head right where I want it, you take that clit in your mouth and you suck on it like it's a juicy peach and you trying to catch the juice that's running down your hands when you bit into it, swirl that tongue around it moistly don't lick up that juice leave it there use it, while my clit is in your mouth swirl your tongue around the sides, just like you like a tongue swirled around the head of you dick same feeling, then take those juices and your tongue and flick that clit slowly at first, then faster, then slow again with pressure, and slide fingers just inside and press against the back of my clit while you are sucking it from the outside, there you have your first squirt, damn and it feels so good, I plant me feet on the bed raise my ass in the air grab the back of you head and..........you slide you tongue inside me and I ride it and continue to c** until you take my legs and bring those knees to my shoulders spread them and get EVERY LAST DROP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does that answer your question.......TOO SWEET.

26 Jan 2014 22:22

ok im feeling so left out, I havnt got a comment or a pic commet in a long time, not feeling loved
im feeling like eeyore

21 Jan 2014 16:34


05 Nov 2012 21:39

add me on yahoo, nationsgary is my id