Jennifer’s Tale, Part II

Jennifer’s campaign to capture Uncle Jamie’s heart continues

(The story and characters will be easier to follow if you read Part I first.) Jennifer Turns Up the Heat. The next night, I was both nervous and excited. I was afraid of giving him the impression I was perverted or something. But at the same time, I was hoping he’d like at least part of what I was going to show him and make it his own. At last Jamie and I stood there looking at...Read On


Jennifer's Tale, Part I

Can Jennifer get high-minded Uncle Jamie with just feminine wiles and a spank-hungry tush?

How it Started. I’ve been punished every Saturday night for more than five years. And I don’t see that changing any time soon - at least I hope not. The ritual has gone through several changes. And the person doing the punishing has changed. First it was Poppa. He started not long after my mother ran away with the younger Martin boy. Then when his health was failing, Poppa convinced...Read On

Love Poems(3)


A Synergy of Desire

First meeting of couple with coinciding needs and desires.

You came to me needing, but not sure. And captured me, not with your lovely body and melting smile, but with the feeling you exuded of being the someone I had been needing for a long time. We talked. We connected, and finally, need overcoming reluctance, disclosed that controlled physical pain was an aphrodisiac we had each been indulging in our daydreams. The sharing poured forth;...Read On


Three Sexy Haiku

Mini Japanese-style poems in 3 lines with 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

7/4 PICNIC POPS Lovers on blankets, fire art above, Tchaikov- sky all around. Wow! SHOWER PLAY Laughing together, all suds and skin and teasing. Sexy playfulness. UNABASHED JOINING  Naked innocence:  touching, soothing, exciting, coming together....Read On


When the Lightning God Smiled

Lovers witness a dramatic lightning storm up close

We stood naked behind taller-than-life windows high in the old apartment building, entranced by the dark dramatic play of wind and cloud. The stage was set for your performance. Discarding mundane convention – brief blinding bolts thrown randomly – you choreographed an encompassing dance of shimmering growling colors thrown at our startled eyes in sinuous slowed motion, ...Read On



Jennifer’s Tale Part V

Jennifer’s campaign to seduce Uncle Jamie comes to its climax

Previously: Uncle Jamie was astounded when he stumbled upon Jennifer’s elaborate masturbation scenario. Now: Jennifer is astounded by his pre-conceived response. But the story will make much more sense if you read parts I - IV first. Conclusion. I wasn’t sure if Uncle Jamie had intentionally left me with my finger still inside me, but I wasted no time before starting to experiment...Read On


Jennifer’s Tale, Part III

And the beat goes on.

You'll appreciate the characters and what's happening better if you read Parts I & II first  The Punishment Continues to Evolve. The impromptu punishment session I remember best happened under the giant oak tree on the hill behind the barn. There’d been a swing there for as long as I could remember. But a couple of years ago, I sprained both ankles when the old rope rotted...Read On


Jennifer’s Tale, Part IV

Significant progress, at last, toward achieving her heart’s desire.

This story will make much more sense if you read parts I, II, and III first.  Success in Sight. For the rest of that winter after I turned 18, Jamie continued punishing me every Saturday night, supplemented by many impromptu sessions over the living room chair and elsewhere. The Saturday night ritual Jamie had established remained pretty much unchanged. He did add something...Read On