Quickie Sex(1)


Walking the Dog

Will they get caught fucking in the woods?

Two friends, Sonia and Matt, take the dog out for a walk and decide to go to the forest. It’s a hot day and they stray from the path to find some shelter from the blazing sun. They end up deep in the woods and come across a fallen tree. The dog is some distance away amusing himself with a stick. Sonia leans over the fallen tree seductively, slowly moving her ass from side to side,...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Encounter with an ex

Getting more than she bargained for

It's lunch time and Sonia is thinking that she needs a break from her studying. Her phone vibrates on her thigh “good timing,” she wonders who it is. 12.05 One new message from Jay Hey babes hope your well I’ve just moved into my new place and wondered if you wanted to pop over and see it. Brilliant this is the perfect excuse for Sonia to get out the house and away from the books. ...Read On



The Hotel Meet

Its nearly lunchtime and Sonia is getting ready to meet her friend. He told her that the hotel is booked and to meet him in the bar at 12:30. She makes sure she has everything with her that she needs. One rampant rabbit - check. One mini vibe - check. One set of jiggle balls - inserted. Bottle of lube- check. That's all the toys he asked her to bring and she wonders what he will bring.   ...Read On