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Been working on sooooooooooo many stories... Will be trying to post one monthly

03 Oct 2013 20:31

I would love a threesome for my birthday

17 Jun 2012 20:42

IN COSTA RICA!! I will be back to the states soon =]

09 Jan 2012 21:07

OMG!!! I finally got my new laptop charger!! Which is the really I haven't been on Lush in over a month and the same reason I couldn't type up any stories. I can't wait to get back on here for good ^__^

05 Jan 2012 13:42

I need something exciting to happen to me..

25 Nov 2011 08:03

I'm feeling a mixture of things. Mostly sad because of the bad luck i've been having the past week. I hope things can turn around for me soon

21 Nov 2011 21:35

I feel sorry for all the nice guys in the world because they would never get the chance to talk to certain nice females thanks to the real assholes and jerks of this world.

20 Nov 2011 03:41

I have a lot of female friends here on lush. I hope I'll be able to get to know them one of these days

18 Nov 2011 20:41

I don't know why I don't feel like typing up my stories :-/

12 Nov 2011 16:38

Another lonely for me... :'(

11 Nov 2011 18:37

Need ideas for this competition story... I hope I don't go to sleep sexually frustrated....

10 Nov 2011 18:53

Think I might enter the Winter Break competition... Just the idea got me all excited hehehe

08 Nov 2011 07:20

Most girls are lesbians because they dealt with all the wrong guys. They probably rushed into things so many times and got dealt a bad hand as an end result. No disrespect to to lesbians but from my perspective I think i'm right about what i just said. So don't knock every guy that tries to talk to you miss lesbians of the world.

05 Nov 2011 12:49

typing chapter 3 of my story... hopefully it'll be done by tonight

04 Nov 2011 18:32

I hate girls that uses me for their sexual pleasures and don't want to return the favor. smh

02 Nov 2011 20:28

Good night friends. Hope to talk to some of ya sooner than later

01 Nov 2011 23:06

I wish people gave me more appreciation for my stories.

01 Nov 2011 20:22

I wish i had a girlfriend or a female acquaintance :-/

31 Oct 2011 19:53

Writing a story for my friend. Don't know if i will publish it or not. Chapter 3 of "A Night to Remember" will be up sometime this week ^__^

31 Oct 2011 00:09

Just added a music playlist. so happy

30 Oct 2011 13:39

So tired. Wish i could have a nice girlfriend sometimes...

30 Oct 2011 09:29

Let's talk

29 Oct 2011 21:29

One person really liked my story and i'm glad that someone did. I see a lot of views but i prefer to see criticisms so i know how to better myself as an author.

27 Oct 2011 19:49

Chapter 2 is published!!!! Please read and comment on it or rate it!! Really appreciate it and thanks!!

27 Oct 2011 10:04

Hoping my chapter 2 gets approved soon... Working on chapter 3 now and a completely different story that some of you might enjoy haha

26 Oct 2011 21:17

No offense to you lesbians, not all guys are the same. So calling all guys stupid and pussy hungry is not really cool. Just because ya dealt with a few bad guys, ya were just unfortunate to not meet a nice guy. smh

25 Oct 2011 09:57

Just got my 1st story approved!! Very excited about it!!

25 Oct 2011 07:56