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"In order to love who you are,
you cannot hate the experiences
that shaped you."

Andrea Dykstra

Eros will have naked bodies;
Friendship naked personalities.
C.S. Lewis

I'm a mature gentleman, easy going, friendly, with a few miles on the odometer physically; but mentally I feel like I'm in the 18 to 30 range! Yeah, I wish! Just trying to enjoy to the fullest each day that I'm given. Retired to life in the country, happily married. Thought this might be a good place to find some willing ladies for some 'just for fun' fun in whatever form! 5'7" about 150 lbs. fit, trim, healthy, intelligent and ready to rock your world! Or not. Being friends is just fine too. Life is short and fickle sometimes, 'right now' is all we're assured.

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Pennsylvania, United States
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27 Mar 2017 03:41
I'm a simple guy, not complicated at all. Enjoy the tranquility of the outdoors, through all it's seasons. Natures beauty and the peace and quiet it affords is heaven to me. Enjoy gardening, fishing, picnics, hiking, motor sports from local to Nascar, football, the Steelers and Penn State(they're still my team, despite it all). A healthy life style is a priority. Time with my grandchildren is a precious gift. The erotic world piques my interest also. Reading stories, chatting, cyber and etc. Like minded ladies are welcome.
Favorite Books:
Don't read too many books. I do try to read the Bible daily. Love to read magazines and newspapers, current events, sports, healthy lifestyle, gardening, politics, things like that.
Favorite Movies:
Some of my favorites are: Welcome to Hard times, High Plains Drifter, La Femme Nikita, The Mechanic, Lord of the Ring trilogy (including The Hobbit!), The Bourne series, spaghetti westerns, any Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood flick. The older movies seem to be better for the most part, I don't care too much for all the computer generated action in a lot of the newer ones.
Favourite TV Shows:
Chicago PD, Blindspot, The Blacklist, NCIS, The Vikings, Quantico, Conviction, The Americans
Favorite Music:
I like classical music esp. when driving on trips, a little country, mostly older. The same with classic rock from the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. I like Christmas music and old hymns, and occasionally some gospel music too.


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06 Dec 2011
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Topic: Would You Like to Carry on an Intelligent Conversation with the Poster Above You?
Posted: 26 Mar 2017 05:07

Definitely, she sounds sincere and passionate about life, besides when will I

ever get another opportunity to speak with the Moon!

Topic: What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted: 26 Mar 2017 05:00

I have a great urge to jiggle and squeeze something!

Topic: What does the avatar above you make you want to do?
Posted: 25 Mar 2017 17:30

Help her finish what she's doing.

Topic: Talk in song titles
Posted: 25 Mar 2017 10:37

I like it like that - Smokey Robinson and The Miracles

Topic: Your User Name....
Posted: 24 Mar 2017 19:03

There is a reason for it..

And I bet that's an interesting story to hear! Mine is rather mundane. It was an

off the cuff decision to use an owl picture I had taken at a wild game dinner as

an avatar. Wiseowl sounded better than dumbowl for my user name!


Topic: Rock around the Clock
Posted: 20 Mar 2017 19:40


Topic: Alphabetical Adjectives
Posted: 20 Mar 2017 16:34

Aged (like fine wine)

Topic: ... in my pants
Posted: 20 Mar 2017 16:30

Tuesday afternoon ... in my pants - the moody blues

Topic: what are you drinking?
Posted: 20 Mar 2017 16:28

black coffee

Topic: Rock around the Clock
Posted: 20 Mar 2017 16:12


hey kk, great song from my favorite band!

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Heart Whispers

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I LOVE Snickers watching the game on TV! Thanks for the smile, it made my day.

Posted: 22 Mar 2017 08:01

This is Snickers!

Posted: 20 Mar 2017 01:32

Posted: 18 Mar 2017 04:47
Erotic Mayberry..
Posted: 18 Mar 2017 04:41
Once upon a time in Lush Run...

If you can get past Box then you can leave lush..

if not this happens

Once outside you meet Peter Ustinov and his cats...

And then if you decide to come back..

So fingers crossed on the renewal

Posted: 17 Mar 2017 11:52

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Posted: 15 Mar 2017 21:05
Posted: 14 Mar 2017 20:57
If we get tired of chilling at the little stream we always have the dock

Posted: 14 Mar 2017 08:16

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Posted: 12 Mar 2017 07:41
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