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Oh boy, a family trip to Texas, I can't wait to go... oh wait, I wasn't invited... Well that fucking sucks.

14 Aug 2012 15:15

01 Aug 2012 17:10

01 Aug 2012 11:36

08 Jul 2012 04:35

Happy fourth of July everyone, hope yours is as good as mine will be.

04 Jul 2012 11:25

Feeling great, feeling fine, sitting on my ass, playing online.

15 Jun 2012 16:08

took a couple of pills and I'm trying not fall asleep, quick, someone keep me awake.

08 Jun 2012 02:11

Someone, please post some jokes or funny pics on my page. I'm sick today and I'd like to smile, and have a good laugh.

07 Jun 2012 15:58

Oh my dear sweet lord. I've seen naughty pictures of girls in cosplay, and hentie. But now I have found out there is porno with girls in cosplay! Wipes single tear away from eye. Excuse me, I think I need a moment... it's almost to beautiful.
http://www.tubegalore.com/search/?q=cosplay&kwid=13900&c=1 Enjoy.

01 Jun 2012 07:35

Time for sleep now!

01 Jun 2012 06:00

YaY!!!! Guess what today is, just have to check the profile to find out. Wishing you all a good day too.

23 May 2012 02:49

Off for the weekend, Ren fair and more. Later Haters.

19 May 2012 13:14

Feeling fine.

26 Apr 2012 04:39