Love Poems(3)


All For You

ALL FOR YOU Frozen and numb My life had come undone   Looking for something Looking for more What I had become was not the sum   A simple gesture A twist of fate It all started with regards to thanks   Laughter and learning Boundaries and more Earning your trust Yearning for your touch Love blossomed from the ranks   Sealed with kiss Started with a list Hopefully ending in eternal bliss   All...Read On


One Step...

It has always been her my girl with curls

One step.... That is what I tell myself everyday A new lease on life  To laugh with her To hold her Somedays it seems so far away One step... Closer to her Smile keep your chin up Don't let the anger lead you astray Think of the first touch Think of the first kiss But get the steps going First one then two And you know she will meet you half way Her smile Her...Read On


Simply Yours

Inspired by the Girl with Curls

Curls and compassion Beauty and passion Inspiring me to want more Sensuality galore Tenderness you inspire Stoking me like a fire More than just a picture In my heart you're the fixture Never imaging wanting more Desire oozing from my every pore All that I have is yours All that I can give and more Because I am...Read On