Allie's Birthday Present, Part 2

SassyCheerGirl gets the second part of her birthday present

Tuesday Yesterday was hell. After the excruciating tease of the morning, he just disappeared. You felt every drop of your shower on your skin, felt the water flowing down your neck, between your ample breasts, tickling slightly as it ran down your tummy and then flowing over your smooth shaved mound to tease anew at your clit. Your skin was so sensitive, so alive. You didn’t know how...Read On

Love Poems(1)


The Naughty ABCs

Another take on the ABCs with a more Lushie flavor

A is for always, how often you want to fuck B is for my balls, the ones you love to suck C is for your cookie, that needs so much to be filled D is for the deep, the way you need to be drilled E is for the ecstasy, you gave to me last night F is for that thing I did to both your orifices so tight G is for your G-spot, where my fingers make you squirt H is for your silky...Read On



Allie's Birthday Present, Part 3

SassyCheerGirl on the morning of her birthday

Wednesday Morning (your birthday) You wake late again, sleep fading slowly. This is the one perk to the later shifts you’ve been working: the leisurely morning wake-ups. You look at the clock and see the pattern of numbers “10:28” and smile, the 28 reminding you that today is your birthday. You stretch, then catch yourself, worried (and maybe hoping), needlessly, that you will be caught...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Changing Jobs

You celebrate the end of the first week on the job by chatting with your bf

You hated to leave your old job.  You’d made some good friends and had worked there long enough to be sincerely sorry to leave it behind.  Things had changed, and it just wasn’t the same anymore.  A few shake-ups, some conflicts with new staff who just didn’t get it, and other issues made it feel like it wasn’t where you wanted to be anymore.  As things got worse, you were able to stay sane...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


A Very Warm Welcome

You give me a very warm welcome to my room.

Walking into my room, I see you waiting for me. As commanded you are bent over my bed, naked, presented, and rubbing; the moisture visibly running down your thighs from the work of your busy fingers. I was a little later than I expected, and I wonder just how long you’ve been like this, exposed, vulnerable, and eager for my touch. I see your legs trembling and I have my answer—it’s...Read On


On Waking

Sometimes, it's hard to wait until morning.

You wake softly with a yawn and a smile on your face. The dream was so vivid, so real, and so very, very sexy. You feel your nipples, hard and tight on your chest, rubbing against the texture of the sheets as you play back the details in your mind. My arm lies across you in the dark room, reminding you that you're not alone tonight. You feel my breath, soft, warm, and even against the back...Read On


Allie's Birthday Present, the Conclusion

Aliie gets her big birthday present

Wednesday Evening (your birthday) The day passes achingly slowly. You work retail and your sex-addled brain considers the masturbation potential of every item. You’re very creative and your need makes you fantasize about being spanked, penetrated, clamped, bound, and made to suck on a surprising array of objects. In the quieter moments, you try to imagine what’s in the gold box. You...Read On


Allie's Birthday Present, Part 1

SassyCheerGirl gets the first part of her birthday present

For Allie This story was written for Allie as a birthday gift. Happy Birthday, Trouble! Monday You wake up lying on your side snug, warm, and comfy nestled in the sheets but sstill tired from working the night before. Consciousness comes slowly and reluctantly this morning, the desire to just stay in this Never-Never Land of semi-consciousness hard to resist. You eventually find...Read On