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30 Aug 2013 13:01

If only some of you knew what I have done to some the panties of those amongst you #drenched lush hashtags is that a new thing? you tell me

29 Aug 2013 22:59

Resized an old picture of me feel, free to replace your old comments, you know who

28 Sep 2012 07:10

some picture/profile comments would be nice right about now ill return the favour

24 Jul 2012 11:21

Feel free to open a chat I'm on my phone

17 Jul 2012 15:17

keep the profile and picture comments cumming you might get a surprise

16 Jul 2012 14:09

i love when i add people just to have them stay dormant on my friends list....

22 Mar 2012 20:03

would love more comments

20 Mar 2012 21:36

would love some sexy pictures on my profile

09 Mar 2012 15:44

i wish i had more comments on my pictures might persuade me to add another?

07 Mar 2012 23:00

happy new year everyone hope you brought in the new year with a bang! i know i did

01 Jan 2012 22:21

crazy christmas night out! had a great time with everyone and that taxi ride home was hell being this drunk! haha lets do it all again next year!.......im still drunk.

25 Dec 2011 20:23

03 Nov 2011 23:35

new picture posted

22 Oct 2011 22:42

if you girls want to see my bare cock I'm gonna need at least 10 more comments on my pictures then ill give you gals something to drool over

22 Oct 2011 13:00

added some new pictures feel free to comment

04 Sep 2011 00:54

added some new.....

03 Sep 2011 21:56

thinking of adding more pictures what do you think ladies?

01 Sep 2011 11:23

I'm back and extremely horny! who wwants to chat?

31 Aug 2011 03:14

New avatar

25 Aug 2011 13:33

Not going to be on for a whole month going on vacation no technology sorry ladies ill be thinking of all my special girls on here you know who you are talk to when I'm back

01 Aug 2011 18:25

love the photo comments they get my cock throbbing

26 Jul 2011 16:25

new album-photos from my phone

19 Jul 2011 21:09

so horny!

19 Jul 2011 19:18

added some new photos

16 Jul 2011 00:46

cock is hard as a rock anyone on here wanna help me with my situation?

05 Jul 2011 11:32

Any canadian girls on here?

04 Jul 2011 16:52

love the photo comments

25 Jun 2011 09:50