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Topic Social Issues vs. "Real Issues"
Posted 29 Oct 2012 07:16

When you're considering who you're going to vote into any form of office how much do you consider social issues (ex: gay marriage) vs "important issues" (ex: the economy).

Now, I'm not saying social issues aren't important, because they are. But I've found myself leaning toward Romney this year because I actually have faith in his economic and job plans, even though I completely disagree with him on things like gay marriage and women's rights.

What's your two cents?

Topic And in other news: Another one of our civil rights being done away with...
Posted 23 May 2011 20:27

I think that both of you have good points.

Also, good job in taking your citizenship and rights to a greater level. Most people don't make the effort but rather sit back and complain about the life they live instead of thriving in it and doing something to change it. So pardon me if I came off as rude. And you are right, I will more than likely take out my own rights to make propositions and state problems with my government as I age and see fit.

I do hope that anyone who reads this, and you two specifically, can understand where the people who support decisions like this come from. Not that I would suspect either of you of being narrow minded when you seem so well versed and educated in your beliefs.

Giving people the amount of freedom they have now does cause problems on occasion. Viable evidence for important crimes can be lost and therefore allow a terrible man/woman to walk free in this world until they repeat the crime and get caught or evidence strong enough to convict can be found. I live in an area that has a bad reputation (thankfully just on the outskirts) and I have seen countless times how the way law enforcement can fail. People that are well known to deal drugs, or to posses an illegal weapon have gotten off free because they simply got rid of the evidence in the time it took for a judge to get out a decision on a search warrant.

While this decision by the supreme court is more than likely made in a rushed environment some change in this direction does need to be made because the laws are abused by citizens repeatedly and in different manners. No one likes to have their toes stepped on, but no one enjoys walking down the street wondering what homes near them posses drugs, weapons, and criminals in them when nothing can be done.

Topic And in other news: Another one of our civil rights being done away with...
Posted 23 May 2011 15:46

Then I ask you sir, if you are so against the moves this court is making why do you let your arguments stand only on the internet, or are you doing more?
Be the change you want to see in the world.

Topic And in other news: Another one of our civil rights being done away with...
Posted 23 May 2011 11:00

Maybe it's my youth clouding my ability to quite think through this fully, but honestly, I would support the Supreme Court in this situation.

The safety of our country, our communities, and my children outweighs my desire for complete privacy. I have nothing to hide, but I would rather have a cop burst in and check my home if he honestly suspected that I was conducting an illegal activity. If it invades my privacy then so be it, enter as he/she may. You'll find nothing but food, baby diapers, and clothes strewn around the floor because it's been a hassle lately. I guess the way I see it is, if we can get more people who are causing problems in society off the streets, then the world will be a better, or safer, place. To lay down punishment and enforce laws that are so often broken will make other people in this country see that our system does in fact work, and will hopefully work as a message to stop the people that are acting unlawfully now, and prevent others from doing it in the future.

And by the way, yes there is bias and people abusing the system in Washington. No matter what party is in front Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party... there will always be corruption. We are humans and therefore prone to having problems and abuse. It's not something that can be stopped but rather something that citizens must learn to deal with. When the United States was set up no one could possibly have known that the Supreme Court would have so much power. It was supposed to be the smallest branch in our government, hence the life long term. To change this people would have to change the Constitution. Which as we all know, is a rather complicated task that would be met with far too many opponents.

Topic Preference when it comes to authors.
Posted 19 Aug 2010 18:53

When writing it really isn't about the gender.
It all depends on the author themselves. Sometimes men are feminized, and women have lots of masculinity.
Because of this, people write in different ways. Some people play off of the emotions of the character, and some just go with the raw sexual acts.
It depends on the reader, which they prefer, and how the author prefers to look at sex.

Topic Possible to fall in love over the net?
Posted 15 Aug 2010 12:26

I think it's highly possible.
Me and my current fiancee started online. Met through his sister, who was a long distance best friend.
Online it's never a full love. There's always things missing in the relationship. You don't know the little things, and that can lead to an intense break down later. It's risky, but it's very possible.

Topic Ladies what is your age group.
Posted 15 Aug 2010 12:22

I'm almost 19.
Mature women are sexy in their own way.
They may not have the same body they had at 20, but they have a very sexy style at their age. They have experience, knowledge, and wisdom. They don't fumble around,they know what they're doing.
It's attractive, same goes for mature men.

Topic Boyfriend, husband with another guy -- What would you do?
Posted 15 Aug 2010 12:18

I definitely wouldn't be the kind of girl to just deal with it.
Male or female, that's my partner, that's my cock to play with.
It just wouldn't be happening. He'd be out the door before he could scream, "It's not what it looks like!"

Topic giving or receiving??
Posted 15 Aug 2010 12:17

I am definitely a giver.

There's just something so beautiful about going down on my man. He's so pleasured, squirming, moaning, and it's all because of my doing. Being so in love with someone and knowing you're making them feel out of this world is the best thing ever, I'm quite obsessed with it.

On the flip side.

I enjoy receiving, it obviously feels really good. I just can't calm down enough to enjoy it, I'm way too insecure and nervous and uncomfortable to get off hard over it. So, as I said before. Def a giver.

Topic Are you a NFL Fan?
Posted 13 Aug 2010 04:50

Oh my gosh.

I love the NFL.

I can't wait to start watching again. Nothing's better than just relaxing on a Sunday and watching game after game while keeping an eye on my fantasy football score. Trying to piece together the best team for the next week, mmm. I'm so excited you wouldn't even know.

I'm a die-hard Favre fan so I'm definitely pulling for him to come back for another year and bring the Vikings to a Superbowl win. Wouldn't that be fantastic. Of course, I am from Nebraska so I have to go for the Detroit Lions. Suh<3 I guess I don't really know who I'm totally pulling for just yet this year.

Whoever I do choose, I know this is going to be the highlight of the year for me. I just love the beginning of the season.

Topic Quick question, Dick or Cock?
Posted 28 Jul 2010 23:14

For me, it depends on the kind of story.

If it's a kind of intense love style story, then I like your more generic words like erection, member, penis, shaft.

If it's a rough and hard story then cock seems to be wonderful.

And if it's just normal sex, dick.

That's a specific answer... wow.

Topic Should high profile celebrities be allowed to adopt?
Posted 22 Jul 2010 11:08

It's highly likely that some stars do it for the publicity. They get themselves in a sticky situation and do a good thing, it acts as a bandage. Is this the moral thing to do? No it is not, but since when are stars ever moral in their decisions. Their life isn't a life, it is a full on 24/7 career therefore they will do whatever it takes to advance and make their career thrive.

Speaking in terms of foreign countries, the children would waste their lives away and die young from diseases, overcrowding, starvation regardless. Being taken into a multi-million dollar celebrity's home would save them. it would give them a real chance at having a life and putting something into this world.

Although, there is no way to tell how they would fare emotional wise. Depending on every star, would they be loved and understand what it is like to touch with affection, to hug, to hold those that are down so they don't feel so alone. Or, would they simply be just a publicity stunt and be left with nanny after nanny while "mommy" and "daddy" are out working.

The answers are simply unknown, and never will be known. All we can do is look at various adopted children by starlets and see how they come out in the end. They are in sense a guinea pig to the world.

It isn't my decision, nor is it yours if someone else can adopt. If they can afford to bring the child up then we must simply have faith in human kind that they have the heart to bring in emotional support as well.

Topic Things said to you, which make you cringe
Posted 20 Jul 2010 12:04

Haha, these are hilarious.

One of my boyfriend's teammates cornered me one day and tried to be all smooth,

"I've seen your boyfriends cock in the locker room, he ain't got nothing on me. Just a quick suck and he'll never have to know. Ive been seeing you watch me."

Best part is, my man is perfectly sized for me & I didnt even know this boys name let alone 'watch' him.

Topic The ethics of wearing fur or animal skins
Posted 20 Jul 2010 11:28

I've never posted on a forum... but this is one of my big issues in life, so if I do this wrong. I apologize.

No, I personally do not support wearing furs in any way.
I understand that no matter how hard a group of people fight animals will still be killed for useless reasons. If the animal was already killed for uses of meat, then it would make sense to use the skin and fur as well. If that was the simplicity of the case then there would be no argument to be had.
Oftentimes, animals are killed ruthlessly just to make fur clothing. Have you ever read the numbers it takes to make a mink coat? Yeah, those babies aren't killed for meat, they're killed strictly to be worn.
With so many other alternatives for clothing why is it necessary to wear such outrageous animal clothing?
It's not, people do it to be obnoxious and flaunt their wealth.
There's plenty of beautiful faux furs.
As far as leather goes, I guess I can't argue that point. I'm in no way vegan. My parents have leather couches at home, and I wear leather shoes. So, if the animal has already been killed then I figure you might as well make their death as productive as possible and not a waste.
Maybe that is hypocritical of me, almost making the cow less important than a mink. This isn't the way I intended to come off, I just simply want to justify the stupidity of the human race as much as possible.