A New Side Of Us

Day had turned to night, the sun had fallen with the moon rising immediately after. It was serene and oddly quiet, any other time I may have felt awkward and scared, but not tonight. I was curled up into his hold. My body was adorned in no more than a pair of plain bikini style cotton panties and an overgrown t-shirt. It may have been basic, but I knew in that moment it was beautiful in his...Read On

First Time(1)

Audio version available

Patience Pays Off

A long story depicting my first time, don't read if you're looking for quick sex.

I hung up the phone with shaking hands before returning to my netbook. I typed a quick goodbye to the people I had been chatting with before sitting in the couch by the front door. My boyfriend of two years was finally coming back from his hockey team party. Trust me it sounds raunchier than it is, in reality it's a charity event where all the players wore their jerseys and took younger kids...Read On

Gay Male(1)


Completely Casual

Quick story with no build up, Just plain old gay sex. My first attempt at this genre.

"What do you think the team would do if they knew about this?" I stared down at Joe, completely confused as to why he chose this moment to ask the question. My hands were currently wrapped tightly around my throbbing shaft. His own saliva was sliding between my fingers as I massaged my length, preparing to push deep into his depths. "I don't know Joe. I honestly don't. We have so many...Read On

Group Sex(1)


Sandwiched Between Love

The fantasy of a threesome was constantly playing in my mind. Ever since I had gotten pregnant the idea just wouldn't leave my head. If I ever wanted to do it, now would be the perfect time. I wouldn't get pregnant by any man's cum, and I didn't have a family to leave behind at home just yet. After much discussion, my fiance gave me the ‘okay’ and I began to plan my first threesome experience. ...Read On


First Time With Toys

Daddy had to reward his special girl for all her hard work on his cock.

(Can be read alone but is part of the series, "Daddy's Desires") My daughter and I have been having sex regularly for the past month. It was dangerous, because it was always so spontaneous. Neither of us stopped to grab a condom, or even think about the existence of such items. We just went for it, we did what we desired, we followed instincts that neither of us previously knew we had. We...Read On


First Time With Toys

Daddy had to reward his special girl for all her hard work on his cock.

(Can be read as a stand alone but is part of the series "Daddy's Desires") Mydaughter and I have been having sex regularly for the past month. It was dangerous, because it was always so spontaneous. Neither of us stopped to grab a condom, or even think about the existence of such items. We just went for it, we did what we desired, we followed instincts that neither of us previously knew...Read On


Dancing Daughter

Daddy couldn't help but grab his daughter after her morning dance routine.

(Can be read on its own but it is a follow up to the backstory provided in "Daddy's Desires") Her hips sway side to side, moving to the beat of the music. The bass beats in my ears as I keep my eyes on her curved ass. Her arms raise slowly into the air as she begins to spin, entranced by her body’s own fluid movement. Her plump lips move as she sings along to the music slowly, the voice of...Read On


Daddy's Desires

Daddy hasn't had it since mom passed away, and I intend to change that.

When my mother passed away twoyears ago, I began to spend the night in my father’s bed. It was nothing sexual, it was all meant to keep him calm. Hearing him sob himself to sleep all alone broke my heart. So one morning I moved my things into my father’s room, filling the spaces my late mother left empty. I had to save him from himself, and I intended to do anything that required. He...Read On


Caught and Taught

My fingers dipped under the waistband of my panties as I leaned back in the chair. I was immediately rewarded by my fingers being surrounded in slippery warmth. A quiet, breathy moan escaped my lips as my fingertips ran over my clit. I could barely keep my eyes open to read the story that was displayed in front of me. As my finger moved faster I forced myself to concentrate on the words...Read On


A Father's Comfort

My first attempt at writing incest, everything is completely fictional.

His rough hands were wrapped around his solid cock. The veins protruding from the underside of his shaft seemed never ending as his hands flew up and down. His head was leaned back and his mouth was left slightly open as he grunted. His noises of pleasure filled the air, I knew I should walk away but for some reason I couldn't. I stayed rooted to the spot, my eyes drawn to the precum bubbling...Read On



There's A First Time For Everything

We were in a group, about five people all together, as wewalked into the store. It was well known in the mall as being the place to go for a good laugh. You could find anything from inappropriate t-shirts to shot glasses and even sex toys. I knew what I wanted from the moment I stepped across the threshold. I was finally 18 years old and the thought of owning my own sex toy pleased me. I...Read On



Evening of Bliss

The long metal toy was covered in athick blue jelly. When the base was twisted it exploded in a flurry of intense vibrations. It was mesmerizing to watch as the 6-inch machine came to life in my hands. With half lidded eyes I flipped it back to off, laying back in the plush comfort of my bed. The deep purple of my sheets enveloped the bare skin of my body. Every curve of my body was held in...Read On


Reading A Story

My roomie is gone and the door is shut, I know that at any time someone could walk in, not caring if the door is shut or not. I cannot ignore the need that's been growing inside me all day. The thoughts of running my dainty manicured fingers over my throbbing clit has drove me to the brink of insanity. I grab my netbook, the one I reserve for solely internet play. My hands slowly slide over...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


One Mistake

He knew he shouldn't be doing this. He was married, he had a daughter, he had a reputation to protect. It was wrong in every single way imaginable. Yet, as he stared down at the woman before him he couldn't stop himself. His blood was flowing to all the wrong places, his hormones were raging, and she looked so damn beautiful. She was perfect in the simplest ways. She had a button nose...Read On


Confessions of a Puck Slut

The goalie lets a little something past his net.

The past 60 minutes of play time all boiled down to these last three shots. 0-0, it really was anyone’s game. Mann skated back and forth in front of his net. It was at these times that I felt the most emotion for the goalie. The entire game they’re stuck in one section, all the blame gets landed on them. They play a great game, a shut-out, and they’re still at risk to get bashed if the...Read On

'Tis The Season To Be Jolly

His breath came out in a steady even puff, condensating in the cold night air. Christmas lights sparkled around us, lighting up the night sky. It was magical in a way, transporting us to another place altogether. The only toasty part of my body was where his hand lay interlocked with mine. With each step we got closer to the coziness of our home. The crackling fireplace was waiting, along...Read On


Long Distance No More

Meeting a good friend, Ace87

The paper I had been faithfully doodling upon during my flight was shaking within my tightly clenched hands. My whole body felt clammy, my breath was an eternal struggle, and my legs were like jelly. I had no sense of right and wrong, and I really didn't understand why I was here. All I knew, was that somehow, someway, I had given in. I had jumped on a flight, and now I was coming to meet...Read On


Loving Laughter

Turning the corner into my large bedroom I could barely contain the laugh attempting to force it's way through my throat. The reason for the massive chuckle building in the confines of my gut was my girlfriend standing just a few short feet in front of me. Her body was barely covered in a pair of my boxers and one of her white tank tops. Her feet were bare as she jumped up and down slightly...Read On