Forbidden Lovers - Part 1.

Lexia, Kate and Harry. Three friends, and a dirty secret between two of them.

This is one of my own stories, I've posted it up elsewhere as well. But enjoy! (Day 1) I shuffled in my seat uncomfortably as I felt his eyes bore into me; I refused to meet them and satisfy their hunger. I shot them past him and to the person on his right; his girlfriend… my best friend. “You look really beautiful tonight.” Harry leant his mouth to Kate’s ear, his eyes lingering...Read On


Forbidden Lovers - Part 2.

The adventures of Lexia and Harry continue, but will Kate find out?

Day 2.   “Hi!” Kate shouted across to me as I made my way to the pool. It was 11 am and heaving at the poolside. I scanned the area for somewhere to put my things. I caught Harry’s eye during my scanning of the area but he quickly darted his away, returning his gaze to the pool in front of him. I didn’t expect any less. Dropping my towel to the wooden sunbed in front, I pulled my top over...Read On


Forbidden Lovers - Part 3.

Lexia, Kate and Harry. Will Kate ever know?

Day 3. My body was hot as Harry’s eyes fucked me over breakfast. His green orbs rolled carelessly over my face as he ran his wet tongue along his bottom lip, etching the corner of his mouth upwards. I raised my eyebrows at him as he stretched his neck to one side, bringing attention to his cutting jaw and the outside edge of his collar bone. Harry’s eyes widened as I leant over the table...Read On